Friday, May 27, 2022


 The sun is ready to heat us up today. It won't be severe heat but it will just be warmer. I worked outside all morning with me having to remove my parka in the middle of the morning.

We found this plant that was very tall.  It is a roma tomato and it now planted in my raised bed garden.  I got the cage on it and staked it so it will just have to be watered and watched as it makes us some tomato.  The soil was actually damp from the two days of light rain.  I emptied the water gauge that had an inch and a half of rain. 

I keep working at pulling out the water grasses from the cottage garden. The chive in the background have blooms of color that are similar to the iris in the foreground. The Japanese iris that sits to the left is loaded with buds ready for great blooms.

I got to view the cemetery iris this morning while I finished removing the second dead dogwood shrubs.  I had to cut up all of the branches into smaller pieces and place them in recycle bags.  That is a discouraging job as that is what you have to do because we live in the city.  I have five big bags of twigs and sticks from the two shrubs.  I did muscle dig a hole for a burning bush and planted that in place of the empty space.  I have another shrub to plant there but I will have a day of recouping for me before I can dig that hole. 

I moved iris to this property the past four years and this one is a special one.  It grows among the old fashion antique rose that grew at our old house. The rose was there when I bought the place which had growth of it all along the kitchen.  That iris was one that I got from my parents house years ago.

I survived changing my diabetic monitor yesterday.  It is quite a process of removing the old one that doesn't want to be removed from my skin. That was so painful.  The device that is used to place the new sensor to my skin is a push button thing that pushes it back onto my skin and pushes a needle prod into me.  It stopped hurting 24 hours later so I won't complain anymore.  I can look at a receiver the size of a thick credit card and know instantly my blood numbers.  The trade off of changing that every ten days is the elimination of pricking my fingers three to fours times a day.  Once I get use to it I will be somewhat happy with it.  

It is Friday and have a good day.  Thanks for checking in.....

Thursday, May 26, 2022



Our neighborhood visiting ducks were back this morning. I went out on the deck to get clearer pictures by not shooting through window screens.  I have a concern that they may be I  nesting in the area. No hatched baby ducks are going to make it into that pool. I don' know the behaviors of duck and wonder if there was a nest if the hen would ever leave a nest for a short time. 

An older fashioned iris is now blooming in the garden. The rain is so hard on them and I had to stake one stem up after it bent to the ground.  I am thinking this is my cemetery iris but will go back and research what I shared about it last year.  It looks bigger than the cemetery iris collection.

The reflection ball is doing a good job again out inthe sunlight. I always admired them when I was a kid seeing them in peoples gardens.  I move mine to different areas in the gardens each year.

My wife had to renew her drivers license today.  We had to make an appointment and get there early.  Of course they didn't stay on target.  Afterwards I wandered up the our nursery to buy two new shrubs and a roma tomato plant.  I will be digging holes once we decided the best place to plant them.  It is still damp and misting once in awhile out there.  It will get hot in another day. 

Thanks for stopping by today.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Rainy Days....

 Globe Allium is such a good spot of color in the spring garden.  I am always glad to see them there and usually forget that I had planted it there. 

I give them the name of cemetery iris because one rhizome did come from the Murray Cemetery.  It is the oldest iris of its kind in the country in which the hybridizers turned in to much larger blooms.  I see they are sole as dwarf iris even though they are taller than a dwarf iris. 

Another cemetery iris from the same cemetery.  Notice the patterns of line design on the falls really are similar as the one above.  These iris are not as striking in colors but their history makes up for that.  I remember when my Aunt Lois would gather bunches of them and put them in glass jars with water and placed them on graves on Memorial Day.

Another one of the same variety has the darker purple falls and standards. The beards of the blue ones are white but notice the top one has a yellow beard. I have one more of a different color of the cemetery iris but it is not in bloom right now.  I will be moving it after it blooms as I think it is in a wet location  that will eventually rot it.

I have planted a fern leaf peony on my parents and brother's grave.  It comes up each year and increases in size but I never see it bloom.  It is in southern Iowa and they are a few weeks ahead of us in spring seasonal temperatures. 

We need the rain but it is coming in slow spells.  We are told that we are still two inches behind in rainfall.  It is soggy again today but not raining so much.  It is cold and damp and I just don't feel like being out in it even though have planting to do.  Maybe Friday will give me a great day to plant. 

Thanks for checking in today.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


 The great white is now in bloom. It has less blooms this year so I will need to dig it and spread it out some. 

