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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Easy Going.........

I looked out last night to see if the feral cat food feeder needed to be restocked.  It is warmer weather and the wanderers are out to eat food.  To my surprise there was the largest cat I had ever seen eating at the feeder.  It was a very large fluffy furred racoon.  I like seeing pictures and videos of racoons but I don't like them around the house. This one looked like it was a large mother racoon and it did get startled when I turned on the porch light.

I, in one way wanted to get a picture, and in another way I was being too appalled about the wild animal on my porch.  I had noticed something was messing with one of my suet feeders a couple of days ago and now I know what it was. I am sure it is living in one of my hollows of the old silver maple trees.  The number of racoons being hit by cars on our major four lane highway near here should of reminded me that they would be out and about in town too.

I know that woodpeckers are always on the lookout for insects in tree trunks but I find it unusual that they check out the wooden boards that make up the pole for the feeder.

Here is another shot of one of the Eurasian Ringed Neck doves.  Birdwatchers did record their coming to the United States as they first were found in Florida some years back.  Now they are recorded as being in most states. They are a quiet easy going bird just like the mourning dove but are smaller that the mourning dove.

I picked up an Iowa gardening magazine to see what the new and  upcoming plants that are for sale this year.  While there, a horticultural person gave advice on the growing of violets.  I find myself that the growing medium that plants are in when you buy them is only for starting plants. I find even my poinsettia dies too soon if I don't put it into real soil.

The gardener recommended to repot the violets into a good soil as soon as you buy them.  If you can't keep the starter mixture damp continually the violet will either die. But too much moisture will rot them.   It is hard to keep the balance just right.  The person also recommended to repot your violets twice a year to keep them from getting long stems.  I don't change the soil or mess with them if they are blooming but it is something to think about.  The violet you see here needs to be put into soil but it hasn't stopped blooming since I bought last fall.

It is Saturday and we are predicted to have a mild winter day.  Things may change by evening but for now it is nice out there. No plans are in the works as we both seem to be needing rest.  An easy going Saturday seems to be the big picture for us today.  Thanks for stopping by today. 

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Far Side of Fifty said...

That is such a pretty African Violet! You are doing something right with them so don't pay much attention to the experts:)