Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Middle of the Week......

 My wheel stop for the old wagon wheel is a piece of petrified wood from Wyoming.  That wagon wheel  is heavy and would roll down the hill rapidly and take out a section of fence.  I was with my parents on a rock hunting trip where we drove though sand hills of barren land with chunks of these petrified rocks laying everywhere.  Being that they are not agatized they can not be polished to a shine. I was 20 years old back then.  I guess that means 51 7ears ago.

If it were to roll down the hill it would hit this newest rose bush at the bottom of the stairs. 

If it would keep rolling down the hill it would run into this knock out rose.  It was planted there a few years ago and it didn't like the clay filled soil.  It finally took hold and it put out a few blooms all summer.  It isn't so big but maybe next year it will take hold. 

While I was out taking shots I decided to cut some of the roses inside.   I found an old pair of scissors and clip a few blooms.

The roses now sit on the antique chest of drawers showing off their shape and colors.  They actually have a little bit of a fragrance. 

The Thompson's Watersseal works well after I applied it yesterday. It was suppose to have 48 hours to really be dry but the rain clouds didn't cooperate.  I am not really worried about it. I did get all 15 steps and facing plates coated and they are shedding water now too.  I can feel a few new aches and pains today but it was nice to get the task done. The finish I put on it last year was good but it wasn't as good as this product. It darkened the color of the deck and I do like that too. 

We are having a gloomy cool day today.  I did get out and walk the estate but I wore a coat. We will be doing that more often now.  Thanks for stiopping by today.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Warmer, Sunny Day....

 An almost full moon was out last night with just a haze of clouds to shoot through.  I see the 20th is the official full mooon date.

The bluejay is always flitting around so getting a blurred photo is normal. I like the shot thought and you can get the picture of his dipping into the seed and then immediately flying away to the blue spruce tree.  Eating in the trees seems safer than opeing the seed on the feeder. 

Stuff on a shelf represents many adventures.  The fish is from Estes Park, Colorado.  The pot was handmade by me in ISU and fired in a kiln in Woodward, Iowa.  The carved olive wood sculpture is from Jerusalem, Israel. The cheap shelf is from Wayfare from who knows where. 

I don't know if I have shared this before but I will do it again anyway.  Every morning I walk out on the patio and the morning glories are putting out great color.  I like how it now reseeds itself with a care free attitude taking over the post. 

I am putting a new coat of sealer on my deck today as we are having a warm day.  I will use a roller and put it on in short time.  I decided to just roll it on and throw all the parts away when I get done.  A used roller pan can just be gone and I won't have to worry about clean up.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Monday's Here.....


It is time to bring in the stuff.  The weather isn't threatening but I tend to bring things in with winter coat and gloves.  I am not doing that his year. 


 Because we were in a drought all summer the hardy geraniums really did not increase in size.  I dug these four up and they were just in original root formation with no out shoots of roots.  The ground was so dry.  I put them in new topsoil and hosed them down with  lots of water. I can keep it on the patio for a while and bring it in over night if I have to.

Yes it is an antique if I made it 53 years ago.  It is ready for a shade.  I have been shopping on the net and probably can get one at Wally Mart if I ever get there.  Cedar wood all polished and ready for the shade. There were so many tops and sides on this that I tried to count them all and then I just got tired. Many faces to wax and polish but it was worth it. 



I was inspired to dig the hardy geraniums because I was out planting a small knock out rose in the front garden.  I went to buy lamp bulbs and found them on half price.  I just bought one even though I was tempted to fill the cart but didn't think I had the energy or space to plant them. The kind of rose is called a petite form of the rose.

The bluejay comes to the feeder, grabs a seed, and flies off to the blue spruce. It is hard to get him in focus when you darts around like a crazy bird.  I am glad he comes at least once a day to visit. 

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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunset and Leaves.....

 Up the street is the sun setting behind the row of houses. Suburbian sunset is all I ever get around here.

At my old place I had lots of trees.  The city came in a systematically removed them along the east side of my house.  My neighbor across the street took this photo about three years of the leaf pile from the silver maples that are now gone.  

I am late in blogging so I will just shut this down now.  Thanks for checking in today.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sat. Stuff.....

 It has always been mysterious to me to see the moon in the daytime.  The photos of it are so great though as it has the nice sky blue background.

Our colder temperatures are going to start to take out most of the flowers.  The asters are spent already and the sedum doesn't have such bright colors anymore.

The feeder is busy as the birds need seeds to eat to help them warm up better.  We are really cold this morning so the feeder is very crowded. 

We ventured out to eat breakfast at the Original Pancake Place.  It is fun to see people coming in half awake ready for coffee to help them waken.  We will not warm up to above 70 degrees F.  I won't be working in the garden anyway but I have brought in a lot of my potted flowers that were sitting on the patio.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday's Finds.....

 They are looking good but will look better as time goes on. I trimmed them back in July but the drought was not helpful to keep them growing with that trimming. They are way behind my neighbor's. 

The knock out rose is putting out its last blooms for the season.  Things look a whole lot greener with our last two rains.  We did get a short rain this morning. 

The morning looked like this after our rain. We are windy and cold today.  I started carrying in some of my potted plants from the patio as we have frost warnings west of us.  I will work at getting everything in by Saturday afternoon. 


It was a little cloudy but my camera shot through them. I took a few informally balanced shot in a short period of time. 

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday"s Things......

 A house finch pair are enjoying my new supply of seed. The sparrows are just excited about it all but the pair came and picked away for a long time.

Sparrows are always around somewhere to keep things busy at the feeder.  The morning sun is bright and they are keeping warm in the sun. 

It is a good problem to have tall grass this time of the year.  It needs to be mowed but my guy isn't in sight.  I am glad we are not going dormant yet. 

The roses are still blooming. They have enough moisture right now to keep them going.  This guy sits next to my neighbor's red rose, a large plant, that is covered with red blooms. 

I shared this photo on my other blog today.  I was lucky to get this shot as I was having problems using my own camera.  One great shot is better than dozens of informal shots. 

Went to Ace today and found only half of what I wanted to buy.  I needed light bulbs for under our counter and they did not have them.  I see I can go to Home Depot or Target to find them when I searched them on the internet.  That will mean another trip.  I worked on my lamp again today and I have it all together with the electrical now working.  All I need is a lamp shade to complete the oldie but goodie.  Thanks for stopping by today.