The vine honeysuckle was not blooming.  I thought it was going to be a lost year but then it rained.  I was so surprised to see it  go into full bloom.

The blooms are made up of about a dozen small trumpet flowers.  It really is doing well even though it is on the dry side of house.

It has been planted with a lot of different kinds of flowers.  It is early so it isn't so showing.  I have a canna planted in there to that hasn't shown any visual growth. 

I planted some new dianthus in the front garden>  I had only one of them winter over this year so I thought I would new ones.  My mom called them "pinks" and some call them small carnations. The plant will grow much larger if I keep them watered. 

This yellow columbine has spread seed all over the garden.  I grew the wild variety at one time but these greenhouse created ones are still fun to have. 

I mowed the back yard this morning and cleared out the one almost dead dogwood shrub.  I ran out of time to do the other one as it is mostly dead too.  We can look forward to go to Earl May Nursery and pick out new and maybe different kinds of shrubs for that area.  I had a good neighborly visit with the guy next door and we really hadn't connected since being closed in all winter.  He likes to ask me questions about flowers and also weeds.  He and his wife planted vine vegetables yesterday and he was installing support screens for them as they grow.

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Monday, May 23, 2022

Water Fowl Visitors.....

 I looked out at my neighbor's pool seeing that they had removed the black plastic that covered it all winter.  I saw a form of a mallard and I thought they had a decoy out there floating.  Then the decoy came alive and was dipping its head in the water and spreading its wings.

There could have been dead bugs on the water but otherwise there was nothing there for him to eat.  He did like the water and was splashing water all over himself.

I did not see her at first but then she flew up on the edge of the pool and preened her feathers.  Eventually a neighbor to the north came out and saw them.  She yelled into the door to tell her husband to come look.  She scared them away. 

The white iris is going to bloom but there won't be many blooms. I need to dig it and spread the rhizomes.  They are too crowded and it has been two years or more since they were planted there. Judy who gave the white iris passed a couple of years ago but I will always remember her  when I see the blooms. I will dig and move things after they bloom. If it is too hot I will have to wait until fall.

 Some of the dogwood shrubs are blooming. My person who mowed last year notice that I had poison ivy along two of these shrubs and he was not going to mow there.  I got the poison ivy killer and sprayed just the ivy.  So I see now that it still killed parts of the red twig dogwoods.  I spent this morning cutting out the dead part in most of one of them.  I will have to return another day to do the next one.  They are dead enough that I may take them completely out and plant something else. 

I mowed the front yard today and watered new flowers and tomatoes.  It isn't too dry but I think the new things really need to be encouraged.  It would be nice to get all the roots established before the really hot weather hits.  I has been a busy morning and I will take the rest of the day off. It was a cool morning and I wore a stocking cap while working outside but this afternoon we will warm up to upper 60s.  

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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Sunday's a Cool Day......


The Peruvian lilies have a special shape and color. The daisy flowers are always good filler for a bouquet.  

A few weeks ago I shared the sight of the maple with medium developed leaf buds.  The tree has really leafed out now.  When we bought this place the maple was shorter than the blue spruce.  It is going to be taller.

Counties west of us faced a frost.  It was supposed to be beyond the date of fear of frost but it did get really cold.  My fourteen hardy geraniums  did not get frozen.  These are called seed geraniums so one has to wait a few weeks to see them take off and really grow. 

I have a few birdhouses sitting around on the inside of the house.  I mailed a birdhouse to our younger son and his wife in Maine.  This weekend I sent home another one with the visiting older son.  I had planned to give them each one but it just didn't happen until this past week, Our son returned home this morning and we had a great visit.  He sent photos of himself home this afternoon surrounded by h is wife and three kids.  I sent also rhubarb home with him too.  I was nice to find some place to share it. 

Have a good rest of the day.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Sat Stuff....


 The curve of the road causes all of houses to be on a diagonal position to the real world. The bottom of the hill is the transition section which gives us a less crowded neighborhood with all the wedges of lots.  All of the lots get in line with each other starting with our house and the alignment is all the same with the same size of lots. All the houses are all in a row. 

The night after the eclipse I went out to photograph the moon.  It was an exploration time for me as I set my camera to four different automatic settings to see the results at those settings.  I found out more about what the programed marks would give me. 

The spirea survived an accidental mowing a couple of years ago. I think this golden one will grow and become a great looking shrub.  The pampering with mulch should make it feel more special. 

