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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Things I Share......

The root system of the tiger lily including bulb survived my digging it and moving it to the back yard.   Back at the old home the surprise lilies have buds and are close to blooming. I doubt I try to move them. It is getting to the point that I don't want to move much more.  I tried to pull loose some phlox roots yesterday and I will need a spade if I am getting them out of the ground.

The larger yellow day lily finally bloomed after all of the rest of the blooms are done.  It sat as a bud for a week or so. The vase is a memory of two friends and their kids who moved to New Mexico a couple of weeks ago. Norm and Heidi used my dumpster to put in the last minute things that they just didn't want to move. I saw it laying in the dumpster and said that will do for bringing home some cut flowers.

I learned about skippers from my blogger friends. I don't know much about them and if there is larger variety of them. They do dart back and forth on the flowers and it seemed impossible to get any shot of them.

We had a wonderful sunrise for about three minutes this morning. I didn't really get a shot of it but yesterday's sunglow was impressive.  We are getting rain this morning.  I hope it helps with our yards a little. We are in dead, dormant stage right now as the sub moisture is lacking.  It looks like the rain we are getting now will keep me from having to water tomatoes and flowers today. It is welcomed.

Thanks for checking in on my post today.

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Patsy said...

Time is sure moving on,winter will be
here before we know it. It will be fun
to see your fall photo's in the new home.