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Larry.s Creative Zone

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Questions and No Answer......

I never know what I should do with setting the size of my photos.  I usually do the extra large setting and then I see that on this school's laptop that you can't always see the whole picture at once.  Then again on my screen at home, which is added to my old laptop with a broken screen, it is a large screen.  I can use the extra large size and it fits very nicely with a lot of room to spare.  I just don't know what each of you have for size of screen.

I do like using the largest size when I actually have a great photo.  When it is not so great, I shrink it down a little as that can help with blurry shots.  Shrinking can also make a bad composition look less bad also.  So as my decision goes, I guess I will start using just the large size setting.  I know if people really do want a better look they can click on it and it enlarges some. I think that when the extra large starts to bug me a little when I am looking at my own blog I should shrink them down a little.  I know this isn't as serious of situation as what is going on in the world but I do think I have myself figuring out the problem.

I whined continually about the large sedum that has fallen in the middle and spread out like a diced up onion ready for the fat fryer.  So now I have to backtrack.  This little sedum perked up after the rain and is seems to be doing well.  I had forgotten about having it as it is crowded from view by the phlox in my yard.  I so think I will dig the large flattened one and plant sedum all over the place. 

Did I tell you about the guy the lives over by the major highway near here?  He lives next to a very busy highway and he has a bridge right next to him.  He went out and planted sedum plants next to every post of the guard railing close to the bridge and also the stop signs and directional signs.  They are a couple of years old now and he has a little flower garden planted along traffic traveling at 65 miles an hour.  I am wondering if the Department of Transportation will notice and make any comment about it to him. The sedum grow in close to all the posts so the mowers will never hit them.

 I took a lot of shots of this renewed hollyhock.  It has been a few days and they all turned out to be good pictures.  I think I will just share one a day until they are all gone.  Some have the bumblebees showing in the shots and some do not.

Saturday school again for me today.  I wasn't called in to work only two days this past week so a day like this will help a little to increase the weeks salary.  I get a lot of blogging done on days like this with four hours of monitoring.


Anonymous said...

I can see your photos on the blog just fine. I usually use the xlarge setting but like you, if I have a bad photo, I shrink it!
I love the new family photo with AJ and his mom and dad. He is a cute baby.
That's wild about the guy planting sedum along the highway.
Glad you were called for Sat. work. Hope your legs are feeling better with some days off though.

Far Side of Fifty said...

If you pinch back that Sedum in the spring it will come in more compact...that is what mine do when the deer eat them off in the spring! Great idea to plant them around highway signs!! I like the size of your first photo:)

John Foster said...

If you use the large size, you could lose blog space in time.
And lets face it, unless you are doing a poster size print you don't need the large size to display.
Large is great to save for yourself, in case you ever need to crop or share with someone who whats a high res. version.
Most of the time, unless I need to show the high res. I will reduce mine between 50 and 80%.
Just my thoughts.