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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday's Finally Here........

It is old and wobbly and I had to do some repairs.  It hasn't had a thorough restoration but it seems to be holding up.  It is upside down right now and you can see the past repairs to keep the base of it intact and to stop further cracking.

The underside of the top of the stand also looks the worse for wear but it is holding together too. The cardboard pieces are there to tighten the contact between the wooden pole and the top of it.  I am sure the wood has shrunk and that the contact of the pole to the base was nonexistent. It now is a tight fit now again.

I don't know the actual name for it but my grandma purchased it at an auction for a quarter. She wanted it for a plant stand and I could see it holding a large fern in a parlor.

A neighbor man and his wife took her to Humeston, Iowa to an auction in one of the old fashioned sale barns where they also auctioned animals. They would hold up items in the ring and the crowd would bid on them.  She asked the guy to bid on it and she only had a quarter with her.  She did get it. That had to be back in the 1960's.

It was a mess in color as it was covered with the dark stain and dirt with scratches.  She had me paint paint it powder blue with a dark blue circle top all over the bad finish.  I was in high school at the time. She had it for quite a few years and did put plants on it.

How I ended up with that stand I really don't remember.  I think my grandmother was giving things away once she found out she had cancer.  She had a brother who loved antiques and she couldn't say no to him when he would come around.  I also got an antique walnut dining room table from her as she had it hiding upstairs so her brother couldn't see it. She had received a formica top table and chairs and she love them.  On a visit she wanted me to hurriedly get the table, in pieces at the time. out of her house so she could be sure that I got the table. She loved her brother and could not say no to him.

 While blogging yesterday, four morning doves came to the feeder area.  I had not seen one all winter.  My brother in law who lives in another town said he had them at his feeder all winter.  I was beginning to believe that they migrated but I guess they had found a better place to eat.

Now I see from this photo that they were Eurasian Ringneck Doves. I guess they seemed large to me as I haven't seen them for quite a while but the morning dove is much bigger.  They did fly in as a group of 4 which I never usually see.  A pair will frequent the feeder in summer maybe two different pair but not all fly in together.

I will finish off with one photo of the last of the ornaments to be put in the box. Everything is in storage now and no more trips for me down the basement stair.  This is one of the Hallmark ones.  The little bear at the reins seems to be hanging on for dear life.  I don't know if they are collectible but I have had this one for a lot of years.

While delivering boxes yesterday I hit the side of the water heater control box.  I had to go  down and relight it after we found that there wasn't hot water to wash the noon dishes.  It is an old water heater and it took a couple of tries.  I was concerned that I would have to get a new thermocouple for it like the furnace but it just was touchy with its setting to keep the pilot lighted.

I am off to school this afternoon to be a health teacher.  A half day job doesn't bother me as long as I didn't have any other day long plan for the day.  The half days are easier to get as those who are really needing the work want a whole day of work and won't accept the half day assignment.  It will go fast as I see the guy has a planning period in there so it won't be a tough day.

We are not as warm today and will probably stay that way for a while.  Rain may be in the picture this afternoon and a chance of snow over the weekend.  I hope all are doing well out there.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

The plant stand sure looks heavy.
We have some Morning doves that have stayed with us all year. We have only seen the ring neck doves once, they didn't stay around.
Hope your day is a good one.

Cattails said...

I like the memories of the plant stand. We have had lots of rain and they are predicting inclement weather for our weekend.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That stand is great. If not plants, I picture it holding a bust of someone famous.

The Furry Gnome said...

Like the nice old table!

Far Side of Fifty said...

That plant stand is beautiful and who could pass it up for a quarter! I can see it painted blue...I have an old on and I painted it green...doesn't hold a fern anymore but an small oval suitcase holding other stuff:)