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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Wednesday morning and there is a suggestion of a sun shining behind those clouds.  Rain is sort of predicted in places in the state but clouds will prevail.

This is a work in progress.  The nook will be an antique spot in the lower level of the house. I haven't really yet cleared and stored the items on the top of the dresser.  Taking the photo at an angle sort of helps make it look more junky than it really is. The calendars on the side walls are shown below.

I rescued some old calendars that have fine prints attached to them.  The year was 1922 making them 92 years old. The quality of the print is great and a remarkable kind of printing process. I really should put them in a shadow box to protect them but that is another project of the future. I don't have any of my framework tools set up like I did when I had the frame shop at the old house.

This calendar is older, being 104 years old. I am not sure what bible story is being depicted here but again the kind of print is done so well for the process available back in 1914.  The picture is made separately and attached to the calendar. I really don't understand why someone had placed masking tape over the dates but I am assuming they wanted to keep the picture on the wall after the calendar expired.

Another visual is framed in a metal frame with a gold mat. It is another shepherd watching the flock. I really do not know where I attained this piece.  It may have been in my dad's stuff that he removed from an old house that he later tore down.

The former owner of my truck was so certain that the back wheel had bad bearings.  He had the part for me and sent me to a company downtown Des Moines to have it repaired.  The Axel company said there was absolutely nothing wrong with that truck on either side.  They didn't want to charge me for the time but the office woman said the guys really liked Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen.  So while on an errand today, I will buy some boxes of Dilly Bars and drop them off.  Life is interesting and I think it is kind of fun. My good will of Dilly Bars makes everyone happy and I didn't have to put out more to work on a truck that didn't need work.  The more I think about the former owners concern about the sound coming from the truck actually it is probably the clunky tires that they have on it in the back.

It is the middle of the week and I have stayed away for the old house now for two days.  I am hoping that when I return on Thursday that the house will have a completely new roof. It is looking so good and the color that my wife picked out looks so good on that house.  I have lots of things to do everyday and I just have to pick out which ones I want to do  Thank you for stopping by today.


A Colorful World said...

Love those old calendars!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I enjoyed seeing your old calendars:)