Thursday, March 28, 2024

Still not blogging.

 My wife is better. She has a ways to go. They inserted a stint into her bile duct to open it up. The backup of bile was shutting down major organs. Things are rebounding now and the doctors are impressed with her progress. She was so sick that they at first were telling me horrible outcomes. Della proved them wrong.

I have taken a lot of cell phone shots.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Hospital Stay

 I will not be blogging for a while. My wife is in intensive care with multiple complex conditions. She is somewhat better and yet is far from out of the woods. I am living there and helping her when it is possible.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Late Sunday News....

 As the light hits the grackle's head it turns the feathers to different colors. I usually see them with green heads and this shot was more blue. It was overcast and raining so its light source was less today. 

We got some rain this morning and the doves came in to get out of the rain. They are so  peaceful and eventually took a nap together right there on the feeder. 

Also during their visit a sparrow joined in on their space. They all seemed to be getting along together.  I don't know if birds look out at rainfall but it was raining at the time that I took the shot. 


We still have snow in some spaces. It has looked liked snow most of the day but it really was rain. It did snow north of us way up into Minnesota. We will feel like winter for a few more dass... Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, March 23, 2024



The spreading of the grape hyacinths is great.  I know that they could get to be a mess in the rock garden but I can always pull them if they get to be too crowded.


The grape hyacinths are spreading into my yard too. If they give me this color I will just mow them off later.  They don't seem bothered about being clipped. 


 I thought the brown head means it is a cow bird. The problem for me is that it is too bulky to be a cow bird. I guess it could be a grackle of a different color.


 Green heads and a large bird means it is a grackle.  I had a flock of them traveling through yesterday. The were very hungry and pushy.


The house finches are still singing their call in the trees while the snow is on the ground and the temps are ate at 20° F.


The markings of a starling are distinct,  I had a red-winged black bird yesterday but my memory chip of my camera was on the blitz at the time. I had to go buy a new chip.



Just north of us a few miles they had four inches of snow. We were at the very bottom of the front getting a fourth of an inch.  We are going to be cold all day. It is winter on this spring day. Thanks for stoping by today.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Blinking on the Job.....




It does open up its eyes before it takes off. I was surprised to see it close its eyes and was glad I could catch it on camera. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Happy Thursday......

It looked better in real life. I am not sure why as I saw more glow on the top of the clouds.  Maybe I held my camera too high and the angle changed the view. 


 My very first daffodil was blowing in the cold breeze. The light seemed to be too bright for the camera so I couldn't get good value contrast. The one lone bulb now has a partner to now open soon out front of the house. The backyard daffs are in the shade of the house half of the day so they are slower to bloom.

I was surprised to see this color out front.  I walked over and then remembered I have hyacinths growing there. They show the effects of drought as the flowers on the stems are miniamal  They still have great color. Some of the flowers aren't open as it is too cold for them. 

Being poor farmers we rarely ever had many special dinners with fancy dish settings. On rare occasions my mom would use this pedestal dish.  I remember when a large family group was in for a potluck dinner my mom put jelly in it.  Other times she would put cranberry sauce in it. I watch garage sale posts and this dish pops out as they scan the camera down the shelves of old glass dishes. I did look it up on the net and it is called a lidded Jeanette Wedding Box. It was worth over a hundred dollars. I see Fostoria makes a fancier look one also. It will just be a display item for us also.

It is not going to warm up much. I walked outside for a shot time but it isn't that great to be out there. I will go get the mail and recycle bin in this afternoon and that should do it for me.  Thanks for stopping by today.   Oh yes we may have snow soon.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Middle of the Week....

 I just caught this for a short moment.  I looked out and grabbed the camera.  I waited about ten more minutes and took another shot.  The color was gone fifteen  minutes later as the cloud cover shut down the light. 

I catch videos on my computer of people hitting garage sales. They are looking for things that they can resale on the net. I am seeing a lot of different things that I have also. This of course comes with a story. I found this in an auction box from  a farm sale in southern Iowa. It had to be in the early1970s.

The textured smoky glass was hard to photograph. I use to keep pennies in it at the old place and then it got moved down to our new place. It was randomly displayed on a shelf on the downstairs floor and I just happen to see it. I had to take some shots. 

Another item sitting on a shelf near the glass one is this pitcher. It has Guadalupe stamped on the bottom of it. I got it at an antique store years ago. I know that it is not silver but it a metal. The hinge is broken on it so I am sure that is why I could afford to buy it. 

Another old piece is this pitcher.  It was gifted to me from a woman my parent's age. She was an antique loving person and I learned a lot from her. She picked up furniture at farm sales for very little money back then. She is the one that had a small chest with carved handles. The chest was the reminder when I was given my walnut chest of drawers.  The pitcher was given me in 1972 and June said she had hust cleaned it, I should get out polish and try to improve it.

We don[t look like spring yet like this painting that I did a few years back. I am seeing some leaves starting to bud and have a green cast to them. I do have a redbud tree that might look similar to the one in the painting. The buds are just starting to form.  We are having a cold day today with the high being 41°F. and maybe snow and rain will be in our future. We need moisture.  

Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Tuesday's Today.....

 I walked the backyard this monring.  I was glad to see the daffodils have their buds showing. This is their second year at this place so they have become established. 

These iris have been here for two years now.  I don't remember the colors as it hasn't bloomed in this since I moved them... I would think for sure I will see blooms this season. I have a lot of moved iris, from a clay filled wet area and this will be the year for them to bloom.

It was a little bit cool out there but we are going to warm up nicely. I grabbed a shot of my decorated beams.  I used two brackets from a house that belonged to my grandparents farm home.  The house was torn doen in 1958 and my dad saved the parts. I remember seeing that house as it had many porches with gingerbread decoration everywhere.


. Some of my housekeeping chores includes cleaning fish tanks. The fish are in a holding tank while I change the water and clean the glass. I will let the water set for a day before I start to transfer the fish back. I carried buckets of water from the bathroom tub to get my tank filled up again. 

The fish seem happy in their second home but they will like being back into the bigger tank. 

While emptying out the original tank I discoverer the algae eater hiding inside the fake log. He has grown big since I first bought him. 

We are having a windy day with 62° F. that feels warm. It looks like a great spring day. Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, March 18, 2024

The Job's Done.....

 The newly created back piece for the chest of drawers is doing what I wanted it to do. When arrangments are place on top there is a background.

I applied a layer of paste wax using a fine steel wool to create a better finish.  I spent a lot of time polishing then I attached the back piece permanently to the chest. I added designs that were from my own creative period of style as I had nothing carved or any curved molding. With the stain and finish being an exact match it looks like it was always been on it. I have an oak chest of drawers that has a fancier back piece and that is what inspired the making of this one.

We woke up to 26° F. this morning.  It is a hard freeze and I could see the hollyhocks were not pleased with it. It takes a good winter coat with a hood as we also have good wind chill.  Outdoor work is on hold for now but by another month I will be back to doing outside projects.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Sunday Times....

 There was only a slit at the horizon between the sunrise and the clouds. I have become familiar with all the trees and the houses are my man made mountains in the shot.

The evening before had a display of clouds all around. The temperatures cooling is creating our ever changing sky formations.

The spring weather of last week seemed early but it really wasn't compared to all the different springs we have had in the past. I remember having ice storms that coated my tulips and days later it all was thawed and gone.

The crocus are at their ending time as they are now pretty weathered. This shot take two shots ago captures their true glory.

The second coat of finished was applied yesterday.  It will take two days tor it to truly be dried and then I can start the attaching of the back piece to the chest. The varnish material requires so much of my patience and I can't work with anything that has a sticky finish. It has to be dry. Hurry up and dry really doesn't work, Hurry up and wait is the reality. 

We are having a quiet day. We watched church on live stream and had a light lunch. It is a cold day and I don't have any reason to venture outside.  It is a good day for resting and healing.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Friday, March 15, 2024

Friendly Friday....

 I usually always think of pussy willow bushes to be a bush. We inherited this tree and it is big and is a pussy willow variety.  The small buds are now opening and putting out a fuzz into the air. 

During the fall I was thinking I would hire someone to take the tree down. It has a dead branch in it and it seems to lose big branches every few years. As of today when I look at the tree I am glad I did not take it down. I can get a power saw out and take out the dead branch.The tree does hang over to the one neighbor's yard, just one branch. I have another neighbor to the northeast that has no trees in his backyard.  In a way it is to his benefit to see it and not have to maintain it. 

I am still working on the backsplash.  It has its coat of stain and final coat on it now, even though I may still add to it.  I decided that I had to wait for that to dry and then I will figure out the bracket that are needed for attaching it to the whole body. 

Last year at this time we were so busy that we didn't remember to get out our bunnies un Easter day. We are ahead of the game this year and we put them out. I took lots of pictures but I see I haHave only two that made it in the downloading process. I will have to go back to my camera and reboot and reload more. 

I am having a slow day today, still adjusting with the time change and my diabetic medication. I think I am on the schedule now and  yet I am still reacting to the change. We are having a great sunny day and the temps are a little cool. We didn't get any more rain even though some of the state did. I guess a half of an inch is the blessing we appreciate.  Thanks for checking in today.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Thursday's Things......

 We had a light rain early this morning. It might help to cause the rest of the buds to open. The miniature daffodils are fun to see alone with the crocus. 

The drought continues and it shows in the lesser number of  stems of grape hyacinths. They don't look very healthy at this point. I transplanted a lot of these this year but they don't look like they will bloom this season. Maybe next year the new ones will get established enough to put our blooms.

I did get all the pieces to the backsplash glued together.  I am happy with one piece that I glued but the top piece is not right. I will have to do a redesign on it to fix it. I guess I could cut the whole top off and recap it. It is frustrating when wood has so many uneven and twisted qualities that makes things show up out of line and uneven.  When things look accurate but then you glue it and the curve in the wood shows up. It is so frustrating.  I will fix it.  Thanks for stopping by this Thursday.