Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Middle of the Week.....


The source of the red lilies is this. It shows off at the corner of the garage doing better now that I have given it a little more water. 

In all of the years I have had hummingbird feeders I have never had this problem. The one hummingbird that I did see a few weeks ago has never returned. I guess I will have to take it down. 


This was a surprise for me as I had not seen the buds forming. The stems seem to shoot up overnight and then there is the bloom. 



The last rains took all the blooms away but this one has shown itself the last few days. The heat and then cooling off has made it uncertain about what it wants to do. 

The anniversary of the painting of this mural by myself and my wife is coming soon.  It has been eleven years since we completed the larger painting. 

My wife and I am headed to the old place today. Future plans will be revealed as time goes by.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Random Shots....


 My hardy geraniums planted in one pot are just now filling in the pot. It will be nicer in a couple of weeks.

My newest day lily is a fancy one. I think its colors are unusual and it looks unbalanced with its color proportions.

 I guess it isn't quite the first of July but I think the tomatoes are slow. I was surprised to see all the ones that have set on the one vine.

It has been a busy day. I posted the photos first and now am adding a few words. Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, June 28, 2021

First Day.....

 Sunday's afternoon clouds are billowy. No rain for the whole day and clouds seem to be abundant keeping us gray a lot of the day.

Looking down on my tomato patch you can see things are pretty green.  I went ahead and watered them some this morning to make sure they are growing good. Out grass looks greener now that we have a couple of inches of rain. 

Our patio tomato plant is a cherry tomato. We each had two small tomatoes for supper. Two bites is better than none. 

The bird bath shows that we did get rain. I sometime fill it but I haven't does so for a while. The birds like my small chicken water up on the desk too. 

My neighbor keeps adding things to his back yard.  His swimming pool was finished by late fall and now he has a deck made to be to  the edge of the pool.  He bought this shed this spring and placed it to the end of his house. That was not zone correct so last weekend they moved it into the corner of the fenced area.  I is crowded in to the space between the fence and the children's playhouse. It makes it look more crowded and right up close to us. 

The day lily was ready to bloom yesterday and today it has started opening up blooms. Photos will probably show up tomorrow. 

A gray Monday for us with rain promised to be north of us and south of us. Sometime those predictions don't cout on fronts wandering. We may get rain this afternoon.  We are still really dry so it would be welcomed. Theat is all from me for today. See you tomorrow if you choose to do so.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

A Slow Day.....

 A whole branch from the rose seemed to be laying on the ground. I don't know what caused it but I made a great cut rose for indoors. 

New seed helps to create a community gathering. The house finch is busy on the seed sock while the cove and sparrow check things out at the feeder. 

Both doves really don't mind sharing the feeder as long as there is lots of food. I feed them less this time of the year as the seeds all sprout down on the ground below the feeder. It keeps me busy pulling grasses below. 

The heavy rains has taken out the clematis blooms. This is my last shot before our raining few days.  It is a luxury to have things not suffering so much from the drought. Our grass is coming back looking greener each day.  

It is a quiet Sunday today for us.  I hope all are well out there.  Thanks for stopping by...

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Stuff for Saturday....



 We are getting rain.  It comes and goes often.  We are not getting the same amounts as those south of us but we did get some this morning which was heavy.  We are catching up and maybe our river supply will build up for our city water supply. 

My zinnia patch is pathetic but it will shape up once things grow large. I keep transplanting small starts from the other side of the garden to get them into rows. If the roots get established they do grow fast and even out in size. 

It is a waiting game for the day lilies to bloom. This is a new one and it will be its second year to bloom. I do remember the color but it will be fun to see what it actually does look like.



Right nest to the one above is the neighbors smaller lily bloom. It is more pastel and small. The blooms to come on mine are bold dark colors. 

It is Saturday and we are home again today. I may have to go pick up a prescription today but it is only a mile away. It won't take long to do that. Dull gray skies today is rain is promised off and on all day.  Our grass might green up again.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Friday, June 25, 2021


 The antique rose bush is taking over the area. It will not bloom for another year. The angel seems to be content to sit among the leaves and branches.

I have a tomato volunteer in my flower bed. I am just going to let it grow.  It could be a yellow pear variety or a large heirloom variety. We will just wait and see. It is too healthy to just pull it and put in the trash. 

