Monday, November 30, 2020


 The silver maple down the street picked up a warm glow as the sun was starting to sit. The clouds were also getting some of the same color.

A different shot of my blue spruce tree. The sun light does make it glow. It is sunny again today but we are not above freezing this afternoon. 

We have a repairman coming this afternoon to work on the door of the sun room.  It sags and will not latch or lock anymore.  I am sure that the sun room did settle a little but somehow they said they could fix it. It was a problem when we had strong winds that blew it open. I had to lean in a chair under the knob to keep it closed. 

The day is sunny but cold and the birds are wanting to eat from the feeders. I am still only getting sparrows these days.  I thank you for stopping by today.

Sunday, November 29, 2020



 Our house is only 17 years old but the sounds at night let you thing it is expanding and contracting from new wood. I can hear sounds from the poorly design heat system as the metal linings shift around in the heat and cold exchanges. There always seems to be bumps in the night as something decides to fall over on the tool bench or a broom succumbs to gravity.  I was downstairs yesterday and found this guy toppled over. I don't know if he fell from the dresser or table but he did take a tumble.  

I am not certain why he is down but I think the bigger nutcracker looks suspicious. Today we have strong winds and things on the downstairs patio are  making noises as they are being shoved around.

The birds have been busy and they have cleaned out my feeders. It is a vert windy day but maybe this afternoon I will venture out to fill them. I am going to add a trap on the deck for those birds that don't like the tray feeder. 

Thanks for stopping by today. I wish you all a great Sunday.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday's Report....

 There was pink color in the sky late afternoon yesterday.  I wen to take a photo of it and to my surprise the moon was already up there. It is almost full but not quite there yet. 

The older silver maple always gives me an interesting shot .  The pink is in the east so I can imagine the west was really impressive. 

It is not quite full. I have to take the shot again as it will be fuller ton it is right off of my deck, easy to see. 

While taking a few shots in the morning I had to take a shot of last winter's project.  I admire my own work sometimes because I remember how dank and dirty it was laying among rubble in the old barn.  I will have the chest of drawers to work on this winter.

I have lost too much weight. I was dropping weight with the diabetes diet but the surgery took my weight down below where I was as a high school kid. I can eat protein with out bothering my blood counts so I snack on cottage cheese and string cheeses. Grapes do give me a sweet treat. I am stronger but I really need to rebuild my muscles all over. 

We are going to put up one Christmas tree today. We may do it in stages along the way but maybe by evening we will have it up. Thanks for stropping by today.

Friday, November 27, 2020


 I saw a bird drinking from the bird bath this morning. When I walked out there I could see that the ice was covering the whole thing.  The edges had just enough water that the bird could drink. I did not have anything with me to break up the ice and when I picked up the rock it was all frozen together. 

A closer look of the  blue spruce shows the color better. The sun was shining on it which enhanced its colors. 

Being a diabetic is difficult when you have to quit eating most things. I want to keep living so I am being good. The closest thing to pumpkin pie for me this year was a half of pumpkin muffin.  It full of white flour and sugar so I should have not eaten any of it. I should have only eaten a fourth of it but I didn't.  My counts were not so bad and I will be better behaved from here on.  

I thank your for stopping by today.

Thursday, November 26, 2020


 Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

 The zinnias that I brought in as as a bouquet have all dried up and looke weathered. I am hoping that I can get seed from them.

They did look like this a week or so ago. I have collected seed but it is worth a try to get some more.

We were not going out there for a while so they did die a natural death. The got to have the cold temperatures at night to age them.

The ones that I brought in earlier are probably ready for me to put into jars. I see I have saved some marigold buds and some loose onions. 

Every day is one more healing day for me. The shooting of insulin each day is easier and I do feel better. I had a walk to the mail box this morning and I did refill one of the bird feeders. I am not getting any birds today. I don't understand that. We are having a rainy day with cold.  Thanks for checking in today.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tuesday's Things...

 Our last snow fall happened in the night weeks ago but this one came all afternoon on Monday.  I didn't get to take a walk yesterday as it was storming. 

My indoor plants are my garden during the winter months.  They seem to respond to the winter light and grow well. They like the warm temps of the house and I do water them better when the outside work is done. My African violets are all blooming because they love neglect. I haven't kept up with most of the plants but can now move around some.

The sedum outside has not quite killed out from the cold but it will be dead soon above ground. The peonies in that area are totally gone now with just stems on the ground. 


