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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, May 21, 2018

Mucho about Monday......

The goldfinch and house finch birds have already hatched out their first batch of young birds. We have seen some very young goldfinch at this feeder and deck railing.

On Sunday we saw house finches bring their young to the deck railing and the adults would pull seeds from the sock and fly over to feed the young ones.  The young ones were like acrobats as they try to mounter the pole that holds the sock and then tried to get on the sock.  I am sure from last year’s memories that they will all get it figured out soon.

The tomato plants have survived and are growing.  I had to water them once a few days ago but natural rain is keeping them going. It is a tangle of wire support systems on the plants. I waited too late last year getting the tomato supports on it was difficult to weave them on there. I would break a branch once in a while. Today I will buy marigolds to plant along the edges to decorate it.  Supposedly marigolds are good to ward away insects. Unfortunately they attracted Japanese beetles last year.

We had summer heat already but now we are back to the spring cool weather.  It is to be rainy all day and the grass will just keep growing.  We had a drought going on last year at this time when we moved in so we have never seen the grass to be this lush. A young high schooler two doors down mowed their yard twice in one week.  We older guys should have done so but we didn’t do it. I suspect all will mow in the next couple of days. Normally my neighbor guys would mow on Fridays for the weekend viewing but that has not happened this year.

Staying at the new place today and getting things done sounds like a good plan. I usually take Mondays off and make headway on small projects. Gray rainy days help me to go slow. Thank you all for stopping by today.  Everyone take care of yourselves.

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Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Larry and thanks for your recent comments on my blog posts. We have had a lot of fun on recent family and fun getaways, but it also means falling way behind in blog reading. I really enjoyed seeing the recent goldfinch photos. We used to see quite a lot of colorful little birds when we lived in the VA house and now I can enjoy them again in your posts. Thanks!