Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


We started to get freezing rain around midnight. It has been predicted for two days. so no one was surprised.  I have seen worse ice storms in my life but this one is dangerous. I haven’t seen any traffic on our street but there are some cars on the one street over.  My one neighbor, one street over,  let his truck run for a half hour before he went to work. I am sure he wanted to get all the windows thawed out and clear.

The junco birds were out and about this morning trying to work with the slick surface. The little short ice cycle decorations on the rail show that the rain isn’t very heavy. After this shot was taken we had a sleet storm leaving white ice pellets all over everything.

The birds do have this curious look about the ice wondering what is going on with this weather.

There are so many movies that include  few dinosaurs and when I saw this scene on my pottery shelf I had to snap it.  I had set the two plastic creatures out when the grandkids were around.

The pottery gives the effect of sandstone formations as they walk by on the shelf.  I have large figures like these as our oldest son loved the dinosaur world when he was young.

The glass tihings keep getting moved around as I stuff more things in the area. The basket is from Madagascar  and holds seashells and the flue in the from is from a candle holder that has never been connected to its base because of the move.  I am thinking the base may not have come down to the new place. The base might be in the landfill.

My basement expose does get boring but I don’t have to go outside to take shots. The old bottle in the shot are just junk.  I know that an outside person could come in and get rid of them in less than30 seconds. I may reach a time that it will happen by me.  The box is a set of dishes that haven’t been unpacked.  It is an antique set of dishes that I bought at an auction in Coin, Iowa back in 1974. I think I had bid it up to six dollars. I then later bought more for the set from an antique shop that made my collection big.

The dishes will make it upstairs eventually as we keep rearranging and settling in our dishes and pots and pans. The pattern is called Mildred and my  wife and I used it for everyday for a lot of years.. It seemed to fit well with our antique walnut tables.  We did have wedding china that we use for special occasions. Eventually we were lured into buying Blue Willow dishes and other store promotions to give us a variety.

I would  never have imagined that there would be a group of people in the USA  that are loyal users of this dish brand. I thought I was unique having discovered the old dishes and living an antique life. The dishes were made at the Mt Clemons Pottery factory and were sold at S.S. Kresge’s.  I follow a Facebook group who collects the dishes.  The Facebook group is called For the Love of MILDRED. Those of you  who are curios about such a kind of Facebook group you should check it out. It is interesting to see pictures of the old factory and see how people really do like them.

I think it will be a quiet day around here as we are not going anywhere.  I can barely get the dog outside but we have been out a couple of times. The frozen iced grass is hard for the dog to walk on and I don’t like it either. Thank you for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your Mildred dishes are lovely. Ice storms are no fun, I hope you melt soon:)

A Colorful World said...

Ice storms are always gorgeous but so deadly! Just stay indoors, for sure! Lovely pottery and I love that little creamer!