Tuesday, June 30, 2020


The yellow rose got its spent buds trimmed back yesterday. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to bloom again.  I need to dead head my knock out roses but the humidity is really heavy today. 

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Monday, June 29, 2020

Surprise Blooms.....

I had seen the buds in the middle of last week.  When I took out the garbage this morning I was surprised to see the tree blooms on the day lily.

An old Easter lily survived the winter and is blooming now. It is so short in size compared to the regal lilies. We are hot and very humid today and I think the lilies like that weather.

The neighbors next to my new lily have this one blooming right now. It is a pale colored one compared  to my red one..

The other lily is this one with a darker color. Their knock out roses are still in a late bloom stage.

My camera was fogging over often every time I was trying to photograph this. Yesterday it was a good day for the flower and camera to get good shots.  This is the new one that we bought for our anniversary and it is a great rose. The flowers changing colors after they first open is displayed here with the older one becoming pale and pink. I have been too busy with life to dead head all of my roses. Maybe tomorrow I can get out and do some of it.  My knock out roses bloomed so well but now I have a lot of blooms to remove.  I need to much some more but I need to buy more of it.

We were at a doctor's visit today and our friend is going to be hospitalized tomorrow. We are so relieved that sshe can be taken care of for a few days.She needs some days of positive improvement and maybe the hospitalization will help.

As a current event I would like tor report that we have a new pool in our neighbor's yard. They have very young children and we were worried  about it.  It was fun to see that they only filled it full enough for the youngest boy to be able to walk around.  Older sister was dancing and splashing . I can't see them filling it to the top with a five and three year old. It is a big pool as it fills a large amount of the yar.

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Moments

The haze over the moon for the week was causing me problems with the automatic camera. Last night I sslipped out and caught this one. I finally captured it by the time it became a half moon.

The new project included this new day lily.  It almost bloomed before I got it into the ground but I did get it two days before it bloomed.

It looks like one of mine but this variety has and edging on its petals. I like the mulch and I need to buy some more.

It is a quiet afternoon here. We needed a day off.  I hope everyone is staying safe.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Saturday's Stuff.......

I had not seen this hardy geranium for a week so I was surprised to see it so great.  It is down the hill from the front door and i don't go down there very often. My same plants dear the house do not look this good.

Thursday afternoon we were getting some cloud action but we didn't get any rain from any of it.  I may have rained early the next morning.

My monarda.  bee balm, is starting to bloom. It will be more flashy when the buds open up more. I had a red bee balm growing next to these and I don't see them there. 

 The begonia is a carry over from a couple of summers ago. I need to do some serious cutting back to make it look fresher.

I made the weekly visit to get groceries this morning. I went in early and missed some of the crowd. I didn't feel rushed as the smaller crowd seemed less stressed.  I hope every one is doing well.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday's a Stuggle.....

I finally placed the fabric and mulch down on top of the soil that was wrecked by the voles. It was not easy as the grounds tends to slant here and I have troubles with that.

After a good rest I went back and installed a day lily out in a new area. The stuff on the left is the neighbors things. I already added a knock out rose in this area and now also a sedum. The mulch really cleaned things up.  It will make it easier to put more down next spring. The utility boxes are our electric and phone boxes. We got the two larger ones and the next door peopel have a smaller one.

I am so excited to see the  zinnia plants up in their rows. I didn't think I was going to have them this year. I also planted some lettuce and spinach today along the edges.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Newer Moon.....

It is a poor photo but it does give out the info of the new moon. I had street lights to fight as I had to shoot up the street towards the moon. I will try again to night to see if I can get it in focus better.

The set of blooms are out shining the first set that I was sharing. They are really good flowers to have right now. I do see that some of my daylilies are putting out buds.

I bought two bags of mulch yesterday.  They are both now spread out among the plants that I had planted to fill in the moles destroyed the landscape. I plan to make it a better looking flower bed but it takes a lot of time for hostta to get growing.  I planted the recycled knock out rose there and I have bought two more things to plant in there. I will share the new things with a later blog.

We had not filed our taxes yet so I dropped all the paper work off this afternoon.  It sits pretty close to the nursery.  I was able to get some lettuce and spinach seeds to plant immediately. I guess we were so locked down that we just waited.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Middle of the Week.......

I don't want my bunny herd eating by marigold plants and small zinnia sprouts. I pulled out the former owners cages and try to figure out how they worked.

Coral bells are a fragile display of buds and blooms. It is almost hard to appreciate them because they are so small. The sage in the backgrounds helps to make the pink flowers show better.I do like the foliage of the plant. Heuchera is a name that some people use for them. I use to remember the name but I had to look it up on the net.