The hospital bouquet looks great in the sun out in the sun room. I just keep taking pictures of the lilies as they are so showy. 

It is Tuesday and the day started off good. I am glad you stopped in today. Thanks...

Monday, November 23, 2020

Monday Morning....

 I took a short walk out into the backyard yesterday afternoon. My wife went with me to see that I could do it.  The flowers are all gone. Spring seems far away now. The flag iris leaves a nice foliage that will look good int the snow. 

I at first had a tough time identifying this but it is my new day lily. It has not died back completely yet. It was a good bloomer so it will do well again when we warm up.

The rhubarb is gone and the hostas are too. It seems to be my wall of the house that has a western theme. I think they were carriage wagon wheels.


The maple tree was full of birds while I was taking my walk. I have leaves to rake or mow up with my mower in the spring. Better is the word for today. I am getting use to shooting myself with insulin and taking my blood readings three times a day. I appreciate your stopping by today.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Birdseed for All.......


A male house finch is enjoying deed on the tray. He preferrs the tray to the hanging feeder. I have the only one pair of these so far.

The female house finch is liking the sunflower seeds. My wife bought a full sack of sunflower seeds for me t day hoping I can draw in bigger red birds.

We are having a cool day today but it is full sunshine outthere. Thanks for stopping by today. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Turning Around.....

Daytime clouds are subtle and yet are beautiful. It was gray like this all day yesterday.  I took the shot yesterday while walking with my wife to the mailbox. 


 The fluffy clouds were actually being moved along with a breeze up in the sky. I think there was a sun behind all of this. 

I will keep blogging but I will have to stay tough on the task. The eyes are blurred from the changing  levels of blood sugar and I was told that it would improve and I will see more clearly. I am not sure the photos are focused and typing is almost impossible for me. I don't want to stop blogging. . I am checking in on your blogs as I can see your photos.

I am turning the corner in getting better from my surgery and life looks better. I thanks you for stopping by today


Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday's Fine.....

I started to take out the dead parts of my bouquet. I didn't get a good photo of the whole thing but I was not feeling well enough to even use my my cell phone. 

The garden angel needs to come in soon. He is setting among a lard pile of leaves as the mapple tree drop[ed them and the wind blew them all into his corner of the yard. 

It is slow healing for me but I am better. The whole surgery mixed with new diabetes treatment procedures has mad it seem to be a far away resolve. Thanks for stopping by today.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Small Sunshine.....

 I did not grow a single sunflower this summer. Maybe next year. This one is from a bouquet that I received while in the hospital. It had four of these placed all around the whole bunch.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 I am home. I was in the hospital a while having my gall bladder removed. I am not well but I see better on the horizon. Thanks

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Last of It.......

 It looked like this a week ago. Now they are all gone. I have been gone because of a food poisoning that is not just a one night flu.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tuesday Things......


Sunday evening we had a wonderful sunset. It is a suburb shot and a cloud bank at the bottom kept the sun from showing.  It just glowed behind the lower cloud bank.


 Two possible factor caused the most of the burning bush to have dried up leaves.  The drought could have caused two thirds of it to have dried up leaves and the hurricane winds could of damaged the stems of this mature shrub. I can't do anything to bring it back so we will see in the spring the out come. I hate to think I might have to cut it down.

There are many  burning bushes in the neighborhood and they do not looked effected. The snow and cold actually caused all our fall leaves to turn gray.



We bought groceries today. I mowed a small part of my yard in the back today. I also dumped on last bag of much in my garden area.  I thought it was so nice ad warm and I didn't need that mulch to stay in the bag all winter. 

I thank your for stopping by today.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Kooky Spooks....

 Our son sent us some seasonal photos of our grand kids. Teddy actually sang us three different songs along with dance moves. He loves to sing and that was not the first time we had songs shared with us.


Ella was too young to understand any of it but she did join in when the boys paraded around in the house. Big brother A.J. is growing big as he sits at the table and looks in at his sister. He really loves his sister and plays with her a lot of times.

 A.J. is a trooper and is very willing to act the part.  He also liked to get into the background of Teddy's movies by prancing around being silly. 

The sedum looks like fall in its red brown colors. I have scattered leaves from all the neighbor's trees.  My front trees will drop their leaves all at once and I will have a truck load of leaves. I am off to have two more tests at the clinic today and on Wednesday I have an education meeting with my diabetic nurse specialists. I have dropped my blood sugar levels drastically already.  Thanks for stopping by this Monday.