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Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday’s Morning View.......

The morning sunrise was short lived as it seems an overcast of clouds is dominating the sky. As evidence of the earth’s tilting back for the summer, the sun is located far away from the house roof on the far right. I don’t remember how far the sun will be when it reached it farthest point, but you know I will keep track of it.

Our staging tree for the birds who sit on it before coming to the feeder, had a larger visitor in their tree.  I had seen three robins a few days ago  while out with Barney and had no camera.  This morning my wife noticed it and I walked out and took a shot on the deck. I was visually level with the bird.

I looked at shots of another photographer last night on the net, trying to get visuals of the snow geese.  He was over in the eastern part of the state.  When I first saw them I thought he had pulled some of my shots to share.He didn’t get focused shots of them either.  I then also saw shots from another photographer showing the Mississippi River covered with snow geese.  The local nature specialists believed there were a million or more geese in that flock.

A neighbor, who is a hunter, shared with me that the snows and blues are overpopulated.  The tundra areas in the far north of the continent are being destroyed. This type of goose pulls grass up by its roots and eats everything.  They are clearing big areas of tundra gasses as they feast.   Because of that the neighbor said that there are no restrictions on the numbers that can be shot and there are no limits on the numbers that can be shot. In Iowa, hunters most want Canada Geese for harvesting for food. I am not sure that the snows were ever around central Iowa in all of these years.

I had an opportunity to get this shot a couple of days ago of the moon. I tried to get a visual last night while the moon is in a full stage and I did not succeed.

We are warming up a lot more making it feel like spring.  We still have frost in the night and the days are cool.  The hope for spring is much stronger now though and I think we are going to make it.  I know we can get freak snowstorms in March so one would not be a surprise but the sub low temperatures seem to be history for now.

I hope all of you have a great day today and thank you for checking in today.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Been wondering what the "white Birds" migrating were. I was thinking snow geese, though I am unfamiliar with them. Lots of Canadians around here. Those are easy to ID. I'm not sure how many ( or what type) flew over a few days ago, but our neighbors stood outside and were marveling them. I'm guessing by their excitement that there must have been thousands up there. Migration season is underway.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Larry, that was a great moon shot! And many thanks for your congrats on today's post about our (finally) selling our VA home. I was glad to read that you and your wife are also happy that you decided to relocate and wish you all the best when you decide to sell your previous home. I know you have been doing some work on it and after awhile that can be exhausting. Hopefully, when youcdecide to swell it won't be as long a wait as in our case.