Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, May 14, 2021

Final lDay of the Week......


It is the last showing of the sun for a while. It is going to be covered by a front that might give some rain.


My blog friends tell me it is a geranium. I didn't plant it there but it does a good job of crowding out my front step.  I have to cut it back every once in a while. 

I had dug it out of my tomato area as there were just too many of them growing there. It lay on the counter for a few days and it just keep growing.  So I saved it in a pot that is too good for it.  I can take it up to the deck so I can get chives for our baked potato without having to descend the 14 steps down to get it and back up again. 

It is sprinkling now and it may actually rain. I have seen the radar and it looks promising. It is cool today. I bought more mulch this morning and a new hummingbird feeder. All the clerks at the Ace Hardware were not wearing masks this morning.  I had my mask in my shirt pocket. Others in the store were still wearing their cloth masks. They were young enough that they probably didn't have their shots yet. 

Thanks for stopping by today. 

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday's Things.....


 The second iris to bloom is this white one. It has lots of buds on it. It is growing into the neighbors rocky side of the garden so I will move some of it after it blooms. 

The mulch that I put down has really made an improvement of this cottage garden. I need to add another bag of mulch on it but I am getting the job done. 

I was getting ready to plant the onions this morning but I was interrupted. The mower person came to mow the yard. I was treated like a garden expert as the person mowing stopped and ask  how to plant tomatoes in bucket. He didn't know if it would work but I said it was not a bad idea. I felt like the Jerry Cluver on television giving out all t hose planting tips.  I did go out after he finished the mowing and trimming.  The oniion sets are in the ground.  I hope to get a rain on them tomorrow. 

I don't understand the genetics of this flower but it is puzzling me. I have three different colors of plants from the one that I planted last year. I am thinking that I planted the yellow on last year and now I have all these volunteers everywhere.

Eventually these Jack in the Pulpit will be a different color from the leaves. They are still not quite as tall as they will be. 

We had a great time yesterday eating out at Panera Bread yesterday. It wa during the time between two appointments. We had taxes to file and pay and that time was at 12:00 so we were hungry the hour later when we were finished. That was our first time going in and setting down in a food place. It wasn't busy but it was better that way. My other appointment was with my primary doctor.  Since the beginning I have added two other doctors to my following as well as a surgeon in the middle of it all. My primary doctor just needed to touch base with me so he could legally keep doing my meds. He took vitals and drew a lot of blood and said he would see me in November. He is a nice guy younger than my tow boys. I am better than when I started being sick back in July of last year.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Week's Middle Day....

 Dramatic sunset but there was no rain involved. My sun sets all along the range of houses throughout the summer. The only time I do see it the best is when it is lined up with the street where there is a break in the houses. 

It was time to incorporate my old milk can with my landscape. The can came from Coin, Iowa,  given to me by a teach friend back in 1975. It has Robert's Dairy marked on the can.  I think I had the can around for years until I finally opened a few years ago and it had pine cones inside. 

I looked it up and it is called globemaster allium. It is a good spot of color to last for awhile until the day lily starts to bloom. My favorite host is being overcome by all that foliage of the day lily.

I don't remember when I bought this hosta.  It was years ago. I think it could be sum and substance. It never grew this large until I got it out into moderate sunshine. I think too the good soil that I added to make it more healthy. I moved it from the old place and it never got this large up there. I planted a new clematis in this area yesterday at the one trellis. This morning I planted a canna in the front circle flower bed.  We bought a few hardy geraniums for the front yard gardens. The big, burly, bearded man that waited on us like our choice of the white and pink flowers on the geraniums. 

We will wait a few days to plant them as frost threats have been north of us and now to the east of us.  My tomatoes are hanging in there but I think they would do better in warm soil.

I have two different appointments today and we are eating in at the Panera Bread between the two.  It will be nice to get them over with and to be back home soon.

Thanks for checking in today.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

First Iris Bloom......

 The first iris bloom is fully open today. It has more buds to fill in the place of this one. It is actually is not pin but my filters did really want to turn it into pink. Coral is closer to being the color. This is a rescued iris from the old place. 

I put down three more bags of mulch today. It will help with the grass and weeds. Everything is looking better here with the inch of rain that we received a few days ago. 

