Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Tuesday Report.....





 I can't seem to grow radishes. I pulled them all out of the ground and it was not very impressive to see.  I suppose I didn't get the seed in the ground soon enough. The white ones are so very hot and the red ones are not exciting to eat. They had great looking foliage.  I left the pulled crop to the back of the property for the rabbit to eat.  May he doesn't like them either.  

I had a doctor's visit today.  It took a while for the visit to start but I am doing ok as a diabetic. My new meter was hooked up to the computer and they pulled off all sorts of info that I can't see.  It is a good thing and a bad thing to have.  I don't have to prick my fingers anymore.  I just have to put the stick into my side and leave it there for ten days.  Then do it again.  Removing the glue is difficult but can be done with a special glue release liquid. It still hurts a lot to remove it.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, July 4, 2022

The 4th for Sure.....

 Celebrating the day of recognizing who we are as a country.  We are not a part of the new Liberal World Order and that whole way of thinking is going to be rejected soon.  We are a good country with good history and maybe sometimes bad history.  That doesn't mean we throw all of the good stuff away just to please those who want to do socialized experimentation  at the expense of all the good that we have in this country.  We celebrate freedom for all. 

A cowbird is almost visible with all the rain water that splashed against the northeast side of our house.  We had two hours of heavy rain that really helped us make up on our soil moisture.   I may not have to wash down that side of the house now with a garden hose and brush now.

I told you earlier that the zinnia patch will straighten up and fill in soon.  The two inches of rain really wet the roots and you can see I have seven rows of promising plants.  In another week they will be budding. 

I had two sunflower plants growing and the rabbits too out one of them.  I replanted more seeds and there are now four more younger plants next to this one. Again the rain did make everything perk up and they will root down well.  

A new daylily is now blooming.  I has lots of large buds and will bloom for a long time.  I will move this plant after it blooms as it is crowed against a rose, peony and an iris.  I will shift things out and about in the area. 

The new variegated dogwood really like our place.  The burning bush did too until the rabbits ate it down to a  stub.  I have wiring around it now and I am pleased as how it regrew.  The sunflower back there,left, is not going to regrow.   I know that rabbits like sunflower leaves as I watched one a couple of years ago suck in a leaf at a time as if it were like cotton candy.  They like burning bushes too apparently. 

We don't have any definite plans for today.  We do have Free Pie night at the local cafe.  Our night will be a noisy one as the town does let every person in town set of fireworks in their driveways or in the street.  They did illegally do it anyway but it will be a blasting of fireworks for a few hours tonight.   Thanks for stopping by today.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

July 3rd.......

 I love the shadows that the plant is making on the side of the house.  I patiently waited a couple of seasons to finally see the bloom.  Now it can multiply and spread along the house and patio.  The sun hits it perfectly. 

Regale lilies are looking good on this stem of blooms.  It seems that this is a great place to grow them as the sun goes over the house and they are in the shade in the afternoon.

The last two years of Easter lilies are also blooming.  I need to get creative to give them some support so they don't lay on the ground. 

I was too buy to water this morning but I did water this late afternoon.  The tomatoes are doing a good job of putting out fruit.  I think it is either an Early Girl or Early Boy. I needed to water the zinnias and marigolds to encourage their growth. It is hot but the moister in the soil will help out this evening as their roots soak in the moisture.  

It will be another night of fireworks going off.  We are surrounded by not city properties where they can shoot off things legally.  Tomorrow night it will be fireworks escapade as everyone on all sides of us will shooting off things.  Maybe some earphones would help us to  tolerate it all.  I hope we don't get any fires as the sparks are flying everywhere.  Have a good rest of the day and stay safe tomorrow.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Saturday's Stuff......

  Friday started off looking like this and then it rained. The rain didn't last longer that fifteen minutes. We then had a pretty pleasant day.

The buds had been developing the past week and now it starts to show its colorful blooms.  It is a larger bloom than some of the day lilies. The red is a real show stopper.

The bucket boy is reflecting the setting sun on its face.  Today I bought him some new buckets at Hobby Lobby.  His has rusted out making it a hole in a buck song.  I was surprised to see the little buckets for sale and I don't now what they would intend them for use. 

The photo of the rose bud is almost bigger than life.  The bush puts out all these multi-colored blooms. I still need to dead head them so they will rebloom.  I almost can't keep up with them. 

The hardy geranium has taken a long time to become a good flowering plant.  I have two pots of these and the one in the back of the house is doing so much better. 

