Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Out and About in the Back Yard.....

My yard guard should feel right at home.  All the old stuff came with him to the new place.  I moved the bench with bricks along with the iris and antique rose bush.  They sit over in a small corner next to the big blue spruce tree.

The tomatoes are kicking in and starting to get a lot of new growth on them. This variety is a stout-looking plant.  My puny little replacement tomatoes have taken off too, as they are liking the soil I planted them in right in the ho

I watered everything this morning as we were dry.  It is suppose to rain today but it doesn’t look like much will be received.  I watered while a light sprinkle l was going on but it stopped before I was done with the garden hose.

I saw this guy fly through this morning.  I have a screen on the window and I couldn’t get much of a photo.  I may have to remove a screen from a set of my double windows so I can take photos better through them. I saw the red flash by when he flew in or I wouldn’t have noticed him.

My young neighbor finished his last section of fence over the weekend. We were not here but it should not have taken very long as it was like a six foot length section.  It makes the plantings on the far corner of our property look lots better.  We lost the view of most of his little kids play house.  We can see the top of it yet but we now have more privacy just as he does too.
I seem to always leave things round to be in my photo.  I am not using the planters at the end of this area and they need to go into storage. The old wagon wheels were from the farm where my wife lived.  The farm was originally her grandparents’ farm. I put them there to get them out of the way from the building and now I think I will leave them  there.

A backyard plant that is of a blurry columbine plant.  If it does as well as the last one I planted it should look good here next spring. It is planter over in the corner where he finished the fence.  That whole garden area is filled in with a variety of things.  The liatirus is just about to bloom in that area.
One last backyard shot of this buttercup.  I accidentally move this when I moved a peony from the front yard.  It really has made a good splash of yellow where it is at.

It is a dull day today with clouds covering the sun.  I couldn’t take pictures of the full moon last night as the clouds were also blocking the view.  I heard it was to be a strawberry moon.  I also heard that the earth is going to start tilting back again. It is almost too much for an old man to keep track of.

It is Tuesday and I don’t have a lot more plans for the day.  Yard work is done for now and I will take the afternoon off.  I am wishing everyone to be well today.  Thanks for stopping by today.

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Laurel Wood said...

Good Evening, That Cardinal is so pretty and red. I really like the buttercups. This was a fun tour around your back yard. How nice now to have the neighbor's fence to plant beside. It was rainy/cloudy here today, also. We did get out to buy 3 last plants for the garden. You two enjoy the evening.