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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday's Finish......

Time will tell when the sunflowers start to put on a bud and bloom. They are taller than I have ever grown before now.

They do get watered regularly because the sit so close to the zinnias and melons. They really did take off because of it. They were also planted late like everything else that I put out there so I don't know the time I have left to wait for them to bloom.

It is an almost focused shot of the moss rose and all but one are perfectly focused. They grow in the semi-shade of the deck so the heat doesn't bother them. They get sprinkled on when all the flowers are being watered.

The need for rain is still there.  I get tired of the watering routine and then know that I have to so I can see them healthy.  We are told that next week it will heat up again and I will need to stay on it.

The large pot of oxalis is back up and growing good again.  I need to dig some of the and put them in smaller pots.  The large pot can shut down so fast because of lousy watering practices and then I have to bring it back to life again. I takes weeks for that.

I have a new rose bush that is about to put out blooms for its first time for me.  It was a pathetic looking plant but it really has turned around. Photos will follow when the buds open.
The house has its new roof completely installed.  I went up there this morning and the shingle guy had vacated the place taking all of his trucks and stuff back home with him.  I am sure  he just took it all off to another house that needed new shingles.  He did a great job on it making some problem areas on the roof look like new.  I checked to see if he got the bay window done and he did. I will try to take a camera with me next time to show the work he has done.  I now have to deal with finding a painter and someone to help me fix some bad siding. My knowledge and skills are still intact but I just can't get a break from the arthritis in my hands.

Our day is sunny and mild today. I don't think rain is any where in the area.  We could use some more moisture. It is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend. Thanks for checking in on my  post today.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Those sunflowers are sure to be spectacular when they finally bloom, Larry. When we lived in VA, Pat planted a couple of rows in our garden area. I enjoyed seeing them and when they finished blooming, the seeds were enjoyed by the birds.

A Colorful World said...

Hope you get some sunny sunflower faces soon!