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Larry.s Creative Zone

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday and it has rained, sort of...........

The English ivy seems to be doing well.  It just doesn't choose to climb the trellis against the garden shed. I guess I need to tie some of its many vines on the base of it and see if it will try to climb.  I know it climbs as the original plant was on the side of a shed at my parents home as well as it was climbing a tree. I see that I have many apples in the tree that I need to pick.  I think if I can get a step ladder out under the tree I can save them from bruising when they fall to the ground.

I seem to be too lazy to look this wild flower up on the net but it has done well out in the orchard.  I only had to mow the orchard once this summer so the wildflower didn't get touched.  It actually grew up among some iris and I would have had to pull it if I was to want it to be gone.

The hostas have either withered up for the season or like this one hve regrouped and puts out new leaves.  The smaller ones just gave up the ghost but the larger ones in my garden must have retained their own moisture for a while that now with a small sprinkle come rushing back to life.

I will finish with a bright spot of a fading set of blooms on the hardy geranium.  They have liked the cooler temperatures but are like this set of flowers starting to close down for the season.  My potted plants have been good to me as the phlox and sedum seem to just be gone now. I have one small sedum plant that will still give color if it doesn't get too cold for it.

I am in the high school math room today as a substitute teacher.  They are having a workday to help them catch up on the assignments.  The teacher tries to keep up a fast pace to keep them on task and then gives them a day once in a while to go clean up the unfinished assignments.  

We had heavy rain on the roof this morning at 6:00 am.  It was such a great sound and it has been a long time.  It was just sprinkling by the time I was up so we didn't get much.  Every little bit will help.  It is too late for the corn but just maybe the soy beans in the fields will get a little boost.  It would be nice to see green grass again but this rain won't do that. 

Thanks for stopping by today and have a good day.


Anonymous said...

Your late summer pics are very pretty. Glad to hear you had some rain.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Our Hastas are having a new comeback. last year they pretty much withered away under the sun. This year, the white ones are coming out this late in the summer.