Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tuesday's Things.....

 The 7:00 pm moon looked like this.  I was so surprised to see its place in the sky but day moons do show up on clear days.

The 11:00 pm moon looked like this. It is not a full moon so one thinks the photo is distorted. It a few more days it will be full. 

The multiple blooms on the lily are liking the weather.  My one grandmother grew lilies at the back of her house and she would tie them up with hay binding twine and attach it to a big nail to keep it standing.  She also counted her buds and there were usually 13 buds on one stem. 

I picked my first tomato last evening. It isn't too big but it will slice up great for a sandwich. The tomatoes are setting on real quickly with the heat. and me watering them regularly. 

This plantings of glads is growing strong now.  They shrugged off the trimming that the rabbit did to them before I installed the fence. I bought some plants today from the grocery store nursery.  They were trying to sell off all that they had for sale and I picked up some great buys. 

I will be planting them tomorrow morning as I spent most of my day with the car in the shop for its routine check up and oil change. I had some other things done which caused my visit to be a long one.  The place had no new vehicles for sale in the dealership. I asked at the desk and the woman said that when a new car or truck comes in that they are sold in two or three days. So during my long wait on my car I got to look a long row of used SUVs.   

We are cooled off for part of the day but we do have heat coming back again.  I think their is a possibility of rain late afternoon but I am not holding my breath. Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Monday, Monday.....


 The first tomato that will be picked is getting close to being ripe. I think this was already on the vine when I bought it as a smaller plant. 

We received about an inch of rain on Sunday. It was a spotty rain through out the day giving us that ac total by the end of the day. 

My lettuce and grass and weeds are doing well. I can weed out some of that but I haven't done it by picture time. 

Another shot of the same old thing. It is holding its own with the heat and now rain.  It is nice that it is doing so well this early in the season. 

It keeps me busy getting the roses deadheaded. I have the three in the front yard to do and I am putting it off.  I may do one bush a day until I get them all done. We are having cooler weather today. It is a relief. The rain we go did help a little but we sure could have used a lot more. We might actually get our yard mowed this Friday if all things work out well. The moisture did erase some of the brown spots.  

Thank you for checking in today.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Collecton Obsession.....





Just sharing a few. The older I get the more of these I will plant. No work and lots of foliage looks great.


Saturday, June 19, 2021

Saturday's Stuff....



I keep watering it every day to keep it alive. It looked really sad before I started the watering. I remember that it did not bloom this well last year at this time. 



The one hosta is ready to put out a lot of blooms. The privet in the picture was a rescued one that was planted in the shade at the old place. It really likes growing here with a rain pipe watering it when we get rain. The privet also covers up that meter.  I think the meter is read electronically so he really doesn't have to actually read it visually. 

The yellow cone flower is struggling with our hot weather. I don't understand why we have August weather in June.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Fry an Egg Day.....

 The Easter lilies get planted outside each year after the season. I have three of them up now blooming with the past years just plantted in the ground.

There are lots of buds on the individual stems so they should last a while.  I am watering them to encourage them because predicted rains are not happeing.

The drought is hard on the knock out roses.  I have to dead head all three bushes now hoping that they will rebud in a better time of the year. 

The William Bafin rose looks about the same as the knock outs except for this one bunch of roses that seem to be surviving. 

The dry weather is keeping things from germinating. You can see only one row of zinnias came up among the four or five rows of them planted here.  I can move some of them to make another row of the ones that have come up but  I can't do it during this heat. I had two new packets of zinnia seeds and only one of them germinated. The seed I collected from last years bloom is not germinating. 

I need to water this rose again. I will wait until evening and put rain water from the barrel on it.. We are hot again today with temperatures around 100 degrees F.  The air is humid today with a strong breeze. Some parts of the state are geting storms but not us.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Thursday, June 17, 2021


 We had thunder in the night for about two hours. The rain was minimal but some people near us must have had a good rain. The deck was wet this morning and I walked out in bare feet onto it just to feel the wetness while taking this photo

Rain did happen somewhat but we will get up to 100 degrees F. the moisture will be evaporated soon.

