Monday, May 20, 2024


It’s not the best time to dig iris but when you have brokered an iris rhizome trade with a nursing home worker friend then you just do it. So at 9:00 at night I am digging in the garden right before a rainstorm.

This is the one iris that the trader wanted from me. I can not find its name but I called it carnival.

Champagne is the name of this iris variety. I found it on the company site hoping to find the name of the company that I bought it from.

This large lab came to visit the grandma of the family. He is very friendly and appears to be easy going. When the owner said the words “bye, bye “ he tore out at the direction of the door like a bulldozer. Tables and chairs were cleared out of his way instantly. He looks like he gets plenty to eat.

Sunday, May 19, 2024

More Buds and Blooms…

This was a real surprise for me this morning. I had seen photos on Facebook posts of my friends but I didn’t think mine was that far along.

My iris from Uncle Leo is well established in the good soil I provided. It has so many buds and this is the first time blooming for me.

The hybrid iris is a beauty. It seems to be a strong plant and is multiplying.

I moved iris away from the peony bushes but I missed this one. It was a surprise to see it out there with many blooms. It has such a pure blue color. The soil is so clay filled and is always wet from the neighbors eave spout draining down the hill towards the area.

 The old fashioned iris from the cemetery has subtle colors and it is a hardy plant.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Saturday Sharing….

The rains have been great for the rivers and lakes that are now full but they were good for my iris.

I don’t have time to clear the spent blooms. I don’t like taking the photo that way but I was in a hurry to get to the health care center this morning.

A hybrid blue that I have had a couple of years. I moved it out from peony bushes that were crowding it.

A cemetery iris that grows in older cemeteries. My parents are buried in a cemetery where thy are clearing a lot of the iris and peonies. If they grow between the stones they leave them alone. I have a fernleafed peony growing between my parent’s stone and brother’s stone.

. I have a 

This is a cemetery iris that grows in abundance in the Murray Cemetery. They are a small iris compared to the medium or large hybrids.

 It is a happy and sad day to see this iris finally bloom. My Uncle Leo has been gone many years now. This iris was one of his favorites. He and my Aunt Doris, my dad’s sister, lived in Oregon their later years when he developed MD. When his became so bad, he and Aunt Doris moved to Chicago to live with their daughter. He brought rhizomes of this iris with him to Chicago. I’m glad that I was able to get a rhizome of it from his and my Aunt Doris’s grave as his daughter planted it there. It grows in abundance covering a large part of the cemetery which is near my parents’ graves.

Friday, May 17, 2024

More Blooms….

We are headed to the downtown Des Moines clinic for testing at 12:00 noon. It makes it a long day for my wife as she didn’t get to eat breakfast. 

I moved a  bunch of iris rhizomes to a blank space under the stairs .  It is nice to see them doing well there. Oh. weeds everywhere and one stray white in the bunch.

 A new bloom popped open overnight. It is a beautiful. I don’t know how I got that cemetery iris planted so close but there it is. I moved a lot iris out of an area where the soil was wet and there was clay filled soil. I guess I just find a blank spot and stick it there.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Iris Season….

All of them are my favorites but this one really is impressive. I don’t remember it’s name but one company I believe called it “Mother Earth”.

I bought this iris from an Oregon company and it has proven to be a great plant. It has large blooms.

I move this pink one from the old place. It has always been a good bloomer. 

 So many blooms are happening now. It is nice that some varieties are later. By the time they are done the peonies will start blooming.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Middle of the Week…

This white puts out so many blooms and they last for so very long.

The iris was new two seasons ago but really has become established in this spot.

These seem to be planted too close together. I guess I must of planted the middle one in a then  blank space which really wasn’t that good of an idea.

I am not around to see any baby robins this year. Maybe in three more weeks we will be home.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024