Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, August 7, 2017

Start of the Week...

This contribution to the garden fits in so naturally.  I don't really ever plan to place things but use my gut feeling as I place them in the ground. The foliage in the back and the chives to the right seem to fit in with the coneflower.  The pitchfork without a handle seems to make a good garden ornament. I have old milk cans that I really don't think I will bring with me.  My neighbors are all going for the minimalist look and seems to lean on the abundance of grass to mow rather have any plants to maintain.

I trimmed the mums back in July and they still kept budding.  I see others in the neighborhood have their mums in bloom.  I thought maybe I would be able to slow them down and have them bloom later. It is a great color of mum and the former owners have three plantings of them.

I have grown hibiscus before and they seem to be more like an annual plant.  I had a dinner plate hibiscus that bloomed a couple of years in a row but the cold took it out.  I had another that survived three years but then it just froze out.

I bought this one and will see what I can do with it.  I have a couple of places that might give it more protection but getting a hole dug for it will require a pick ax. Some areas around the house are composed of packed-hard clay. I am up to the challenge to get some of that corrected but probably not this year.

The Japanese beetles are still around. Their numbers are way down but they are still out there.  I have sprayed almost every day for the past few weeks to slow them down. When they hit an area they eat up a lot of the leaves but the burrow into the zinnia  or marigold and kill the bloom.

It is Monday and the day ahead of me is really not planned.  I have an errand to run downtown Des Moines and plenty of work to do in the lower level of the house (basement). I am getting my office area set up down there and boxes are not sitting around anymore.  I have boxes that need to be sent to recycle and I do some each week.  I have the hibiscus and a daylily to get into the ground today or maybe tomorrow. We are getting a light sprinkle this morning which won't bring our dead grass back but anything will help. I am sure it will be gone in another hour.

I hope everyone is well. Thanks for checking in on me. As you can see my typing fingers are limber this morning and I have more words probably than necessary.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

After being away for 2 weeks, I am just getting back to reading fellow bloggers post and leaving comments. Thanks Larry for your visits to our blog in the past couple of weeks. Pre-scheduling blog posts was helpful and was done before we left as there was no internet access at the VA house (drat). Your blooms are lovely and we didn't have a major problem with Japanese beetles, but neighbors who had roses did.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! There are no mums in bloom around here yet. I love the color of yours, what a beautiful purple. And your zinnia, just the barest touch of peach color.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Mums should be pinched, it makes for more blooms on a smaller less leggy plant. Mums already, when I think of Mums I think of fall:) Your Echinacea is very pretty. Don't do what everyone else in the neighborhood is doing, be a rebel:)