Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, March 8, 2018


I snapped a shot of this with the zoom to show what the distance is to the edge of our building development. I have taken a similar shot before but this shot shows all the trees.  The far tall trees are the edge of our housing development which has a street with  houses that are not from our city.The area was developed over there in the sixties and all the ranch houses line the street and belong to the county. The other reason I share this shot is to show what we won’t see when we have leaves.  I plan on planting a couple of trees to also block this view and my neighbors backyards from our view. Our living room area looks down on the back row of houses and their yards.

We had squirrel wars yesterday with one larger squirrel chasing around the smaller one.

The smaller on usually comes to feed when it is quiet and the big bully isn’t around. I will probably move all my mixed seed feeders down to the ground to get them away from the deck. I will keep feeding the goldfinch with the sock feeder whenever they start to feed again.

The one squirrel is a surf board rider as he sits at the slant ready to go for a dive down to the seed.

Inside the house I have one violet blooming.  I should remove the bruised left to make this look better but I really didn’t see it until I took this photo. Most of my violets are really struggling as I must be doing something wrong with them.  I know our house is a lot drier with less humidity that I would think.

This aloe is coming back strong.  It was out on the patio and was drowned out by so much rainwater. It started to revive as I brought it inside last fall. It was completely black but the roots must retain the ability to cause new growth.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Our day is to be warmer and the sun will shine.  That is good for us. I wish everyone to have a great day. Thanks.....for stopping by.

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Patsy said...

The bad and the good of the Squirrels, they will take over.
I like your view of houses , it looks like you have hills
and all two story homes in your neighborhood.