Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday with Flurries.......

Revival going on in the oxalis pot is great to see. It likes the the longer days of light and the care I can give it while it is inside.  It will go back out on the patio where it can live free.  I will probably sprinkle some new soil on it to help it grow.

The robin is waiting for the female to come back to the tree and the nest. He has been around for almost a week and he doesn’t seem to leave the area except to got to the birdbath to get water.

He is out there most of the time all day.  He greeted us this morning in the tree and while Barney was out there the robin was on the ground eating things from the grass. He has a gentle call as if he is calling for some other bird to join him.  He does startle once in a while and takes off across the street.

The robin’s head really is always moving and in this shot it is blurred. He is fluffed up a lot to keep himself warmer. I will keep an eye on him to see if he gets a mate.  I go out four or five times a day with the dog so I am watching him.

I bought a new cheaply-priced set of alkyd paints.  I thought it would help get me started painting again.  I unpack two boxes of iron ore rocks from Lake Superior and I started working.  The alkyds were a bad thing as I noticed they were not working on the rocks. I took one over to the kitchen sink and found the work that I had done easily just washed down the sink.  I bought another box of acrylics yesterday afternoon to add to an older set and will start again.  Ally’s are best to be used on paper along with watercolor to get opaque spots on a painting.  White watercolor doesn’t work on a painting but alkyd will.  Who knows if I can do this again as I haven’t painted on rocks for many years.  I hope this will cause a rally in my life to start painting real painting again.  It isn’t just like getting back on a bicycle but once I start things could get going.

Our morning sky is not a great looking one.  I know that it will flurry, off and on all day.  It will be good to be getting closer to spring. Thanks for checking in on my post today.  Everyone take care.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I love my rock!! I am just thrilled with it, you are very talented! That is a good hobby to have! :)