Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday’s Wonders.....Not.

The bunny and the goose look like they are looking at each other. At first, it looked like the bunny was worshiping at the goose altar.  In reality the bunny is eating quickly off the tops of the tall grass.

I could not see him very well at the back of the yard but when I zoomed in I could see why the grass was better there. I could see that he wouldn’t have to go into Mr. McGregor’s garden to eat vegetables with so much grass is growing.

I did get one more photo of the rabbit as it moved over to the area of the blue spruce. It will be interesting to see if any batches of babies show up in this area. There are great white hunters in my neighborhood so I worry about their lifespan.
The photo is entitled “Three Trees and a Bush” with the view from our front door. The two bradford pears at different heights is shown along with the locust tree in the foreground. The burning bush is on the right with leaves forming now with the warmer weather.  I was digging in the garden yesterday and I can attest that the soil is still very cold and has not warmed up.  I had a chunk of my clay soil in hand trying to crumple it and it felt like it came out to the 40 degrees F. refrigerator.  We have a week of 70s forecast so the ground will warm.

We started out cloudy this morning after the rain in the night.  I guess we may have more rain late this afternoon. I will now have to mow everything with the moisture triggering the grass to grow quickly. The rain has sure helped out with the flowers.  I have some peony plants that I moved to the new place and they are sprouting up many stems as if they have always been planted there. I am sure they like the clay soil.

The backyard daffodils ended up being normal looking, even though the first bloom in this bunch was deformed.  The trumpet to the bloom is so fascinating of a shape.  I remember seeming my first blooms when I was a kid on the farm.  The former owners had planted them and they would come up among the weeds and grass out by the farm well. Seeing them pop up among the grasses was so magical with its perfect form coming up out of nowhere. This is the variety that we had on the farm back in 1955. I really don’t think the daffodil multiplies as it stays in the field but I will know if there are more the three as the years go by.

Traveling off on an errand around noon time so we will be out today. Dodging the weather does work if you keep an eye on the radar.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Cute bunny, I think the fox got all ours or that Eagle:(