Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Busy Day........

Snow and ice makes it for another winter day.  The snow on the goose back shows how much is probably on the ground. There is a thick layer of  sleet in the grass and crusty ice on the sidewalks.

My robin report continues as you can see that there are two birds in the tree.  I think they are both females.  When you see the next photo the robins are coming north.

There is a dried fruit on the tree with just a little juice still in them. I counted over a dozen of robins. The lone male was not to be seen all day yesterday but if he were hanging around maybe one of these will like him.

Barney has been favoring his one hind leg for a couple of days.  So this morning he was refusing to get up to walk outside.  I can slide him out there by his behind while pulling on his collar.  He did go out without walking and he did get up enough to do his business.  So laying around at the top of the stairs area, being treated with food and water. We figured he would be there all day.  In the past he takes a day off and then he starts walking again.  While flipping himself around with his front legs, he rolled over to the gate on the stairs and pushed it open anyway with his weight. He slid down our ten foot high carpeted stairs with a lot of noise. He was startled and he did just slide and ended up on his back side at the bottom. He is pretty bulky so he didn’t break anything.

He is now fine but we don’t know how we are going to get that dog back up tot he main floor.  I can take him out the sliding glass door downstairs and bring him up the hill to the front door. If he doesn't walk. he gets to slide up on his hind end. Right now he is laying at the bottom of the stairs taking a nice nap.  If I can pick him up I may try using the wheel barrow.  That will scare the old guy. I may just leave him down here all day and see if those back legs will get strong again.  If I get him upstairs anytime today, I will post a shot of him up on the dining room floor later today. He is funny as he doesn’t seem to have a care in the world that he is stuck downstairs. The birds appear to be worried about a giant animal who might be a bird eater. They put out warning sounds every once in a while.

The emergency feeder is now filled with snow.  I will have to dump the thing and start over again. The birds will have to shuffle their feet a little on the hanging feeders to get them back over again.

It is Saturday and we will stay inside all day.  One more fit of winter hits today.  Of course it can hit often in Iowa through the whole month of March.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Anonymous said...

I hope Barney will be moving much easier by tomorrow. Hard to imagine you have so much snow. Seeing the robins is a treat for me. I wish you a nice evening.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You got snow! We had 40F today:) Your Robins sure are pretty, I wonder how long until I see them :)