Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tuesday's Day.....

 Lost but still very valuable.  It was in a stray box and not with all the other ornaments.  It is a golden oldie with the colors of it flaking off.  It isn't a big name brand but it probably is at least fifty years.  I like how the last ornament that didn't make it into the box goes into whatever other box that is around. 

I started digging into this box of ornaments.  They are my small glass blown ornaments.  Most of them are cheap dime store varieties but I like how they remind me of my older days of decorations. 

My wife gave me a hand at putting them on the tree today.  You can see the Gorilla Glue bottle on the chest ready for use.  I had to glue the wings back onto the angel lights that are hanging in the garland. 

A motion shot of a still object seems to be different.  I don't know how I got motion but it happened.  We have our first tree up now and will see which one will be next to be decorated.  

We have seasonal flu shots tomorrow. I wanted them to be today but there site on the internet refused to let me be on Tuesday's appointment.  I go to the pharmacy often and I know they are rarely busy so I don't know what that is all about.  We have something to do on Thursday and I would have liked to have that shot and all its complications behind us before then. I guess we can feel bad all day Wednesday and hope to be getting better Thursday morning before we attend our event. The jury is now out on the booster shot as there are so many mixed reviews about it.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Red Splash.....

 I didn't have the strength to put up the decorations on the railing last year.  A year later after surgery is a whole ne ballgame. 

It went up easily with some help from my wife. The fake poinsettias look ok with the garland and lights.

The angels were bought at a downtown historic business probably thirty years ago.  That building burned down and is now going to be a park rather than having the building replaced. I have to glue the wings back on to some of them but they have weathered well.  We use to have that garland under out fireplace mantel at the old house.  The stairway railing is a better place.

The tree is ready for the addition of ornaments.  I have a new chest of drawers that will  hold that tree and it looks good there.  I keep remembering the gifting of that chest of drawers that I got in many different parts needing to be glued back together again. It was a fun restoration of a very historic piece of furniture.  I keep reminding myself that they said they were going to put it in the burn pile because they couldn't take it to the auction. 

Maybe tomorrow you will see the tree decorated.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Saturday, November 27, 2021



An evening sky with great textures and colors were visible for a very short time.  I looked out through our slot window of our front door and I saw a reflection of the color on the glass of a picture. 


 I am sharing a stray photo I took while in my basement workshop taken a few days ago.  The collection is not going to be enlarged and yet I enjoy them. 

I discovered a new idea yesterday while watching a PBS cooking show.  The cook was setting up a Thanksgiving meal for a large group and she had ceramic tiles that she used for trivets.  I just happened to move dozens of these tile samples, given to me by a students mom who worked with them in her job. I plan to make a table top of them sometime but for now I have four of them in the kitchen to use for hot pots and trays. 

I spent some time outside this morning putting up lights in the front yard and also down the back deck stairs railing.  I ran out of the kind that I was using in the front yard and I am looking out for some more like them to complete the job.  I put white lights on the back deck railing and hope to get a photo of that to share. 

It has been a rough week losing two different people in my life.  A first cousin who suffered for a few years with dementia lost her battle.  She was 78 years old.  She had always wanted to have a boy and kept trying to have one. Six lovely daughters later she found that she had six son-in-laws instead.  She named each daughter with a T in the name.  Tammy was the first one born and by the last she had Tori. Life is always tough and Colleen lost her mother to TB when she was three years old.  A step mother with lots of patience did step in and raise the four children who lost their mom.  The step mom had three more children making it a family of seven.  Needless to say my cousin is leaving behind a very large family of children, grand children and great grand children.  Her husband Jack has been such a great husband to her the past few years keeping her in the home. 

The other loss is a blogger friend Mildred N. She was a close friend to both me and my wife.  I will think of her every time I buy peaches or honeycrisp apples. They were her favorites. When I first met her she was living in her late mother's home and taking care of the mom's dog.  Many dogs later and her large group of cats have been fun to watch. Blogger friends are just as close as relatives as we do get involved with each other's lives. Mildred's  husband suffered from a car accident while being a policeman.  She was so loyal to him and was his caretaker for years.  It is so great that I will see Mildred again in Heaven but there is a blank spot in my life when it comes to blogging. 