Last night sunset reminded me of a storm but it wasn't. We could us another rain. Maybe next Saturday they are forecasting.

I was out last evening o get this shot. It is a volunteer  flower that must been spread by the birds. The main plant is twenty feet away from here. 

While I was taking the last photo and my friendly rabbit was sitting in the tall grass. It is my friendly friend who has avoided the great hunter that lives next door. 

Bought some plants today and will be planting some of them tomorrow and the rest will have to wait for warmer weather.  I have two appointments to visit but I can get some things done in the morning.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Morning of Monday.....

 I looked stormy yesterday afternoon but it really wasn't. Lighting is always making things seem differently than it really is.

The day actually looked like this when you turned to the opposite direction. It was cold but the winds had died down some. I was on the deck grilling steak. 

One never quit knows what you are buying when you rapidly pick up flowers in the grocery store flower shop.  There were two different bunches of pink small roses.  The buds looked a little peaked.  I brought them home and immediately trimmed off the ends of the stems and put them in water. A few hours later they were opening and the next day they looked like this.  They were sold as six stems and multiple blooms per stem. 

My wife was pleased with them as pink is her favorite color even though red is her favorite color of rose.

I was out working at the southeast end of the house this morning trimming out unwanted volunteer shrub-like plants.  I don't know what they are but they seem to be trees spread by the birds.  I used the Swede saw and cut them off and applied weed killer onto the stumps.  The vine honeysuckle grows at that end of the house and I was surprised to see it in bloom. The rain of one inch may make it look a lot better. 

It seems to be a busy day.  I plan on planting glads today unless the computer tells me it is too early. I will wait for it to warm up more though as we are cold.   Thank you for checking in today.  

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sunny Sunday...after the Rain.

 It is still too cold for the blooms to all be open. The plants are very healthy and last night's rain might just make things be better. 

I dug up the rhubarb plant on the right and gave it away. You can see I didn't get all of the roots removed as it is growing back. I need to remove some of the leaves on the right plant as I think there are lilies under there trying to poke through. I plant my old Easter lilies in the bed and they do grow and bloom the next year. 

One of my new iris plants is trying to put out a bloom but I think it will fail. The plants come from Oregon and the warmer weather that we had did encourage some growth. 

The new, old trellis is going to have clematis vine spreading all over it.  I was surprised from the photo that it has grown up above the original metal trellis. I have mulch to spread around it yet and last nights rain should help it to grow more.

A panting of a Rembrandt tulip is on display now as it is the tulip season. I took it off the wall and brought it upstairs to enjoy. All but two white tulips is all that I have left out in the garden. Too windy, too cold, too hot, and now the rain probably cleared them all away. 

Thank you for stopping by today.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Sunless Saturday.....

 It is a rainy looking sky. I could hear it raining while I started blogging but the deck is not wet. I am not hopeful to the forecast. We are really dry and in need of a good rain.

I was sloppy last fall and accidentally mowed over part of this. This spring I have been carrying water to it to bring it back. It is a spirea kind of plant but I don't remember its true identity. It is only a year old so it will grow bigger. 

The red twig dogwoods are blooming. They will have berries eventually which the birds do love to eat in the fall. I have to keep the bushes trimmed back so the mowing person doesn't get hit in the face. 

I was out in the cold getting photos this morning. I found this white iris with all of its buds perking up and getting ready to bloom. This is a large iris bloom and I am anxious to see it.  I have a couple of other varieties that have also budded but I think the white one blooms first. 

When I plant at different times of the year I do get into trouble. These two are way to close to each other. I will move the hosta later on as it isn't hard on the plants to dig them at any tie of the year. 

The space between the daylily and iris isn't great either. I was sick at the time I stuck in the iris and I bet the daylily wasn't even poking through yet. I may just leave them and see h ow the cohabit. 

I like this idea of planting hostas in the corners of the rose box. I have another box on the opposite side of the stairs and I did plant three more in that one yesterday. The rose is a climber and I had to cut back some dead canes from it. It certainly looks healthy and I am anxious to see its yellow blooms in a month or so. 

This will probably be the last of a few days for the two blooms. The rain will help to take them down. I now have to wait a year to see them bloom with much more gusto as the plant settles in its new location.  Thanks for stopping by today. I wish you all well where ever you are in the world.