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Larry.s Creative Zone

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Middle of the Week.......

My wife's capture of the titmouse bird is the featured first photo today.  I also have it on my Photo a Day blog.  It is something special for us to see as I don't think I have ever seen any around here before now.  I remember when the juncos started to come into the feeders a few years ago but the titmouse is a new one for us.  Once I saw that top notch on the camera viewfinder I knew what it was.  I guess I really haven't seen it yet it in reality as I have only seen this image.

I am doing a wandering Wednesday for me as I have a lot of different things to share.  We removed all the ornaments from our big tree. I wanted to play with my new camera so I left a few things back to take images of them.  This rocking horse ornament is one that was given to our sons back when they were young.  The hair on the guy looks like it is blowing in the wind.  In reality the weathering process has cause the strings of the tail and mane to frizz.  I think it would be neat to make a life sized one of these some day. The tree goes to the basement once this blog is done.

The hardy geraniums that are in the window box are about to be sent to another room  They are in the large dining room window and they are down to this one set of blooms.  When this is gone then it will go.  There is not rebudding going on right now so I don't want to see just a row of geranium foliage. The violets would like some more light.  I do think groups of flowers do better as the moisture in the surrounding pots creates a greenhouse environment.  When I remove it, the nine violets and two other larger plants will still be there.

 If I had a newer computer and a better internet provider I think downloading photos would not take so long.  As a result of downloading time I can set by the plants and dead head them.  You can see it was needing to be done.  I did get some good blooms in the group which was not my plan.  It is like me and weed eater working in the flower garden. It doesn't work well.  I always catch a stem with blooms on it when I am trying for the weeds. Iris are really easy to cut off with a weed eater.

While clearing things for the last time down on the farm I ended up with this antique gasoline can.  I will give it to my brother in law if he wants it, otherwise it is more things to push around at my lot.  He doesn't have storage room so I am the the junkyard so to speak for storage for now.

It is kind of amazing that the painted handle still has the original paint.  I have never smelled of the contents in it to know what is stored inside.  The plastic small cap means someone lost the original cap and it had to have a replacement.  It definite had to be removed before the environmental inspectors arrive on the farm.

Another shot of the can.  I like the little handles on the base which would help in  pouring from it.  It is old because they don't worry about those details anymore.

We are not as warm today and it is a gray day.  The birds are hitting the feeders hard today.  I don't know if they think we are going to receive snow but they are wrong.  Northern Iowa is getting some of the white fluff but we are not close enough to the storm south of us so we won't see snow. 

No big plans today but I never seem to get work on Wednesday.  It is kind of good to rest up anyway and get some work done at home.  I hope all is well with everyone out there.  Thanks for stopping in today.

Oh I forgot to mention that I washed my car yesterday.  I forgot that it had a shiny finish.  The mud, dust and birds seemed to be attracted to it most of this winter. 


Patsy said...

Very good photo of your Titmouse.
My book said Occasionally, titmice from a prior brood will remain where they hatched and help their parents raise young the next year. Hopeful you will have more this spring.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Nice shot of the bird! That is one big bloom for a geranium in the winter! :)