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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Middle of the Week....

The sunrise was’t so dramatic today but it did seem like a promising good day.  We didn’t get the second snow that was south of us last night. The colors of the sky were so welcoming rather than the overcast we have had for such a long time.

I am getting tired of my own photos but this one was a nice one to get.  When I was getting ready to make the shot there were four birds lined up on the feeder. I hope that I can feel better to get outside and take some different kinds of photos.  I see images out there but I will need to put on my snow boots and wade around to get to them.
We finally went for groceries yesterday.  It is only two miles away so it isn’t a big deal.  The large size of the grocery store makes it a challenge to walk. We did walk  the whole place to get a half of a cart of groceries. We both are on the mend and will just continue to stay inside when possible.

To get off of the sickness and weather report, I am sharing visuals today of something that I did finally move to the new house.  I won’t write about it yet but just give you some visual curiosity. I do know what it is but won’t say anymore for now.

It is a heavy thing with adjustments for its arms and a device to do measurement.  In my early years of life when in the old house, I actually had it hanging on the living room wall as a decoration, surrounded by other old things.

The item will stick around for a while,  I am hoping I can find an area in my new county that takes in historic items for display.  Maybe the Iowa State Fair museum would like to have this one.

Thanks for checking in on my post today.

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The Furry Gnome said...

That is one interesting artifact!