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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

There Be Sun, Annie..........

Seeing geese flying overhead really is not a sign of spring for us. Three different times flocks of Canada geese flew over while I was walking the property.  We warmed up a little and I forced my self to walk our borders and to go around the house.  It is but above freezing and seems warm right now.

Our neighbor’s house southeast of us, is in view, as I take a shot up into the sky. Geese could be heard but I didn’t see that I caught any in this photo.

The view that I saw while descending the stairs next to the house. It is deceiving to see as there is a lot of snow on these steps.

I did try to fall on one of the last steps as I missed one of them as I climbed downward. I had not been outside for a long time so it was fun to see all that was going on out there.

The one garden looks more like a cemetery with its two gate posts and the leftover sunflower stems. The snow actually was crusty on top as I walked around the backyard fence.

The snow has melted enough to let the female Canada goose is almost above the snow again. The snow is all melted off of their backs.

The raised bed is becoming visible as the snow retreats. The bed won’t be planted for another couple of months.

The raised bed next to the front corner of the house is looking bleak. The bush normally covers the gas meter. I am anxious to see what hosta plants survived over winter that I planted in the rock garden there. My walk outside was a good one even though I had to force myself to do it. I don’t have excess energy to just spend but I did get some photos and had time to enjoy it all.

We are headed out this afternoon to do our taxes.  I am hoping that things are far more simplified for us and it won’t take so much time to have them prepared.  I appreciate you stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Be careful on the steps! You should be melting some soon, it was sure nice here today:)