I worked out side a little putting up the cages and clearing vines away form the air conditioner vents. I am seeing the rows of zinnias and am anxious to get them to grow bigger. I planted them late but I know they will make it. I am watering my tomatoes now to give them that extra boost.

The new rose is liking it new location. It was the rose that was planted in complete soil and no mulch. I paid a lot for that soil but I am thinking it is worth rather having to wait another year for iit to mature.

My hostas are blooming right now. Thanks for  stopping by today. Stay safe......

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tuesday's Things......

A sculptor that I inherited from the former owners is this boy and his dog.  It is connected to my eaves drain spout and the bow watches the water along with dog watches to water goes through the tree trunk. I have never ever seen these for sale so I am glad to own it.

The onions I planted last year were planted too late in the season. When I pulled them in the fall they were too small. My wife did use some but they were just too small.  I kept them in a brown bag in the closest and a few weeks ago I planted them again. I was so surprise to see how fast they grew.
The hosta is blooming. I was out there this morning cutting the volunteer tree out of this grouping. The privet is doing a good job of covering up the gas meter. I will probably have to trim in back each year to keep it under control.

The one down side of the knock out rose is I now have to trim these all back. I haven't been able to clip them back as they bloomed so I will have to trim one rose per day to get them done.  They need to be trimmed back so they will bloom again. This picture is an older one as the blooms are now all faded and are dropping petals.
The blanket flower is doing well again this year.  The sage almost crowds it out so I may have to move it.
I mowed the rest of my yard this morning and did get some trimming done of unwanted sucker plants or stray mulberry trees. I can see that I should get some rest this afternoon. We are having a cool day so far and it is nice to be outside.  Thanks for stopping in today.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Monday's Moments.....

My second tomato plant has blooms. The weather right now should make the tomato plants grow quickly.  We have the warmth and the rains now to bring them up and out. I have a lot of plants and it will be interesting which ones will put on the tomatoes.

Growing hosta plants is a good thing when you want low upkeep and a big splash of color.  I see I could pull some leaves out of this one but it isn't a big deal.

I have been struggling with getting a good shot of this rose. This morning it was hazy and dull from the rain.  It was perfect lighting for the color of flower.

The new petunia has started off great with the new soil.  It has sprouted out lots of leaves already.  It is the Wave product.

I planted my zinnias a few days ago and I noticed this morning that I can see a row of them coming up.  I  planted them in a dry soil and watered them in well.  Now the gentle rains are making things grow.

I described my experience with the knock out rose of it being sold in a bucket of wood bark. When I pulled it up and moved it to a different location I put in a lot of good new dirt around it.  The Proven Winners rose that I replaced there was a different experience. The rose was sold in a bucket full of soil. It was all solid dirt and it will grow well without any problem. This one will compete with the yellow rose on the other side of the stairs.

We on a errand getting our friend to her doctor's visit and chemo.  She has a week off now and I hope that she can get some healing time.  The treatments are so hard on the body as they fight off the disease.

I needed to do some more mowing today but it rained.  If I can get a little dry spell I can get a little of it mowed.  Thanks for stopping in today.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Father's Day.......

My Father's Day gift from my wife is this portrait of Ella. She was creating it in secret for a few days and then I saw it. She  is so good with the pastels.  It is such a grand present.  We will get it mated and framed soon.

We went out to have coffee in the sun room and saw this. We both went back in for our cameras. It is a small rain cloud.

A strip of white blooms next to the house. I really like all the regal lily blooms doing sow well. I move them here at the new place a couple of years ago and it will keep putting larger numbers out each new year.

Now you can see the blooms but they are gone now.
Now they are eaten off by the bunnies. It could have been the larger one but the little one can jump up those two stems to  have breakfast. I was in shock.  I will put them up on a table now or at the top of the stairs.  I still like the bunnies and I won't grab a gun like my neighbor does.

I keep learning new things after all these years of gardening.  I planted this knock out rose late fall as it was on a great sale.  I slipped it out of the pot and put fresh soil around it.  It lived through the winter.  I noticed it was wimpy.  I dug it up yesterday to move it to another location and discovered it was started in bark and no soil. I was able to shake all the wood product out of it and then replaced good potting soil in a new hole. I can't believe that it was able to root in the shredded wood. I will be anxious to see how it will grow in real soil.

I have a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for Father's Day.  I may get a coupe of pieces of it today.  I have steak to grill this afternoon.

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