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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Day After.......

This photo does help to illustrate our day yesterday.  The snow just kept falling.  It was around five o’clock last evening and it stopped.  I could hear those with snowblowers humming away and those who were without machines scooping snow.  Due to health reasons I didn’t join them until this morning.  I made one single path down the sidewalk and a path to the mailbox.  I will rest a while and later today I will do more. Our two neighbor brothers up the street who walk to the bus corner each morning had been by already but those guys probably liked walking through snow. Their tracks show that the older brother has some serious traction on his boots.

If you measure on the railing the numbers are not so great but the table does show that we had six inches or more of snow.

A major car pile up of 70 plus cars and trucks closed I 35 down for most of the day both ways.  It was nor of us.  The I 80 route had three or four pile ups also.  We were told later that the one northeast of us consisted of a lot of cars returning from the big bowl game.

 I was able to watch this guy fail at getting to the feeders.  He couldn’t go up the rail to go out to them.  He quit trying pretty quickly when he realized there is a lot of distance below him if he fell. He did eat from a lot of free falling seed earlier in the morning on the ground below so I wasn’t feeling too sad for him.

My raised garden bed is almost covered here as the snow did smooth everything out.  The shadows on the snow are good to see as the sun is brightly shining this morning. We still have negative wind chills and I hope we don’t get any significant wind as everything could be blown back in easily.

Meanwhile, everything seems peaceful and calm inside. My wife and I are going to survive this cold/flu thing.  I am not out of the woods but I am now beyond wanting to go lay in a ditch for a truck to run over me. Actually this type of virus, what ever it is, did mess with the mind a lot. I would get up in the night to take aspirin and I seemed to do so like a sleepwalker as my brain just wasn’t on the level. The rating of my degree of sickness is probably a “7" today.  My wife started on the virus a day before me and she really isn’t out of the woods either.  We have to go get groceries.  We will just start loading up everything we see incase we don’t get out for a while. We will have to rest up for a long time after we get done.

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The Great Ethan Allen said...

Lots of snow here as well. I think we got more than you. I read your post yesterday and it I though you were being skipped all together. Nice to see mother nature spread the lovely snow around equally. hehe. Not that I'm a fan of it much.

The Furry Gnome said...

Is that a Fox Squirrel?

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am sorry you are sick, I know it is no fun. I still have a cough and get tired easily. I left Far Guy in the hospital resting comfortably and came home to walk chance, he missed me and is confused since his whole pack is not together.
Take it easy, drink lots of fluids and rest. Your snow is pretty, hope a neighbor clears your snow for you! Take Care glad you are past the wanting to die part :)