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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bird Invasion.......

One little goldfinch was demanding to be fed by an adult while sitting on the railing yesterday.  Everything has now changed as the baby birds all followed the adults to the feeder by the end of the day.

Todays photo shows some of them at the sock feeder today. There are six of them altogether in the group.

Yesterday it looked like this by the end of the day. Today it is less cluttered with birds and yet there are quite a few on the sock most of the time.  I did see last evening that all the young birds were flying around like a flock going from tree to tree while following one adult.

I still don't have the answers about these birds.  I read that the males are territorial. I also read the a young male is grayish brown for the first year as it readies to breed that next year. I assumed that the female was not yellow but I may be wrong. These two yellow birds seem to be taking care of the six. If they are both males, then they may be the fathers of each half of the crowd. I did see an article that showed a large quantity of birds in the nest so they could be all from one nest.  I guess I will have to find a better source on the internet to figure it all out. I have never seen anything like this behavior.

Three of my sunflowers have decided to open and to develop their seeds. They look like the three amigos here lined up in the sky.  All of the sunflowers are going to bloom, these are just the first three.

I have now picked three of the muskmelon. We had some for lunch.  It was good but not as sweet as they should be.  I was becoming concerned that they were going to be over ripe. The one we first cut is very good though. Sometime you can buy them at the grocery store and they are green and stay green forever.  For being a volunteer vine we did get a good harvest.  I think there are still four left to pick.

It would have been a great sunset to see. The parts of the sky we can see here shows that it must have been a beautiful one.  The western part of the state did get some rain from these clouds. This morning we were completely clear without a cloud in the sky. That changed by noon site as we have a lot of clouds blocking out the sun.

I am blogging late again today.  It seems to be I get too busy to get started on it. I hope everyone who follows me is still safe at this time. Thanks for stopping by today

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Your sunflowers are awesome! The bright Gold Finches are Males, the dowdy ones females or young ones perhaps some are young ones right from the nest!! I haven't seen any youngins yet:)