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Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Random Shots.....




 Have a great Thursday. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Middle of the Week...

 Harvest time when there are not tomatoes left in the house to eat. The larger tomatoes are all gone but the medium sized are still out there in a small number. The pear shaped tomatoes came on late so they are abundant. 

A morning glory that is still hanging on in the afternoon is turning red before it shrivels up. The glories really like the cooler weather. 

My newest rose darkens in color as it ages. The bush can have a variety of colors on it at one time as it starts out lighter in color and then turns darker pink. 

The zinnia has a similar formation of its petals to the dahlia but it is more compact.  This color is subtle and different than all the other bolder colored ones.  I need to mark it so I can collect its seed. 

There are a lot less blooms on the yellow rose but they last ones are sure looking good. The Japanese beetles seem to have left the area for now.  They loved the yellow rose more than any other of my roses. 

We started off cool this morning but have warmed up to a comfortable temperature. It is nice to see the sun today.   Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Spots on......

 The dipper was essential on the farm in the older days. Water was pumped from the wells and carried to be used for people, animals and plant watering.  My cousin recalls a story that she watched her sister drive a wagon load of milk cans filled with water to be used to water the milk cows. The  young girl at the wheel of the tractor lost control as it traveled down the hill with her mom in the back wagon. My cousin was young as she watched it all end with the tractor running into a pile of rocks and the load including her mom rolling forward. The cousin was too young to know that she shouldn't have laughed at the sight.



This dahlia has turned into a pom pom. All of the white flowers seem to want to face away from me. I like the spots of color on the petals. 

Our weather has been more fall-like so the roses are looking good. This one has grown larger and is full of blooms.

The rose was planted originally in the partial shade of the house and now that I have moved it out into the open sun it has really grown. 

The blooms keep coming.  They haven't matured enough for the birds to start feeding on them. 

I am moving slow today on this cloudy gray day.  I think that we will warm up later in the week and I hope we do see the sun again.  

Thanks for checking in today.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Title Added.....Monday.

 I was up early to see the morning sky.  We were already warm and it was very humid. The day promises to be an uncomfortable day. 

Yes, I did take another photo of my turtle.  It has been awhile and you can be glad that it isn't always going to be flowers.

A sledge hammer and a steel post did the trick to hold up a trellis for this rose.  It is a climbing rose and it was hanging out all over the yard keeping them mowing person from cutting the grass underneath it.  I pulled up limbs and wired them with some leftover speaker wire to the trellis. The limbs would rather have been sprawling but it will adjust. 

This doesn't look like a death trap but it is.  One of my large gold fish tried to through one of the holes in it and then out the other hole. The second opening was too small and there he stayed for a day or two.  When I lifted the boat out of the water I had to push him backwards thinking he was dead.  No he was not dead, just stuck.  I guess I can't place this back in to the aquarium unless I figure out how to plug some holes from underneath. 

Last evening the light was dull and it was perfect for taking photos of flowers. I took more than I can share at one time.  The dahlias prove to be a good flower to keep for next year.  I will have to dig them this fall.

The zinnias are started to age and die so I need to start planning or collecting seed. I see my an article on the net that I need to collect the seed after the flower has died back fully.  It makes it harder to know the colors when they are dead. 

I am headed for a grocery run this morning.  I won't have to see a pharmacist for a while after all the trips I made last week. Thanks for stopping by today.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Two Quilts



The quilts were made by my great grandmother Carrie Maxson Brown Driver.  The history of her gets to be complicated.  Her first husband was Charles Brown of Illinois. They had two boys, Leroy Martin and Ira.  Great Grandfather Charles died when my grandfather Leroy was three years old.  Great grandmother Brown then returned to Iowa where her sisters lived, one of them was her twin sister.  She then remarried a man named Thomas Jefferson Driver.  They eventually lived in Lucas, Iowa a coal mining town.  All of my younger years I was told that Grandma Driver made the two quilts and it confused me with the last name not being Brown.  What was more confusing was that my mom was always calling her Grandma Driver when it was her grandma but my great grandma.  Anyway, I have the quilts. 


 So this was also on my Photo a Day blog.  Here is a picture of Great Grandma Driver. It is her second family of five kids and grand kids.  She had two daughters and three sons. The daughters both married and all three of the sons did not marry. Not all of the family is in the photo. I think one son is in the photo and two son-in-laws are pictured.  I don't think I have ever seen a picture of Thomas Jefferson Driver.

