Monday, August 31, 2020

Monday's Short Mentions...

 Looking down the street. The locust tree in the foreground puts out such lacey leaves. The neighborhood is busy as one more house is being roofed with new shingles.

We had a hail storm two years ago and about 11 houses have reroofed because of it. You can see here there is another one being worked on with the owner and a crew helping him to strip off old shingles and putting on new ones. The neighbor next to that is getting a new back yard fence.

Tomatoes, marigolds and morning glories all weave together in the over grown plants of the tomatoes.

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Sunday, August 30, 2020


 The moss rose is reacting to the morning sunlight. The shadows show that it is bright out on the deck. They have come a long way since the rabbits cut them all down to the base. 

Because the sky is clear and it is directly out from of the front door, I have to take the shot. I know thet all look alike but I can see the moon has rotated a little or our angle view has changed.

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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saturday Stuff....

 They toppled over from our strong winds. I  had not been in the area to set them back up for display.


I planted them too late but they did finally mature.  It is the tall marigold variety. I have never grown them before and they are just partially showing blooms.


I have always been fascinated with the blooms of a morning glory. I see I have one of those cheaper roses showing through in the photo.

I was out this morning cleaning up things alone the fence corner. The pussy willow has lots of branches that I have to trim back each year.  My neighbor had a 15 year old fence that was hit hard from the hurricane windows..  He had five sections of this fence knocked down. He leaned them back up and now he is having a new fence put in.  I had planted my fernleaf peony next to it and a William Baffin rose.  I spent yesterday digging them up and moving them. It is all cleared for the fence makers to do their job. 

We have had a cooler day today.  We did not get any rain from these clouds yesterday even though it did rain north of us throughout the state.  Things are what they are and I thank you for stopping by today.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Today is....or was.


It was a hot humid day. We are in a drought and things are fading fast. Grass in the shade is doing ok but the most of it will be turning brown.

Thursday, August 27, 2020




 The front yard is mowed and the back yard had some spots leveled out. We are in drought right now so the shade helps to keep the grass at all differentt heights.  Thanks for schecking in today.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020


 Moss rose blooms even in the high temperatures. Coantainers with flowers are too easy to neglect giving them enough water.  It evaporates to fast.

My wife took a look at our flowers and it was hot.  We wa8ted to late in the morning to go out but we did survive it. The zinnias are just now looking good for the season.  I have had better years with the blooms but they look good in spite that I planted them late. 

They tend to grow in colors themes at different parts of the bed. You can see my blank spaces in the bed and it probably will fill in more as time goes by.  The zinnia shoots up one stem at first and then is puts out a set of four more stems from that. 

I know that I didn't mention that the volunteer tomatoes in here were all  pushed up against the east end of the bed by our hurricane winds. You can see in the photo the tomato vines hanging over the end fence. 

It has been a busy week already and we are only half through it. My wife and I survived a summer cold.  It did surprise us and it did worry ys that we had something worse but asprin and cold tablets really took care of it in three days. 

We are going to have sweet corn and chicken cooked on the grill tonight.  It will be hot out on the deck but it will taste so good.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Groupings and Rows....Tuesday.





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Monday, August 24, 2020

Monday, Monday....


The vine honeysuckle is blooming again. Only a section of it is actually blooming.I like how it looks like the old fashion honeysuckle with all the horns.


We are having a hot day today but this vine is in the shade most of the day. I guess it is on the southeast side of the hourse.

It is so hot.  The green in our grass will be gone in a couple of days and we will have dormant grass. The extra humidity makes it very uncomfortable.  We spent the day indirectly helping to get our friend back into the hospital. We both are battling a virus head cold.  We are better and should be back to normal soon. It is strange to have a cold in  the summer. I hope you all stay away from it.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Sunday, August 23, 2020



The knock out roses are blooming again. It isn't a strong show compared to the spring first blooms. They are reacting to the lack of rain.


The next trimming for these will be a drastic cut back for them in the fall. This rose was almost dead when I bought the place three years ago and I watered it back to good health.

This is another successful moved rose from under and eave to out in the open. I didn't quite remember what color it was but now it has numerous buds and blooms of pink.


I put a lot of new commercial soil in the hole before planting this and it just took off with green leaves and buds. In my younger days I planted like my parents with just dig a hole and put it in the ground.  The amendment of good black dirt helps when you have clay in your soil. 


The rose we bought for our anniversary has put on a new set of blooms. We wanted a peace rose and this one is another company's  version of it.


The blooms change colors as the different blooms reach different stages of maturity. Pink, yellow, coral and fading to white is the different colors. 



The sedum is doing well. I had two of them here and I see that I must of lost one. It is Sunday and we both are under the weather. It is a good day to take a nap and rest and heal. I thanks you for stopping by todayl

Saturday, August 22, 2020

In the Afternoon.....


Summer time with picking tomatoes daily. I need to get a container to help me do the job. I gave the neighbors some more today.

The wave petunia is alive again. The hurricane winds unhooked it and rolled it out into the yard. The dirt is was planted in held together but it sort of shocked it.


It has been a good Saturday. I avoided yard work by just not doing in.  We are really dry so things can be long but it really isn't growing. I have a high school classmate that wrote today telling everybody she was life flighted to the capitol city with covid.  Southern Iowa is a hot spot for the disease.  We have been living risky the past two days with my wife's friend and taking her to the medical check ups I was caught in a situation where things were not ideal. 

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Friday, August 21, 2020

Flowers and Things......







The ash tree was a beautiful shade tree that I had for many years. It had split fifteen years ago and I had a cable between it to hold it together. When the winds came it broke the one half to the ground leavig a very off balanced tree. 

I will share this photo again of Nathan cutting the whole thing into pieces. The crew drug all of it away leaving a dragged path of its weight of trees trunks and limbs. 

It is Friday and the day looks to be a good one. Rain maybe will fall tomorrow. Temperatures are to get high again an stay that way all week. Thanks for checking in today.