Thanks to the rest of you blogger friends for being there. 

Friday, November 26, 2021


 I was out grilling in the dark a couple of nights ago. The tree lights were on and I spotted the little boy down below in his sliding glass door windows,  looking up at the tree.  He looked up at it for a long time and then he tried to close the curtains.  Seeing him looking made me happy to know that the tree is appreciated.

A good way to store a wreath is to place it on your tree stand.  I am ready to bring it up to the front door.

 I forgot to buy apples.  The bowl looks really empty.  I could put tomatoes into it but I think that it isn't a tomato bowl.

Thinking about putting some outside lights around the area where the deer were placed at the front of the house.  I had to find the boxes of lights and I think I did find the right ones.  I see why some people just buy new ones each year as the wads of lights seem overwhelming.  The wreathes can go up at scattered times and not necessarily all at once.  I asked my wife as to how we got our decorations up last year as it was in November before Christmas that I had my surgery.  I guess the exercise up and down the stairs was helpful for my healing.  I do remember that we scaled back some last year with one less tree but I will try to get it all up this year.   It is cold again today but we are going to be up to 47 degrees F. sometime today.  I have not plans to go anywhere.  Thanks for stopping in today.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Late Day Wed.



 The fish are in a smaller tank without all the decorations.  It is easier to just take them out of the big tank and not have them in there during the cleaning.  I am down to only two fish now. 

Busy day today. Thanks for checking in.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

A Scattering of Things.....

 Time to get the deer ready for display. I had to attach them to wood pieces so they be free standing. 


They are designed to have metal stakes pushed into the ground to hold the feet steady.  That just doesn't work.  I  instead mounted them on their scrap piece of wood.  Snow would help to cover the wood but otherwise it will not show at night when the lights are turned on.  I am going to put them out soon. The street to the east of us has all of their Christmas decorations out.  They must have decided as a group to do it before Thanksgiving as we drove through their last night and all houses are decorated and lighted. 


 Begonia blooms continue on the plant.  It has been inside for over a month now and it seems to be just as happy. 


The rakes are done for the year.  They didn't get much use as the mowing and mulching takes care of most things anymore. That is fine with me.  We had a cool day today but we did seem some sunshine today. Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Monday Morn.....

 The first tree wrapped in a sheet was the one that I wanted to find.  It is an artifical tree with the lights on it.  The ornaments are wired onto the branches.  It just has to be carried out to the balcony and plugged in to electricity.  It sits in the second story backyard and I like it to be towering above the houses below for them to also see. I wire it into the corner of the railing so the wind can't tip it over.  This may go up soon. 

For all our trees I leave them assembled and wrap them with old sheets.  It works well when one has the space to hold them.  I still have two larger trees that I do have to take apart and put in a box but the three otherst are sure easy to set up.


 The three pots of hardy geraniums are responding now to the warm inside temps and the window light.  I like to see them bloom during the winter season. 

Out side, I keep finding scraps from the shingle job we had over a month ago. It is funny how the shingle on the ground looks nothing like the shingles on the roof.  We picked a gray shingle this time and it really is a nice look for our house.

I thought I had brought in all of the fencing but I did see this one last one while taking the photo.  It is now put in the storage pile for winter. The green leaves in the fron right are the ones of a field lily.  I was so glad to see it surviving.  I had blooms on it this summer for the first time.  It time that could crowd out everything in the area.  I will have to watch it and block it somehow.

My newly planted "knock out" rose is looking good out in the front yard planter.  It is suppose to be a different variety with its blooms being smaller than the standard one.  I hope to see it bloom this summer. I will leave the leaves as mulch. The winds tend to decide on how much mulch I can have but these have survived some very strong winds. 