We have had company with a visit from our older son.  We can catch up a little on what is going on with him and his family.  He helped me pick out a grass blower and showed me how to us my new grass edger.  I bought a new one and my health went bad. I never had it out of the box so he gave me a demonstration how to use the machine.  We are eating out for supper tonight and he heads home tomorrow.  It has been a good visit.  

Thanks for checking in today.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Friday's Four......

 Everyone seems to be ducking the camera. I guess it was a time to be timid. The recently filled feeders are busy.

I have been anxious to see leaves on all the deciduous trees.  They are all leafed out now and we look like we have sort of a forest. 

This a partially filled canvas.  Three tomato plants and two chives plants are a meager start for the planting of this raised bed.  I use to fill this in with all tomatoes and I am not doing that this year.  I have dahlias to plants and some glads. I will probably get a least one more tomato plant as we don't have a roma one yet. 

One project is to work on pulling out all the water grass in this cottage garden.  I have worked on it for a couple of different tries and I have more to do.  I spaded up the front square and I need to spade up the back square.  We had a mild cool day today.  It was good I had lots of things to do inside todaay.

Thanks for checking in.......

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thursday's Things....

 The morning sun keeps moving to the left of the picture as the earth keeps tilting. We were up early this morning as we could just see it coming up into view. 

I returned to the deck and got this photo about 15 minutes later. The clouds are still out there but we did warm up to 87 ° this afternoon.  It was cool when I worked outside in the morning.

I dumped the last of my seed bag into the tube feeder.  I didn't get a lot of takers for it but there are some sparrows feeding. 

I bought hardy geraniums at the grocery store nursery last evening.  I ended up planting 15 of them around this shrub and in my circle raised bed in the front yard.  I bought "pinks" and petunias also to put in the raised bed to make that garden look great.  My health kept me from watering those plants the past two years but this year I will be out there with my garden hose watering to encourage their growth. No photos are available but there will be some soon.  I also got my backyard mowed this morning.  It was a busy morning and I am now resting.  

We are expecting storms this night.  We are almost out of our drought spell so getting rain should feel like a normal experience.  My neighbor guys are mowing their yards at every five days now.  I didn't keep up with them but my last two days of mowing didn't seem to look much shorter than theirs.  We must have our mowers all set at the same height.  

Thanks for checking in today.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Middle of the ....Week.

 Tuesday's sunset was colorful.  We ended up getting rain during the night but it really did not show in our sunset. 

We planted this red twig dogwood in an area to honor our dog Barney. It was our Barney garden with a solar light at night.  I haven't planted the hardy geraniums around the edge of it yet. The shrub is just loving the area and is growing into a beautiful shrub. We miss our dog still today.

The mother robin is on the nest under our deck continually now.  That means that the young ones have hatched.  When they get to be so big I will be able to get pictures.  They will be busy looking for worms and insects.  This guy just watched me while I was trimming back a rose bush.

The dead parts of this yellow rose are now removed.  I had a lot of winter kill on it but it seems to be coming back strong on the back side.  My knock out rose on the other side of this stairs was totally killed back but it too is sprouting back from the base.

The spring weather was good for the hostas.  They all look really good right now.  I had planted some new starts last year and they are coming up strong.  I don't think you can have too many hosta.

I moved this here from the old place and it grows big like it the one called "sum and substance".  It didn't grow big leaves back at the old place as it was more in the shade there. It likes full sunlight. 

Now that I look at it this is the same as the one above two spots.  This one is planted elsewhere.  It is doing well in the rock garden because I dumped a lot of good soil into the hole before I filled the rock back in around it.

This is the newly started fern leaf peony from the parent plant.  It is nice to have two of them started in the cottage garden area. 

I am waiting for it to warm up so I can mow.  The grass is really wet from last night's rain and it just hasn't warmed up to dry it off.  I am enjoying the new diabetic monitor.  I don't think I will ever like having that prod stuck into me which I have to move every ten days.  I do like the monitor instantly telling my blood numbers.  The monitor goes off with a busing alarm to let me know that I am too high with my blood count.  My unusual form of two kinds of diabetics means that I don't hurry and take more insulin.  I wait two hours and my body can bring it down and or I stop eating anything. I take insulin  once a day.  The monitor is good because I can see what is making me spike and what I can do to either stop eating it or decrease the portion. 

Thanks for checking in today.