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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday's Stuff.......

The photos I could have of birds, butterflies and bees would be plentiful if I were to sit all day out there and waist.  The goldfinches are pulling something off of the zinnias to eat.  When they land on the flower the whole stem and flower swing up and down like a carnival ride,

The sun was too bright and the butterfly would flitter around making it almost impossible to capture his photo.  They do stay put once in a while to soak in the warmth of the sun so I was able to get this shot. The painted lady butterfly seems to be doing well this year as I have seen a lot of them in the garden. I think it has been a few years since I took any photos of them as I had to look it up on the net to check its name.

My moss rose is doing well in its graniteware pan but I can't seem to get a good photo of it. I need to try taking a shot of the blooms on a different time of the day. I have traditionally planted the moss rose in this pan for a lot of years now. All of the plants I bought this year seemed to be in a definite color scheme.  No reds and yellow flowers in this batch.

My garden hose is too short by about four feet to be able to reach the far side of the raised bed.  I shoot up into the air with the hose and get this side water less than I should . I  found the one tomato plant on that side was suffering from the droughts so this side got a lot more attention these past few days.  The surrounding flowers really did respond.

The large marigold seem to be the Japanese beetles favorite flower next to the zinnias. Even though I have kept them killed daily their visiting the blooms really has cause the blooms to die. It is like they left a poisoness residue on them.

While at the old place yesterday I noticed many dead leaves in the yard that had been eaten by the beetle. I still had plenty of maple leaves on the trees but I also had a thick coating of eaten up leaves on the yard. My neighbor at the new place has a set of roses bushes out on the corner of our adjoining lots where the beetles showed up in a day and devoured the leaves from the roses.  I found them first and sprayed them and he returned later to spray them again.  I noticed them as I could see them having in my apparatus fonds.

I bought this for a few bucks a couple of weeks ago and it is now blooming for me. I had this variety at the old place and maybe moved some down but I am not certain.  It will  be great to see it blooming next summer.

The zinnias give me too many chances to get great photos.  I really don't get them all shared as I think I am saturating my blogs with them too much. If  you are a regular follower you know that I didn't have a single zinnia growing anywhere last year.  It is like a kid getting to have candy after a year's wait.

There are normal Saturday things to do for today.  I am glad to have a day off from working on the old house. My body definitely tells me I am too old for the kind of work that I am doing.  I wish everyone well and to have a great weekend.


troutbirder said...

Well done ... Lack of patience is my problem with anything with anything that moves fast...:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I enjoy all your flowers! :)