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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, March 17, 2017


The Duz company that made detergents gave away plates in their soap boxes back in the '60s.  I have one of them, which is in very bad shape, that was used in an art display that I had at school many years ago.  The design itself is a very classy one.  I never noticed before that they included the shadows of the wheat in their design.  It is pretty sophisticated in design for the era in which it was made. I will be throwing this plate away today.

A pitcher of the past is shown here.  My wife's parents had dumped things into it for years.  Buttons, broken watches, coins, keys, and many other odd pieces.  I rescued it from the kitchen when the house was being torn down.  The actual design seems to be very 20s to 40s in style. The glazing of the piece was done poorly.  I will still keep it, as it is a piece of history worth saving.

The two seem to have a way of expressing something based on where they are sitting.  The seem to look abandoned here even though they were just rescued from a winter storm a month ago.

One of my blogging friends from Iowa mentioned a truth about my getting a new furnace before I move.  He gave out examples in his family and extended family that they too bought new furnaces before they moved.  I hope more people think about that in the way that I do.  I felt I needed to sell a house with a working and acceptable furnace.  I didn't buy the house with an acceptable one and we had an inferior living condition for years.  I am hoping the ones who will be buying the place recognize that the effort was for a good reason to provide a complete house. The air-conditioning should be like frosting on the cake when it comes to living in a very old house.

I have another fun-filled day ahead of me today.  I know nothing will clear up in the way of busy schedules for months, but I do hope it can be slowed down a little bit.  We have errands to run today and maybe we will go buy some trim boards for the remodeled room.  We are to be warm today and I welcome that.  Thank you for stopping by today.


A Colorful World said...

Oh Mom collected the wheat pattern dishes and had them for years. I think she got rid of them when she downsized. I remember them fondly!

Mildred said...

I remember those Duz dishes. My mom had a similar vase filled with extra buttons, rubber bands, paper clips etc.
Thankful your weather has warmed. I wish you both a blessed weekend.

The Furry Gnome said...

I do like that print of the wheat. Simple but effective.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have some Wheat custard cups, Good to hear you are still plugging along! :)