Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, March 19, 2018

Monday’s Meeting Notes......

Two mourning doves were on the deck yesterday.  I have thrown more loose seed onto the deck to see if they will come back today. The dove likes to eat from the ground so having it up on a second story deck tells me they think it is a giant flat bird feeder.  They were at one time laying on the deck soaking up the sunshine.

I keep seeing one of them going into the blue spruce tree.  I am hoping for them to nest in there. I remember taking shots of this kind of bird a few years back that had nested on a tree branch with lots of leaves to camouflage it.

With the weather being a little bit warmer, we see dog walkers.  The shot is a blur but they were moving quickly with their animals a street over from us. It is nothing for us to see a little girl being drug up the sidewalk with a yorkie dog, a mother following with a stroller and one or two kids following on bikes or skateboards. One guy and his wife have two pit bulls and another up three doors has one pit bull. A couple closer to our age are walking their white westie at least two times a day. Down the street and over a block is a large white standard poodle. It is really a nice dog. The Australian collie is a pretty one and there are a number of shitzus in the neighbor hood.  The people across the street have there larger long white hair dogs plus a smaller dachshund. The daughter has a dog that she takes to school each day for security concerns.  All of these dogs must be let out in their backyard and I rarely see them from the front side of the house. Sometimes I can hear them barking when they are let outside in their backyard. Sometimes too we see men pushing their young children  in carriers.  I suspect they are trying to get them to go to sleep.

The pussy willow in the back yard looks like it was a shrub that was allowed to grow into tree form.  It is almost as tall as the blue spruce next to it. It is hard to take care of as I have to cut back all the shrub like canes to keep it looking like a tree. I brought a few branches in so we could watch them open. I never had one of these while a kid on the farm, nor at the old place in Woodward.  My neighbor had one that was beautiful but then he cut it down along with a third of all of the other plantings.  He of course moved away after he had cleared out good things. He did not take out the magnolia but he trimmed it into a shape of a lollipop.

Barney is better.  He is still a bit of a needy one as he can’t tell us what he wants.  I finally took him outside last night at three in the morning  That was his problem , as he wanted something. He had been out at eleven o’clock but he wanted to go again.  I would never keep him from meeting his needs but that was a surprise to me that he wanted out in the middle of the night.  After the three o’clock activity, he laid down (finally) for the rest of the night.  We got some sleep, half the required amount, but better than none. This morning he is resting and catching up on his sleep.  He’s very comfortable and is sort of walking again. We are feeling a lot better about his condition at this point.

It is Monday and we have a good week ahead of us. It will rain on Wednesday but we need the moisture. The whole temperature is gradually moving up to normal ones, If you live in my town I will ask if you remembered that this is garbage day?  Thanks for stopping by today.


Patsy said...

A very happy and encouraging sign of warmer weather,
At your new home.

Far Side of Fifty said...

We love the sounds of the Doves:0 I am so glad to hear that Barney is getting along, tough to have an old many ups and downs with their health. :(