I found old packages of seed and I found this one sunflower seed. It is a shorter variety but it will be fun to see it bloom. 

I finally decided where to plant my discount rose bush.  It was fought digging but I did do that yesterday. I placed new dirt around it replacing all the clay that was there. 

I didn't even look at the tag when I bought it. I could tell that it was a very healthy rose growing in that container and it was the last one among a bunch of bushes. I am glad to see what it is as I disconnected the tag this morning and read about it. 

It has this yellow bloom on it for now but I now it will turn pink as it matures. We had a rain last night and it helped all my roses to look better. 

I finished deadheading my roses today. Once I started on the one rose I just kept moving on to the next four. These William Baffin blooms are late bloomers as I took off a bucket full of dead blooms from it.  We had rain last night which was around an inch in amount.  Southern Iowa had heavy rains causing flooding but we didn't have that problem. We still need water in our water supply river to keep us going. We are heading towards a muggy 82 degrees F. today.

It is Friday. Thanks for stopping by today.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thursday's Things.....




 Thanks for checking in today.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Middle of the Week.....

 Early morning shot of the sunrise. The sun is blocked out by the dark clouds leftover for rain storms in some parts of our state. 

Yesterday certain parts of the state did get rain.  Some places three was hail. We had a minimal amount of moisture but we did get a little. 

Our grocery store has a nursery in the parking lot.  They were trying to close out everything to get it closed by the end of the week. My forty dollar rose cost me ten bucks. I haven't planted it yet but it was sure outgrowing its container. 

I was able to get some salvia at the sale.  It was a whole try of plants for fifty cents. I ended up planting them with my tulip bulb tool to make the holes and got all 28 of them in the ground this morning. I have never bought this kind of flower before but I should work out good. 

Two rows of zinnias is all that I have. I had new seed and only one packet of them germinated. I thinned out the one row and transplanted the extras to make the second row.  I had to dodge my lawn mowing person this morning as I worked out there. He texted me to see if I wanted it to be mowed. It had been three weeks and it was really shaggy so I said to come and mow. 

While grilling on the deck last night I put out some fresh seed at the bird feeder. The birds were so grateful.  The pair of doves did show up for free food.  Thanks for stopping by today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tuesday's Things.....

 The 7:00 pm moon looked like this.  I was so surprised to see its place in the sky but day moons do show up on clear days.

The 11:00 pm moon looked like this. It is not a full moon so one thinks the photo is distorted. It a few more days it will be full. 

The multiple blooms on the lily are liking the weather.  My one grandmother grew lilies at the back of her house and she would tie them up with hay binding twine and attach it to a big nail to keep it standing.  She also counted her buds and there were usually 13 buds on one stem. 

I picked my first tomato last evening. It isn't too big but it will slice up great for a sandwich. The tomatoes are setting on real quickly with the heat. and me watering them regularly. 

This plantings of glads is growing strong now.  They shrugged off the trimming that the rabbit did to them before I installed the fence. I bought some plants today from the grocery store nursery.  They were trying to sell off all that they had for sale and I picked up some great buys. 

I will be planting them tomorrow morning as I spent most of my day with the car in the shop for its routine check up and oil change. I had some other things done which caused my visit to be a long one.  The place had no new vehicles for sale in the dealership. I asked at the desk and the woman said that when a new car or truck comes in that they are sold in two or three days. So during my long wait on my car I got to look a long row of used SUVs.   

We are cooled off for part of the day but we do have heat coming back again.  I think their is a possibility of rain late afternoon but I am not holding my breath. Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Monday, Monday.....


 The first tomato that will be picked is getting close to being ripe. I think this was already on the vine when I bought it as a smaller plant. 

We received about an inch of rain on Sunday. It was a spotty rain through out the day giving us that ac total by the end of the day. 

My lettuce and grass and weeds are doing well. I can weed out some of that but I haven't done it by picture time. 

Another shot of the same old thing. It is holding its own with the heat and now rain.  It is nice that it is doing so well this early in the season. 

It keeps me busy getting the roses deadheaded. I have the three in the front yard to do and I am putting it off.  I may do one bush a day until I get them all done. We are having cooler weather today. It is a relief. The rain we go did help a little but we sure could have used a lot more. We might actually get our yard mowed this Friday if all things work out well. The moisture did erase some of the brown spots.  

Thank you for checking in today.