Saturday, October 31, 2020



I dleared this a couple of days ago. Actually I did a little each day until it was all gone. My neigbor puts his mower on the plot and I might do the same thing to chop it all up finely. I don't know if I have the energy to dig this up but maybe one row a day I can get it done. 

The garden refuse is sitting here waiting for mme to bag it.  It will be warm enough that I can do it today.  I baged all of the stuff from the zinnia patch yesterday but did not get done. 

If you were getting weary of seeing the zinnia patch you can now see that it is gone. I have to get the rest of the tomato plants out of there. This is my newer short raised  bed and I will add more bags of dirt to it probably in the sprint. Eventually the soil soil will be level with the top board. 

 I did figure out how to get this put together.  They said I would need a rubber mallet. I took my hammer instead and pounded on the ends of the vertical slats to get them to slide through the horizontal bars. I used the hammer turned to the flat side to hit with a lot of force to pop through each slot.

It is made from vinyl and appears to be strong. I will wait a few months to think about ordering a second one.  I have to have some time to forget about the assembly troubles. The birds shed featers and you can see the feathers on the carpet.  I am going to place this trellis next to the William Baffin rose that I had to move because of the neighbor's fence construction. 

We didn't do trick or treat last night. The whole neighbor hood did not do it this year. I did see one neighbor through the rows of houses has a big bonfire in his dive way and threw a part for the kids.  Last year at this time we were flying to Israel and were not home.   Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Friday Folly....

 Suburbia sunset on a cold evening still is striking. I had to stand in the street to get this shot. I was glad I could get something like this for the day. 

The second full moon is our back of my house this time.  It was up there early in the evening.  I saw clouds in front of it and was glad to capture it as it probably was going to go under clouds soon.

A closer view of it turns it yellow and is yellow.  The clouds keep me from getting a good focus but it does look like Halloween. 

Proof of the full sun this morning is shown with this table on the sunroom table. The flowers missed out on the hard freeze. 

We spent most of day yesterday doing paper work to finish up the plans to get Della's friend into a nursing home. We had three different locations to visit so Della could sigh paper work to get it all to happen. My wife was at the hospital signing things for Shari's release from the hospital and the woman who had Della sign papers took her up to see her friend. What a surprise for both of them as we had not seen her for three months.  She was transported to the nursing home this morning. 

I had to make a quick run to have my blood drawn this afternoon as they wanted to recheck things. I hope I pass the test. Thanks for sopping by today.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Cold and Melting Snow.....

 It has warmed up a bit but you can see the snow on the backside of the house has not melted. The sun doesn't hit the deck all day. 

It looks like a spring day but the snow on the ground proves that to be wrong. The flowers are dead now so the first warmer day means I can go out and start clearing it off the ground. 


I ordered a trellis and it came in a box. I knew it would probably be in slats but it still is a shock when the bring it to the door. I mustered up some energy to start to assemble it two days ago.

I started on it but lost the energy to finish it. The vertical slats have to slid from top to bottom and it became more difficult as they go through the horizontal rails. 


I am adjusting to a lot of medications and my body feels worse than when I was eating cookies and other sweets. I am assuming that I will level off and feel normal again. I will be better.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Snow Day....

 Back to winter again. The snow came late evening and it was not a lot. I didn't have to scoop the whole side walk but I did clear a spot under the trees. I could see a person with their dog had already walked through the area. I am having a weary day today so I will be taking it easy. I guess that when you are retired you can declare a sick day whenever you want. My neighbor's drive way does look like it has ice on it.

Sunday, October 25, 2020


 It was time to restock the feeders.  It is a really cold day and we are awaiting snow fall soon.I had to dressed with winter coat to do the job. 

These guys sre tougher thsn freezing temperatures. I am going to have to cut them down as is because it is time to clear the bed. Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, October 24, 2020


 My neighbors tree is looking good. The next two neighbors over also have maple trees.  My cirimsom king maple isn't that pretty. 

We have been getting rain off and on for three days or more so this sky is very welcomed. The jets vapor trail adds to the composition. 

I actually felt good enough to do some work yesterday afternoon.  I was outside and it was very cold and windy. I needed to get the glads out of the ground before it freezes. The soil has been so hard and dry because of our drought  but all that rain made the soil work better for me.  I spaded them up and out and into two buckets and then I have brought my work inside. I can trim and store these another day. 

I had planted these late and they still did well. They were in good bags of soil dirt and all of them increased in size. I guess they are called bulbs.  I can nowget them ready for storage inside where it is nice and warm.

The bucket of bulbs are not wood working material but it will be great to stand at  the wood bench and trim the greens off of them. I really liked all the blooms this summer and it is all worth the effort. 

Our son took a picture of the boys at the zoo recently in the Chicago area. I don't know where the zoo is or which one.  