I went out to take some quick shots and I really got too cold.  I had a stocking cap on and winter coat but it was cold.  I did shoot quickly and came inside quickly.  Have a great Monday.  Thanks for checking in today.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunny Sunday....

 Fall causes mum fading and it will eventually be turning brown. Eventually the snow on top of them will cover the color. 

The adding of seed to the feeder makes the birds happy.  I don't see cardinals or blue jays. I guess the browns are acceptable rather than having no birds at all.

The yellow rose is looking pretty sad. My white rails look so great during this time of the year. 

I have all the  boxes filled with non important stuff.  Well the stuff is things that would end up at the bottom of a toy box or the back of a junk drawer. I am sorry it is blurry. 

The plastic cow is one that belonged to me for 60 or more years. Other things are rugged looking by being in a sand pile for a summer or two. All the rest of the stuff is there for you to explore. 

We are having a quiet Sunday afternoon.  Sunshine and it is still cool. Thanks for check this out today.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Stuff on Saturdy.

 A mild warm day is welcomed.  It isn't that warm and yet the wind isn't blowing. The light thin clouds are the thing.  There are lots of neat patterns in some of them but they moved on a while ago.

The cottage garden is full of grass that I need to pull.  I have mulched the area a lot but that grass keeps showing up.

It was a great blooming season for this rose but it did succumb to the hard freezes.  When I get some new energy I will trim the rose back a little bit.  This rose has done so well at this location and I will be looking forward to it budding again in the spring.

I am so glad that I brought down some of this hydrangea.  It has been eradicated at the old house by its new owners.  Maybe they are going to let it grow back but by the photos it looked like they eliminated it. I too should cut this back now.  If I get a warmer day with sunshine I could get some of this work done.

The fake geese have been moved back into the yard.  I had them out of the way so the guy who was mowing my yard didn't have to mow around them.  I can now mow my own yard again. 

The tomato bed has a layer of leaves on it now.  I need to water them down as they keep moving off and onto the grass when the wind blows.  I just returned the outer escaping leaves this morning. 

Have a great Saturday.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday's Finds.....

 Friday morning looked like this for a while.  The sun is almost behind the house now and I can't lean out any further on the balcony to be able to see it. 

I didn't get any of the eclipse shots. I did notice that the sun is turned a little as it has changed in its position in the sky. 

The painted roses on the plate blend in with the real dried roses in the bowl. The name of place where the plate was hand painted. was unknown to me. The name printed in gold was WURTTEMBERG. I guess it shows up as being from Germany. 

I mowed the front yard this morning.  It was covered with the last of the leaf droppings from the locust tree.  I also mowed-mulched the area under the front trees even though the leaves are still falling. It was cold and I didn't have warm enough coat.  It is a smaller area than my back yard.  It was good to get that mower out and use it again. I mowed over into my neighbor's yard, breaking the property line rules in mowing, so I  could mow up some of my leaves on his yard. He didn't come out and scold me.  I am sure the guy to the south would have.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Day.....

"There is ice on the pond today." That's an old farm saying. It should be melted off by this afternoon. The wind does blow briskly giving us cold wind chills. 

I don't know the history of these painted pots but I have a collection of three. The red one was a star on my photo a day.  I like the rustic look. I know these pots are over 50 years old. Maybe they are older. I just potted up the red one and the white one. 

A junk shelf is a good place for my angel to sit upon during the winter. I took shots down stairs while I was potting up the two pots. 

The oldest son is 46 years old and his dinosaurs do like hanging around among the pottery. I really can't toss these guys.

A before photo before I planted it with aloe plants.  The root systems on aloe are so minimal so I had to stake one of them to get it to stay upright.

We were out early this morning as one of my doctors wanted to test my blood for various things.  It takes longer to drive up to the hospital than it took to have the blood drawn. We grabbed a egg McMuffin on the way home and I ate one in the car.. The technician asked if I had fasted 12 hours and I had but it is hard for a diabetic to do that.  It kind of messes up the cycles of life when you have to get out early to do that.

Resting for the rest of the day.  Thanks for stopping by today.