Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, January 26, 2015

Starting Out the Week........

The longer beak and larger size makes this a male hairy woodpecker.  I enjoy them at the feeder as they feed no matter what the weather might be.  During a raging snow storm they are out there.  During a nice warm day they are out there too. Many times the smaller downy will share the space at the other suet feeder without any concern.

I need to get some fresh photo material but for now I will just keep sharing the female cardinal.  I did have two male cardinals hitting the feeders yesterday but those shots are still on the camera which is at home while I am at school.

Being low on material I will dig out this one more Christmas ornament.  I have a purple colored one in the same shape.  The peacock would be more of a Victorian type of decoration but I doubt that this was ever a traditional ornament of the past.

With teacher's children becoming ill with high temperatures there is a need for many subs.  Teachers themselves are catching whatever is going around and they need subs.  I am a high school history teacher today with classes of freshmen and classes of seniors.  Opposite ends of the spectrum with immature kids with mature kids off and on throughout the day.  We have sunshine to day and will be in the 50's today temperature wise.  That usually happens when the east coast gets blasted.  I hope all the coastal states can survive it all and that warm weather returns soon for them.  Thank you for stopping in today.  Take care.


Patsy said...

Your new camera sure has good color, the birds show up well.

Far Side of Fifty said...

That is a good looking Hairy Woodpecker, after awhile it is easy to tell the difference between him and The Downy.
The Flu must be getting around...hope you don't get it:)

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So glad you shared another ornament. That peacock is beautiful.

carolann said...

oh don't you get the flu. I and hubby have the flu hot already. So far so good.

Most of my friends are school teachers. My one friend is a sub teacher .

Your birds are so pretty all you take.