Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Second....Day of the Week.

Barney loves the hardwood floor in the kitchen-dining room area. It is cooler to lay on than the carpeted areas. I don't know if he can sense temperature with his nose or with his paws. He does like living here but has less freedom without a backyard fenced in area.  We will resolve that sometime this summer.  We have a long extension leash that seems to give him the feeling of roaming.

I brought home a new set of tulips picked from our older property. This should be the last of them for now.  I think iris will be the next thing to bloom but that will be a long time. before that happens.

I moved a hosta and some flag iris last week and both are now in the ground at the new garden.  The flag iris will have to revive and they won't bloom this year, now that I disturbed them.  The hosta acts like I had never moved it and is shooting up its leaves quickly.

The tulips look a little worn out from all the rain.  We are having sunshine today and it certainly is welcomed.

I really had to work hard to get this photo.  The tv remote kept being in the photo.  The inside of the tulip has dirt in it so I couldn't shoot it in front.  The dog's water dish shows up in some of them and everything on the kitchen counter wants to get into the photo. The lilac blooms also seem a little weary from the continue three or four days of rains.

As you can see from the deck we do have no rain.  I have two yards to mow but I can't do all of it in one day.  I may finish a section at the old house this afternoon and just maybe I will mow the new place tomorrow.  I am certain that both of my neighbors on each side will mow today. Some hired mowing guns were mowing the neighbors down the way, yesterday, in the rain. It really is trivial stuff and my neighbors know that I have two places going at the same time.  I brought down another lawn chair yesterday.  All four will be down here eventually.  I don't know how the table will come but maybe I can see if it can be dismantled.

Thank you all for stopping by today.  Have a good Tuesday today.

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Mildred said...

Barney looks very comfy! He will enjoy a fenced in yard later in the year. The tulips and lilacs are so pretty. We had heavy rain yesterday but today has been perfect weather - clean and cool.
Glad you had a chance to move some plants to the new yard.