Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Findings................

Furry, fluffy and blurry little dog that likes to follow me around in the garden. He needs a haircut and a bath.  His eyesight is failing so he barks a lot to let people know that they are in danger if they come near our property. He sees well enough yet to function well.  We just notice he is slowing down.

The furry seed pod of one of my clematis plants. I don't know when to collect the seed from them but I am keeping an eye on it.

I named him Tiny Tim.  Tom Tom the other neighbor cat was thick built and this guy is long legged, skinny and has a very long tail.  We forget and call him a girl once in a while because he is so thin and reminds us of a young female cat.  He is a male and I know he is two years old.  He gets fed by my wife very well. 

Tom Tom we believe has become the neighbor's north of us house cat.  We don't see him anymore since Tiny Tim ran him off.  We did see him outside of their house over there loving up their dog.  We are certain that they have taken him in to be with their other cats. He is probably an indoor cat now.

This should be a photo a day picture but I will put it here in the creative zone.  It is the last of our steak tomatoes that we grew.  We do have a few roma tomatoes out there yet to turn but the season is almost over.  I will wait for the vines to get a good freeze and then I will remove them from the ground. That tomato was good in a blt about a week ago.

I am a business teacher today in the high school. I do have a seventh grade class coming in to work on their typing skills.  Some kids have figured the skill out already and then a lot of them are still hunting and pecking.  The program on the computer that helps to develop the right way to type is a good one as long as they follow and do what the program tells them to do.

My wife is still under the weather a little but she is much better today with the cold that is going around.  I didn't get many projects done yesterday but I did get some of them done.  Anything that removes items off the list makes me feel better.  Pictures of a hand waxed car are coming in the future. Thanks for stopping by today.


Far Side of Fifty said...

I think you should rescue Tiny Tim..take him to the Vet and love on him all winter the dogs will adjust:)

Anonymous said...

Of course you knew I would love the photo of Tiny Tim. I think I remember that your dil is allergic to cats and you were not going to have another indoor cat.
I'm happy to know that Tom Tom has a new home.
John and I have sore throat/congestion...don't know for sure but think it is allergies.
You got quite a lot done if you waxed your car...I'm envious. Mine really needs a good wash and wax. Hope Della feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

p.s. forgot to say how cute Button is. Harriet still seems to see ok but her hearing is really bad now.

You must enjoy your doggies following you around in the yard on your days off.