We officially shut down our phone land line today.  We were having trouble with it and nobody really wanted to come fix it. The one company sneaked in and check the outside line from the house to the box at the bottom of the hill.  They sent us an email rather than knocking on the door to tell us it was ok.  They were spotted by my wife and they were in our driveway probably less than five minutes.  We then were told we would have to pay another phone company to come inside and see why the indoor line was not working. We have two cell phones and we both threw up our hands and said forget it.  We don't need it anymore.  Both of us recalled our experiences of the first phones in our lives back in the late 1950s.  Our old phone when I was a kid was a crank phone in which you turned the handle to call the operator. 

We were out and about today and are now home for the afternoon.  It is 81° already and is suppose to get hotter.  Didn't have to mow the yard as we are too dry and warm for it to really grow.  It is summer.  Thanks for checking in today.

Friday, July 1, 2022

Friday's Finds.....

 It is one of my favorites.  I bought it at the arboretum nears us at the old place.  I successfully moved it and it is a good thing. 

The big one did make a good move to the new place.  It never grew this big at the old place.  I have it planted in a couple of different places.  As I get older I think the hosta is a better solution for my gardens of the future.  Low maintenance plants are good plants and I will keep dividing them and replanting them everywhere.

The Japanese iris plantings are getting to be so big.  I really don't know what to do with them.  I just let them grow bigger.  I would use a lot of energy to dig and divide them.  I like the seed pods.

The grass keeps growing up in the cottage garden.  I do mulch each year but it is still something I have to battle.  I like to just pull it a small section a day.  I can beat it but it takes a lot of time. I see I have lavender growing in the area now too.  
Another hot day for us but I can work outside in the morning.  I have more roses to deadhead and I like to take off the spent blooms of the peonies to make them look better.  My dad always mowed off his peonies which I really never understood it.  I really like the shrub like appearance of the peonies.  Everyone have a great day.

Thursday, June 30, 2022



When I was a kid I had six or eight building blocks that were stained with a die.  They weren't this fancy. I got them as an adult as they are antique and I collect old towys.  Me having a dinosaur was not possible as they weren't even being made.  The grandsons are so fascinated with them and there are so many of the dinosaur replicas out there for sale. 

I planted some old radish seed and this is what I got for it.  I think I didn't plant them early enough in the spring.  I will let them grow for a little while longer and hopefully the rains that are coming will  help them grow. 

It really isn't such a pretty sight but just you wait.  They will do well as time goes by.  Zinnias are tough and do fill up and out quickly.  I can move some more crowded plants into some of those spaces. 

It was sure hot but I still planted some iris.  This one was being crowded out by hydrangea plant.  This place will be a better for it.  I will baby it the next few weeks to keep it from drying out and hopefully not die. 

My neighbor's garden is just one foot away from mine so I took a shot. It is a small day lily with pale colors. 

I am blogging late today and just thought I could get something up before midnight.  I did it.  Thanks for following along.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022


 The oxalis is loving its summer home out on the potting bench.  It gets a little weary inside all winter and sometimes just dies back.  The rains fall on it and the warmth seems to make it happy.

The lily is a mystery to me but I do believe it originated from my Grandmother Brooks.  I had a weepy looking stem that never bloomed at the old place but down here it did take off.  I first thought it was the Easter lily plantings but it isn't.  My grandma had it out at the back of her house and counted every bloom each summer.  I can still see it tied up with jute baling string from the hay field and it was tied to a big ole nail she had put on the wall of the house her self.   I do have Easter lily plantings and the three that I have are all short. 

The cone flowers are doing a good job of reseeding itself.  I have it coming up volunteer in my front rock garden where there is not suppose to be dirt.  It grows next to the yucca that I guess I had to  put dirt in a hole to make it grow.  I had to dig out the 8 inches of rock and pour dirt into it to get the yucca into soil. 


I cut back a lot of things this morning.   I like to cut down the asparagus foliage as it was crowding out a day lily.  I cut back on a rose that had finished blooming as it was crowding also a day lily.  I will move that day lily after it blooms at leas a foot away from where it was first planted.  I ended up making a mess with iris, day lily and rose being very small and now they are all large.  Bad planning but things were put in while in a hurry. 

In the front I cut back all the spent blooms of one of my "knock out" roses. The blooms were all spent from the heat.  I used a hedge clipper and really cut that one back.  The other two roses seem to have a few good blooms on them.  I watered everything today as we aren't going to get rain for a while.  I watered in some zinnia plants that I had moved around to make straighter and fuller rows.  My seed did grow but it was spotty.  I replanted some marigolds this morning too as they didn't all come up.  It seems to be too late but they do catch up.  

Middle of the week already,  Thanks for checking in today.