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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Snow Geese......

It is a cool shot but the snow geese are not in focus.  I took the shot from the edge of the highway zooming in from a major farm field to the next farm field where thousands of snow geese are eating a corn field. The trees are up against Beaver Creek. It is too much distance for my camera to handle. I still like the effects of the trees behind all the white geese.

This is a shot of them all resting and eating.  I have never seen snow geese migrate through central Iowa.  I lived in Sidney, Iowa 45 years ago and the major migration of all kinds of birds followed up and down the Missouri River valley. When I saw this along the highway on my way to the old place, I did not hesitate to stop and turn around to see this sight.

The snow geese is easily spooked so when a truck would drive by they would scatter up into the sky like a bunch of mosquitos. The camera kept getting blurs but I just wanted you to see how many of these that there are.

This field in a very large one that stretches all along the river bed and trees. When I returned by the flocks they were already escaping and headed further north.

It was exciting to see this.  I shared photo on my Photo a Day yesterday and they were only a handful of geese flying over the house.  I did hear on the news that they were over in the next county so I was glad that they were still there.  I ran into a bald eagle, ducks also and some trumpeter swans as I drove home today also. It was a good day.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Borrowed from the photo bank on the internet.  I never got close enough to get one like this.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow that that is awesome to see so many at once:)

Patsy said...

We have seen fields of them over in Arkansas making their way back
up your way. Always exciting to see them.