I always think of the history of the quilts when I see them on the shelf but most everyone who knew anything about that era is all gone. My mom died in 2008 and this past week the last of her first cousins died from her Wheeler side of the family. Junior died last week and his sister Frieda died in January.  The spouses of those two are still living but that is the last of all her cousins. 

Thanks for stopping by my family history posting today.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday's Finds....


The last of the phlox blooms are still pretty but few. Weeds, vines and grasses mix in with the flower. 

It is a nice color but it is a short zinnia plant. I think it is the only plant with multiple blooms 

Houseplants on the patio table get watered from rain whenever it does rain. They do get watered by me because we are still in a drought. 



I dug them up from the front yard gardens where they were growing haphazardly. I don't know what the former owner was thinking but they were just everywhere among the peonies and were too crowded to grow well. I will find a new place to plant them all together in one or two places.

While my neighbor watered his grass I watered my flowers. They need more watering than I have been doing. I hope they will perk up a little.

We were warm today and will be hotter tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Thursday's Things.....

 These are rose hips on my William Baffin rose. I drove in a stake with a sledge today and attached a trellis to it.  I then tried to regroup and attach the sprawling climber rose to the trellis. It is my first attempt to get the rose under control.  I will take pictures of it after the bush adjusts to my rough treatment. 

I cut off all the spent blooms on my three knock out roses this morning.  It was partially blooming so I made it look better with the pruning. 

I trimmed back on a couple of sage plants in my front flower garden. They were mostly spent and were just laying down on top of things that were trying to bloom.  Unfortunately I did cut this one bloom off by mistake, blanket flower, but the main plant is still in tact ready for next years new season. I hate that when I do that. 

This has been a two year project, on going, but it is closer to being finished. We had valances on our windows at the old place and the were used for bottom of the bed as a ruffle. It works well and we have material leftover to make matching pillows for the trundle bed. 

I was able to buy mattresses over the net for this project.  They came flattened and rolled up in a bundle 
When it was removed from the box and the plastic bag removed, it sprung out into a mattress. It was amazing.  I have the other one that is positioned under the bed. The foam creation is very firm and will make two nice twin beds. We are trying to figure out what to place on the bed to go with the color and pattern of the old curtains. We may buy a blanket of  just the correct color. Quilts won't work with the patterned ruffle. 

The hosta growing there is hidden and hard to see.  I guess it is good that it grows there but it seems to be not necessary there.  Maybe I can dig it up in parts and put it somewhere else. 

 I spent my last three days trying to get test strips for my blood tests for diabetes.  I called it in on the phone system and it seemed to be lost. The pharmacy claimed that the doctor had not called back but in reality I had four refills on that product.  For some reason I had to argue to get it addressed as I was out of strips.  I have type 1 and type 2 diabetes and that requires me to test my blood three times a day.  It is unusual but the Medicare people thought that I was not needing to do that and a doctor had to explain the necessity of so many test strips.  Yesterday at five in the afternoon I finally got what I needed after three trips to the pharmacy daily. I still had to sign and answer a question about how many did I have left in my container. Zero is the magic number as I was skipping tests to even cover my day. I hate all the red tape but I am through venting

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021




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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Tuesday's Things.....


The photos can speak for themselves. Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Labor Day, Late Posting....





It did warm up today and became a pleasant day. New sounds for our neighborhood is the family of six enjoying their new pool.  It actually is ktty korner to us so it is close. I know they have been anxious for it to be completed. Some people mowed lawns today and two different neighbors started up their smoker grills this morning. 

I had taken up bins to the old place to fill with tools and painting gear.  I emptied one more bin today thinking that it was my last one.  I then did notice I have one more small milk crate size thing filled with paint rollers and tools yet to empty.  It will be so nice to have that all put away now.  I have a lot of duplicate tools now as I would buy a new one if I needed it to work at the old place. I may have to devise a give away plan. 

I picked some smaller tomatoes today as the larger ones are all done.  Some are splitting open and the black bugs are enjoying them.  They make it easy to just pick and toss on the ground for now. It is too early to clear the vines but I think maybe a week or so from now I could start to thin them and mulch them. 

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