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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yellow to Orange........

I am confused about this yellow thing in the garden. It is either a squash or maybe just a pumpkin. From the net I found info that says it will turn orange eventually if it is a pumpkin. I am thinking that Arlan the former owner threw a halloween pumpkin out on the garden to be tilled in to enrich the soil. It may be how the muskmelon got into the garden also.  I have a new count on the muskmelon and hey are now 7 in number. I am feeling good that now zucchini or cucumbers developed in the garden.

It was hazy and damp outside and it seemed to be the perfect to capture flower photos. The sun makes things too bright and light and the hazy day was just right to get good color.

The cloud formations did not give us any rain.  I had to zoom in to get this shot and the forever present neighboring house roof has to be in the shot.

The goldfinches seemed excited this morning about the seed sock.  They were waiting in line to get onto the feeder. The one little guy is getting his yellow feathers as he matures into an adult bird.

I reworked my antique nook again, placing my Grandparents lamp on the chest of drawers. I couldn't get the stain of the old oil out of it and had to look it up on the net on what to do. I haven't done it yet but the writer of the blog said to use Dawn detergent to break up the old oil in the globe. Hot water and soap will dissolve it. I had tried painter thinner and that did not budge it.  I will report back once I get on it. I have another kerosene lamp like this that is heavily stained. I know that they use Dawn to remove oil from ducks and turtles when there is an oil spill.

I continue to find containers in the workshop storeroom that we moved, that has some interesting things in them. The last minute time of tossing things while moving into a plastic box causes one to have containers of various objects.  I found an old Bible printed in 1862.  I am sure it came from my dad's collection of things from the old house he bought.  I will photograph it later and share more about that family history that I keep uncovering of the abandoned house.  My wife pointed out that the book was published during the period of the Civil War.

I have a lot of photos to share but will hold on to them for now. I have been taking time off for my hands to heal up.  I am staying away from the older house and just letting the shingle guy do his thing.  I can imagine that he might be done today but will wait to go up and see tomorrow. There were some major weathering problems on the front roof of the house and he said he would rebuild it all with new sheeting.  It is so much easier to fix by the shingle guy as he strips off all shingles so patching can take place easier. I could never have done that myself.

Thanks for stopping by today to visit the post.  Have a great day. 

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Red said...

Awesome summer cloud formations.