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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Bus Is Here........

There are two different buses that stop at the house across the street. The one always honks to let the parent and child know that they are here for pick-up. If I would watch the clock I bet I could figure out how prompt they are on their regular route.

While viewing the winter photo of this place the trees and one shrub were in the picture.  My reaction to the shrub was a negative one as in the winter it is an ugly shrub. The shrub has won me over now as it is a wonderful specimen.  It is new to me as to its name but I will find it on the net one day and call it by name.  I think there is a locust tree in the front yard, not in the photo, but I am still waiting to see the leaves.

The white tulips are now blooming.  They are much later to bloom compared to the neighbor's red tulips which are gone now weeks ago. We will have to watch the plants in this one planter and see what we would like to do to it to make it our own garden.

I need to fertilize my grass.  The yard is actually more clay the black dirt.  The tradition for years were to have the black soil removed and sold to dirt companies and leave good old Iowa clay behind.  You can see that in the spring when you look down at the ground as the soil is not black.  That is why I found clay in the backyard.  One neighbor told me that you have to keep buying dirt at the stores and mulch with leaves every fall to build up the soil.

We are having goldfinch wars now as they fight to get to the seed sock. I counted three males at one time trying to get a position on the sock.  I have another feeder at the old place and may bring it back with me when I travel up there today.  It is suppose to dry out today but the deck is still wet.  I know that it is a mild sprinkle but I won't be able to catch up on any mowing at either place today if it doesn't get really dry.

Warmer weather is promised soon and that will be good.  I have a few different chores to get done today and plan on moving slowly as I do them.

I hope all are well today.  Thank you for stopping by today.

Between the spell check, choosing wrong words, and my wobbly fingers typing the mistakes in spelling, the wrong words continue On a busy day I don't proof it until later.  Please ignore the blips and bloopers for now until my typing skills come back. 


Patsy said...

That is a bummer with the soil more work for you
to have in the summer. I know you are glad no more
ditch in the front yard and now nice side walks.
Keep up the good work.

Mildred said...

Too bad about the bus blowing the horn each morning!

The bush is looking very pretty/healthy.

Karen has been seeing goldfinches at her place. She asked me about them and I sent her to your blog photos. She was hoping that her granddaughter would see the birds today.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

When we lived in VA, we would always know it was 7 am as our neighbor would be leaving for work in his diesel powered truck. I would definitely not appreciate hearing 2 bus horns daily. The goldfinches must brighten up a dreary day.