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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday’s a Fix........

Taking a photograph of weather sometimes is too challenging. When the snow is thick and heavy fallen to the ground you just can’t shoot straight anywhere to show it.  I try to find the things that help be be a good background for it.  Yesterday’s snow was so fluffy that the globs did show up in the photo.

It is nice to get a shot that shows a bird trying to get protection from the weather.  We have bright sun today so the birds are all out checking the feeders and picking up seeds that have fallen to the ground.

The house finch couple are back today on the other feeder. They seem to travel over as a pair and ten divide the seed up in halves.
This photo tends to share an image of an outside junk yard.  The plants that they sit among are all gone for now. The windmill thing won’t stay there but is left right where it was when I last worked on it.  I guess it is handy if I want to bring it inside and work on it in the shop.

My list of things to do remains the same but I am still at the not working stage of my virus.  It has been seven days since I started it and my recovery is good.  I don’t have the stamina yet and I still have lung congestion to deal with in order to feel back to normal.

I have taken a lot of these bird portraits.  I like how they turn out, but I am sure they get to be boring after while. The junco is a curious little bird that seems to pop through railings and feeder ledges without much problem.  They turn their heads to look around and the eyes is almost not visible to the viewer.  They do like a lot of fresh millet to eat and a few sunflower seeds too. I really don’t see them move around in pairs even though they might be doing that.  It is nothing to have one lone one sitting out on the deck out overlooking the territory in deep though.

This sparrow is so frustrated with everyone  as a large number decided to take over the one feeder.  This bird has decided not to get involved and is just sitting there. I know they have no brain to know what expression is all about but it seems to be putting out a bashful, timid look.

Thanks you for stopping by today.


A Colorful World said...

Poor little birds! They've put up with a lot this winter in areas they normally don't have to! Nice shots, Larry!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yeah for you, the snow went south of us:)