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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday's Tattle......

Flynn's was one of the companies in the 50's and 60's who delivered milk to the doorsteps of houses.  We never had that as our we lived on the farm and our milk had to be milked from the town by my dad and brought into the house. As a kid it was fascinating to see that people kept metal looking coolers on their steps and milk men would deliver a fresh bottle of milk each morning. I believe the household could put out an order, taped to the lid, to ask for cream and other mile products.  I never knew how they paid for it but I could see them having the customer putting it in an envelop and leaving it inside the milk cooler.

Another torpedo shaped canning jar is in this photo, taken in my garage. The pottery piece sitting behind it makes it look strange.  The agatized stone next to the milk jar is one that my dad had cut and polished.

The previous owner of our place has a row of peonies in the front yard.  I am assuming that these will be white or pink flowers but I won't know for a few days.  I don't see ants crawling around on them like I have at the old place.  I was told that ants helped to facilitate the blowing of them.

The row of peonies are planted a mower's width away from the property line. The neighbor does get the benefit of the flowers and doesn't have to care for them.  I am assuming that I will have to cut off the spent blooms and keep it neat unlike I do at the old place.  The neighbor below this lives on a lot that is a part of the wedge lot created because the street takes a turn.  He lawn area is pretty much flat.  My lawn is not flat anywhere in the front. We are on the hill top and the yard was graded to run the water away from the house. The entire yard sort of crests at the house.  I can mow down
hill toward the sidewalk and the neighbor's lot. The house on my other side has a perfect flat yard as the top of the hill is reached and they graded it to be flat and even from the house to the street.  I am not complaining as I like the differences in our properties.

Everyone mows their yards with diagonal patterns. I really can't do that because my yard has things to mow around and through.  Most places  have plain shaped yards with no stone planters like I have to mow around.  The previous owner really was a lot like me having the yard cluttered with lots of things.  He and his wife have a locust tree planted in the yard, a nice bush specimen, the peony row and the flower garden with stone surrounding it. To mow at a diagonal would be difficult.

As I was mowing in the back yesterday this little bunny came hopping out from under the rhubarb leaves. I took his picture a few days ago as he was eating off the downstairs patio floor. Birds spread see from the feeder above and the loose stuff lands below for the rabbits and mourning doves.

This photo shows how small that he is.  I am thinking that he was raised out under that blue spruce tree.

Mother rabbit loves the bird seed too as well as all that grass the grows tall when I don't mow it.  It finally stopped raining which allowed me to me to mow the front of the yard in the morning.  The yard was a lot drier in the afternoon so I finished mowing the back in the afternoon.

Lots of things to do today. We still make a couple of visits to the hospital each day but the cousin is so much better. She can now talk to family on the phone and I am sure friends will start to visit when she is moved out of ICU.

Everyone have a great day today.  Thanks for reading my post or for just looking at my pictures.


Mildred said...

Very thankful your cousin is better. These rabbits are so sweet. Such a blessing to have "inherited" so many variety of plants. I really like your home and lot and hope you are getting settled in.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What a cute bunny! I am glad your cousin is getting along better! She has been in ICU a long time:)