Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday’s Bird Report......

The evening sky to the east shows an opening in the sky.  The clouds that were coming here are still here to stay today.

One of the two morning doves is finding plenty of seed to eat. The camera caught the bird in a way that the tail looks really short but it isn’t. I was watching the two of them walking up and down on the neighbors fence railing.  They were like kids as the would walk the plank and then jump over the post and then keep on walking.

You can see her that the tail really is the normal length. I cought it preening the back feathers.

The goldfinch here is turning more yellow as the season continues. I am not certain but I believe this is a female where its back will stay the brown color. I was concerned about them not coming to the feeder but now I have problems of them flitting in and out quickly sending all the house finches and sparrows scattering.

The male house finch is becoming a deeper red now with the female continuing to stay their camouflage brown. The newest visitor of the feeders was the female cardinal but I have not seen her since her one visit.

The male goldfinch is showing more bright yellow as it grows in its new bright feathers. If you glance back up to the female shot you can see big differences between their colors.

We have a cold day ahead of us today with some strong winds.  I guess the weather fronts just have to keep mixing back and forth until we reach our true spring weather.  We don’t have plans for today but I am still going out to see what is coming up in spite of the weather.  I hope everyone will have a good day today.  Thanks for checking in at the blog.


Patsy said...

Fun to watch the different birds, here we don't get many.
Our rain has stopped for now it is in the 50's

Far Side of Fifty said...

Fun to see the Goldfinches in their almost color, by the time they get here they are all feathered our in their summer colors! Cold here too 28 today for a high:)