Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday's Here......

My workspace outside has been moved to the porch.  I don't really want to stand in a snowbank when I cut up pieces of wood.  It is a lot colder today with the snow on the ground.  They are not reporting wind chill but we do have a very cold day.

I have seen many birds on the feeder but the juncos were the only ones around while I was taking shots.  Later on I saw a dove and a cardinal. The snow cover makes the birds come more often to the feeders. We did get a good snow last night with about 4 inches of snow.  We were out this morning to go to the hardware and pick up a Subway sandwich. We picked up milk and bread as it seems so cold that we don't want to go out again for a long while.

I am working on the ceiling of the gallery room now.  I won't explain it but will show it to you when it is completed.  It is complicated to explain and the finished photo of it will suffice when i get done.

Thank you for stopping by today.


Mildred said...

I know the birds appreciate the seeds on these cold, snowy days. Best wishes with your ceiling project.

A Colorful World said...

Lovely shots, Larry! So sorry you are having snow right's beautiful but so cold! The juncos are sweet. Lots of hard work to get the new house ready and that's hard to do in the cold. Hope it warms up for your soon.