For our 37th Wedding Anniversary we visited the Des Moines Art Center yesterday. The pool with the brick lining reflects the opposite side of the center.  Unfortunately the cafe was not opened which is seated inside as well as out on the patio.  We picked up a sandwich later elsewhere. We got to see some great art and also some modern pieces that were not so great.

Herbert Hoover's Birthplace is a painting by Iowan Grant Wood. We share the ownership of the painting with Minneapolis Art Institute so it was a pleasure to get to see it.  As it travels back and forth you can miss seeing it easily. 

The tomatoes do get supplemental watering as the heat can be good for them and also can be very bad. My cherry tomato in a pot has to be watered everyday. I keep moving it into the shade but eventually it will be too large for me to be shifting it around. The weeds are doing well also among the raised bed but I can deal with them as time goes by. 

Thanks for stopping in today. I hope everyone can keep safe and cool.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Bird News.....

 She has a juicy worm that she will deed on her babies but she is waiting orm me to get out of the area. This was last evening.

This is her second batch of birds. It didn't take her very long to hatch out that second sets of birds. Blurry shot.....

The blurry photo shows that there are three birds in there at the time last evening. There could have been more and one or more have already left the nest. 


This morning I got a shot of this one bird in the nest.  I walked around to take photos of flowers and came back and he was gone. 


Blooms from my front garden are just now opening. I first saw this flower when we were traveling through Colorado. I don't remembr the name for now but it will come to me eventually.  Desert is a part of its name. Gaillardia is the name and desert blanket flower is a common name. Mine needs to develop more into a fuller bloom. Water is needed.



The bottom of this rose is being grown for the sake of the rabbit to eat. It did go ahead and bloom in spite of it being trimmed from the bottom.  We are having a hot day again today. My brother in Mesa, Arizona will be 117 degrees F. today.  My 88 degrees seems to be cold compared to that.   Thank you for stopping by today.


Monday, June 14, 2021

Late Blogging of the Creative Zone.....

 Ten years ago at the old place I hung this smaller flag on the front porch. It was posted on facebook on Flag Day. The tree is gone because of the severe wind storm, derecho, last summer. The porch is still there but I didn't hang a flag there today. 

Our dove pair succeeded hatching new ones this spring. These two young ones were exploring the feeding site. 

A bad shot of the moon from last night. The position of the moon is low in the sky and appears parallel to the street light in the view finder.  I guess I might have to walk up the street to get a better shot. 

The fence is weathered and worn but it makes a great backdrop for the clematis. It is not my fence as the previous owner did not put in any fence. 


We are in a drought. The Raccoon River that dumps into the Des Moines River is so low that one can walk across without difficulty.  The Des Moines River has a lake Saylorville that could be emptied into the Des Moines River but it is low also. So I water my tomatoes with my rain barrel water collected from the  roof from rains that happen many weeks ago. We are asked to cut down on watering anything as the supply in Des Moines is shared with about 10 cities, suburbs, including our city. 

Thanks for stopping by today.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Stuff on Saturday....

 The old fashion rose lost all of its blooms as the wind blew and a light sprinkle helped to wash them all away. One lone bud is ready to be the first to open.

While young this shrub got mowed off accidentally. Itt now has revived and is becoming a great look shrub with its red blooms just now opening. 

The hardy geranium is not fairing so well in the heat. This group of flowers have stayed tough but all in all the rest of the blooms are gone. 

A new knock out rose didn't look like it survived the winter. It was all dead. I tried to pull it out but it was too hard to pull out by hand.  Then all of a sudden it started to sprout new leaves and I was suprised by one bloom. It really is determined to survive even though the most of it has dead parts. 

I have it finally solved.  This is a primrose flower.  My wife found out on the net that the four petal flowers are primrose.  The five petal flowers are buttercups. 

I have a lot of photos of my white clematis.  I have to hug the wall with the camera to get a good shot. It is tending to turn its flowers towards the fence. We had a sprinkle of rain yesterday. It was not measurable but the deck did get wet for a short period of time.  We will not be so hot today but it still is a warm summer day.  Its a good day for the neighbor to build his new deck next to his pool. I hope all are well today.  Thanks for stopping in today.