Sunday, December 10, 2023

A Quiet Day....



Our oldest son, Andy, has a brithday today. I remember it because it was 1975. The year was before our country's centennial.  Thanks for checking in today.

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Some Stuff for Saturday.....

 The nutcrackers line up by tallest to shortest. The guard the stairway to the basement. 

The blond soldier also guards the stairs. His mustache makes him look elderly but the hair makes him seem younger. I like all the clothing with its fringed shoulders. 

I dug out an old fake tree that would fit in my smaller bedroom space.  I placed my leftover glass blowns on it.  I didn't get to use my bubble lights this year.  They will just stay in the box this year. 

It was colder today and we had a light snow for about an hour.  It didn't stick on most things but my grill cover was coated with snow. I went to the pharmacy and grocery store this afternoon and the windchill was harsh. I was glad to drive back into my garage when I returned and I shut the door before I unloaded the groceries. I wasn't dressed warm enought.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, December 8, 2023

Friday....No Title.


 The big tree is up and the lights are now in place. The ornaments will go on in the next few days.  The decorating is winding down even though we have a Christmas village yet to be assemble. My back is telling me I need to take a few days off and I will do so. We actually have things up faster than we did last year. Down in the back is an old fashioned description that I am familiar with and I have it.

We have had a warm day again today. We were above freezing this morning and it did get up to 52°F.  

I have a new computer and I am not understanding why I can't always comment on peoples blogs. It may not be my fault but I will be working on it. It I am not commenting I still want to.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Sunshine and Warmth.....


The morning sky on Thursday is a subtle one. The day is to be warm as the breezes are coming f rom the southwest.

 This crescent moon was out at the same time this morning. The camera picks up a dark background even though the real color is light blue.



My Thanksgiving cactus puts out one last bloom as the rest are all gone. It is time to cut back on the water and maybe I could get another bloom time from it in a month.

My other cactus is in the same exact stage with one last bloom showing.  It is an older one than the pink one.  I should repot them both to get them to grow in size. 

I had to jolt my memory to figure out this is Odie.  He is the friendly dog of Garfield the cartoon character. Garfield always treats him badly as he is depicted as a dumb young puppy that lust hangs around and pants with his tongue hanging out. 

We are going to have a warm day today. We will beat a record from the 1800s but that means we might hit 60° F. We will welcome the warmer weather as it has been so chilly recently. The sun is even shining today.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Middle of the Week......

 The evening view from my supermarket parking lot. It is a suburban landscape in the foregorund as the sun sets in the west. The sun is seen just below the gas station's roof. I was on a late day grocery run for milk and eggs. We live only a mile from this major supermarket and pharmacy so I just make the run without hesitation. 

Among the various decorations in boxes my wife pulled out Snoopy and placed him on the mantle. The  bellringer always gives me a smile. 


The two Christmas geese also have a special place for display. They are sculptural art and will always be Christmas ornaments until the ribbons wear out or fall off. 

We have warmed up to 50°F today. It is windy so it makes it seem colder.  I didn't work outside though but I may tomorrow as we are to be warmer.  I will take any warm day that we can get. I did go back and proof read my one blog that I wrote at midnight.  It was full of spelling errors and I do correct things if I spot them.  Thanks for forgiving my mistakes. I did like my spelling of axroos. I had to figure that one out. Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023


 The yellow canna lily continues to put out more blooms. It is a different variety than one usually buys as those flowers usually are smaller on a stalk.

The foliage isn't so impressive on this one but if it were to become more mature it might be fuller. 

One section of the wreath from Maine has a variety of things attached to its live greens. I like to salvage the starfish afterwards but they are coated with hot glue on the back.  Sometimes I can get that off and other tines it just is too chunky on the back to save it. 

The Jim Shore angels are now out on display. It is just an informal quick shot that I took here so it doesn't begin to show the wonderful detail in these carved wood replicas. 

I have been suggesting that I start to bring up the parts of the big tree.  We don't have the angel tree done yet so I will just wait until that one is done.  I think I am foregoing putting up one last tree. It goes in the spare bedroom and I think my desk in there has ruined the possibility of fittig it in there. It can just stay int the box and the ornaments too. 

Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, December 4, 2023

Monday Eve......

 The angel figures are appearing everywhere as we unload our decorations. I ran across another bin of them this night that will need to be unloaded. 

The figures of the manger scene are also being displayed now the third one came up today. We have four different ones that are put out for viewing.  This one is the oldest of the ones we have and the camels were added as they are of bisque ware and have the same texture as the other three. 

We collected different animals that are of no certain sets or kinds. I like buying the ones that have the good personalities or characteristics. 

The donkey is a cast ceramic piece that I made when I was teaching ceramic casting. He is a shiny thing with his pale coloring. 

It is almost eleven o'clock in the evening and I am going to beat the deadline of getting a post up for Monday. Things seem so busy right now and I have had a sluggish day. It was so very cold outside this afternoon when I went out to retrieve the garbage bin. I think our wind chills were really cold. I am now going to start wearing my real winter coat as I don't like being cold.  Thanks for stopping by today.