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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Remnants of Winter..........

The last of the snowbank that was in the front yard remains.  It was where the snow was piled from my driveway and it hasn't been so warm to make it go away completely. The grass seems almost green as we have had plenty of moisture for it all summer.  I won't tell you the forecast for us as they have been wrong most of the week.  I think snow may happen again but I won't report it until I see it.

Someone in a person's family use to correct letters and send them back to show them all their mistakes in writing and spelling.  I see the past few days my fingers were doing the walking to all the wrong keys.  I am glad that no one out there will be sending it back corrected.  I did get a lecture a few years back from one women overseas about the use of its and it's. Ironically she was making a lot of other errors on her writing of her blog which evened the score in my mind.  When you are away from the classroom for so long and then pick up writing again the rules haven't all stuck in the brain. From my experience yesterday, watching a teacher tell about adjectives, I see that I couldn't identify them very well.  I am guilty though of using way too many of them.  My mild bout with a virus did sort of mess with my body and mind so I can use that excuse for sloppy keyboarding skills.

Neglect is a good thing for this kind of cactus.  I sat this on the floor many weeks ago before Christmas under the flower tables.  I was cleaning up a water spill.  A few days ago I look down to see it and it was all withered and dry.  One good dose of water and it is looking better than ever.  i would not be surprised that it will now set on more blooms.

 What was I thinking?  I made this funny shelf-like thing because I didn't have a fence that was long enough to fill the space.  Maybe this summer I can create something that looks like it belongs there and it won't look like this.  If you click on the photo you can get a good look at the birch tree behind it.

We are headed to the pharmacy this morning and then I have a half day of teaching in the afternoon.  Sixth and seventh grade English.  I will have to bone up more on my adjectives.  I was in the room yesterday, half day, as an associate and today I teach.  The teacher had the horrible coughing part of the virus that is going around and I am sure she is off to see a doctor. I said I was going to retire and so far I am down to doing half days.  They don't hire for quarter days so I will have to stop to get to the end. Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Your yard looks like spring!! :)

KathyB. said...

Too warm here for January, our bees are out & about looking for flowers and of course there aren't any to sustain a hive or 4.Stil, sunshine and mid-fifties is O.K. Looks like you're having a mild winter too.

Ha, does someone who corrects letters and send them back ever get people to write back ? I sure wouldn't.( write back )

Your Christmas cactus thrives the same as mine ~ with neglect.

You don't seem to be retired after all. Just hope you don't get sick again with the flu.