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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, March 6, 2017

Springing into Action.......

The field lilies are up.  I think everything is sprouted up except for hostas.  Hostas seem to always be later risers.  I didn't have time to go all around the garden but the iris are giving to quite a show too.  I have not looked to see if the peonies are up but they should be in another week.

Another toy that I found in the basement that may be kept for the grandkids. It is going to take some serious cleaning.   If it cleans well, I will save it. The guys went through the transformer era completely. This toy is not a true transformer but it is leaning towards that brand of toy.

We have had a mass invasion of workmen at our house this morning.  I think there were four trucks out there at one time as the different crews joined togather to completely remove our heating system.  It was a very old system and they removed everything.

I have photos for another day to show you the mess that it all created.  I have guys here now installing some of the new furnace and running new air ducts everywhere. The air condition is sitting out on its pad already.  I had an electrician show up to do the wiring for the new air and he also helped with a problem with our plug for the fiber optic connection.  I had a phone man here also as someone had threaded a phone line through a furnace grate.  The grate is going away so the wire had to be removed and reconnected. All that I didn't have is the water guy and the natural gas guy.  We don't have natural gas right now as they are hooking it up to the furnace.  I hope when they drive away from her the first day that they will have that all back on.  I will be discussing it with them soon.

The moving thing is more serious now.  We do have a closing date and we can have access to the house in Ankeny.  It means that we can keep on packing but with a little bit more fervor with a final date deadline.  One wonders if we will every pull this off but we are taking everything in stride.  After the day of having seven men for demolition, an electrician, and the phone guy, all here at the same time, we should be able to handle anything.  On older gentlemen from the furnace company did drop in too in the middle of the morning. He looked more like a bookkeeper or an inspector for the company. I didn't tell you that they don't mind just walking up stairs into the house and ask questions.

Our neighbor cat keeps coming over for a visit.  He spent Sunday afternoon with me in the basement as I carried out some last minute things. He took a bath on top of the clothes dryer.  He came back today and he joined all those workmen.  One guy came upstairs concerned about him and his being in the road.  I told him he was the neighbor's cat and it was good that you carried him out and put him over to the outside fence in the yard. Eventually the cat ended up on my side porch sleeping on a rocking chair on the porch.  I had put an extension cord on top of the seat of the chair and Jose was sleeping away on top of it all.

Well, I will close this down for the day.  I am sitting with Barney right now so he can feel secure with all the noise coming from the basement. I do think they all will go home by 4:00.

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A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've noticed our lilies are up despite a few freezing nights, it's all do encouraging.
I don't envy your move, I remember when we were in the service, all that sorting out, not wanting to hold onto everything 😀
That's a cute little cat !

troutbirder said...

and we still have snow with more coming...:(

Red said...

Moves are a big challenge. That's why I haven't moved since 1970.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have the first signs of spring! Good luck as the work progresses at your house fixing and packing. Poor Josie will miss you :(

Mildred said...

Nice to see your plants coming up. That sounds very hectic with so many workmen there. Poor Barney must have been nervous. The neighbor cat must be pretty laid-back to visit on such a busy day. Glad to hear you have a closing date. What is the distance to the new home?

Patsy said...

Things are moving along for you,
glad you got the new house all taken care of
sure that makes you feel better.

A Colorful World said...

Oh, you are going through what we did getting out of your house and into a new one! All my's such hard work! Love the beautiful bowl. Hope you enjoy your new home even more than the one you are in...a new adventure with lots of new surprises!