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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, March 12, 2018

Spring Break.....

The solution for spring fever is to go to the store and buy some flowers. They are not necessarily the same kind of flowers but any kind will do. I had seen bunches of purple flag iris last week at our grocery store but they must have been a hit, as they were all gone this week.

The bunch you can buy has five stems of flowers. They are usually in good shape as people pick them up regularly so none have time to wilt or get too old.  I actually do have some mums coming up right now but they have a lot time to go before they bloom. I see the stores are carrying potted tulips right now for Easter.  They don’t always look so strong like the ones that grow outside in the world.

I was concerned as to why the sock feeder was not noticed by any kind of birds.  I then saw a pair of house finches on it yesterday morning. In this shot you can see the female but the male is around on the other side.

They did eventually give me a perfect pose as they picked th seed from the webbed sock. That pair has not returned today but maybe later in the afternoon they will feed again.

Spring break really doesn’t have meaning to me any more as I have left  teaching a year ago now. I can notice that the community is off with their kids somewhere.  I did see one boy in his pajamas this morning with a winter coat. He was playing basketball outside, with his football.  I don’t where everyone is going but they do seem to be not home.

I made a run to the old place to see if the house was still standing. While crossing the mile long bring I saw two flocks of snow geese on the lake.  They both were large groups out in an open water area of the lake.  The lake where I was crossing was still frozen.  No camera with me and I can’t take shots from the bridge anyway.  I hear through some photo blogs that numbers of snow geese at the Missouri River are overwhelming.  One guy seeing more geese from the south coming in were having trouble to find any open water as the ones who were there for a few days had used up all of the spaces.  It is Monday, and adjusting to the time change seems to be doing good.  We sort of have been sliding into it anyway as Barney kept getting us up earlier because the sun was coming up earlier. We will not plan anything to difficult at this time but we do need to get out and about some more since the weather seems to be more like spring.  Thank you for checking in on the post today.


Anonymous said...

Pretty floral bouquet and the sweetest little birds. I would love to have a vase of flowers on the dining table, but the cats won't let me! lol

Far Side of Fifty said...

I know...I looked at flowers today in Wally World. When spring comes I may buy some and put them on the patio! Your Purple Finch is sure pretty...almost as good as a flower:)