Ella liked the structure in which she can explore. She has sure change the last few months and here being able to walk has made here a happy girl.

It is Saturday and it is cold again today. At this point of time we are not seeing warms ups in our weather for a very long stretch. I thank you for stopping by today.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Fridgid Air......


 My view up the way shows the colore of two smaller trees.  The brightest on is the newest one. It is a nice addition to the whole backyard neighbor hood.

My addition to the neighborhood view is this redbud tree. It does turn color in the fall and the leaves are already dropping. The bush survived me mowing it off for some crazy reason last year. It is a spirea. 

I was out to take this picture this morning and it was cold.  I saw that I have to return this afternoon and dig my glads. I will have to wear stocking hat and winter coat. We will have a good freeze this evening of 26 degrees F.  I will do a rush job and bring them in and take them out on a warmer day to clean them off. 

I did get my hardy geraniums back into soil.  Two of them have buds on them them from being outside.  It will be neat to see them bloom during a snowstorm. 

I have new photos of the gran dkids on the side of my two blogs. They have grown up so fast. Thanks fro stopping by today.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Duo Feeding.....

 I enjoy the sparrows and I am glad they are liking my feeding them. They do make a mess with seed flying everywhere. Fortunately we a a few hard downpour rains through the night and the deck is all cleared.  I did see a female cardinal a couple of days ago but she didn't like all the hustle bustle of the sparrows.

My zinnias are all spread down on the ground. I will wait awhile to see how fast they will die back. I then will cut them off and send them away. 

We spent the afternoon yesterday getting final instructions on my future life. I am now wearing a device plugged into my arm to help them to analysis my progress. The nurse is specialize in the field so I can call for info from her. The meds that I am taking right now don't make me feel good but it will get better. The doctor has rescued me from this diabetics.  I won['t write much more about this now but I am on a new journey for the last years of my life. The food thing will become natural as time goes on.  The doctor was telling me in front of the diabetic nurse that I could eat a Hershey candy bar instead of eating a meal but it would not be good food.  I would be safe but It would just want to do that every day.  

We are having a very dull day with rain in the morning and no sun in sight.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Wed. ....


 I dug my hardy geraniums yesterday and I planted them all back into fresh soil in a long rectangular pot. I like to watch them bloom in the wintertime. I had med visits for half the day today and I am doing ok.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020



 Yesterday we had nine inches or more of snow; The top of the bird feeder shows the depth. Today we are meltingl

Our neighbors to the southeast had solar panels installed about two weeks ago. They did not have their solar working yesterday but today most of the snow is gone. 

The neighbor to the northeast has a pool that looks a little cold. They are expecting a new baby at that household. The pretend pond seems strange as we can watch the effects of the weather on the water. 

The junco birds are back.  They showed up at the feeder yesterday during our second snow event. I always am glad to see them. We did not have them here about ten years ago. I believe the go as far as Canada in the summer.

We both went to the grocery store today as yesterday it was to slick to be out. Lots of shopping for foods that I can eat.  I was thinking for awhile that all I could eat was the cardboard that the food comes in. We found some good things to start our new adventure with diabetes. All of this diet change is a shock to my system and to my bad habits. I am slowly tossing out good stuff that I can't eat anymore. I have the best wife in the world helping out to get things figured out.

Thanks for stopping by today. 

Monday, October 19, 2020

More White....

 The   photo tells its own story. We get to see this one happening with heavy snow coming down today.

I had to bring in the agapanthus plants this morning. The snow drifts came in with them. I know they didn't get harmed at this point. I am hoping the geranium plants will still be ok as I didn't get them dug yesterday.  

We needed to go to the grocery store this morning but I guess we will wait until tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by today.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Snow on Sunday......

 I brought in flowers yesterday afternoon. I had few zinnias that were still looking good and I brought in some roses. My pot with zinnias has a poor color of glaze on it but it is a good shape.

Snow covered the ground and it should help to shut down the flowers. I didn't get my hardy geraniums dug but I bet they are still good. I can dig them on Monday.

 My wife's milk glass vase is holding the three roses that I clipped yesterday. I have on more cluster of buds on the rose and it might just bloom if it warms up some more. All three of them are at different stages of maturity.

We are having to run the heater in the sun room for parts of the day. It gets pretty cold when we have snow on the ground. I sometimes forget to bring in the flowers from out there but it hasn't gotten that cold yet. 

My recent diagnosis from the doctor is one of me now having diabetes. I have been feeling bad for the year and my stamina was low. I understand why I could not work for long periods of time. It all makes sense and I know I can deal with this. Sugar is my addiction but that now changes. We will shop tomorrow to see some of the things that is suggested for that kind of required diet. I have a few more visits to the doctor until my body adjusts to the meds. 

It has been a quiet Sunday around here and resting seems to be the thing to do. Thanks for checking in today.