Larry.s Creative Zone

Larry.s Creative Zone

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday's Junky Day.................

You have been junked.  Some people put lots of plastic flamingos into someone else's yard to tease them.  Others put old ceramic toilets planted with flowers into their yard.  Hanging toilet paper from the trees is a kids thing to do to get one of their friends.  So today I have shown you a photo of my junky garden shed.

The skull was one that I had in my art classroom.  He just hangs there in storage as I haven't decided to do anything creative with him.  I doubt that I could ever hang it out under my porch of the shed as someone might like to own it.

The reason for showing the junk photos is that I once again rearranged the stuff in storage in the garden shed so I can walk in there again.  I actually threw a lot of bulky things away to give me more space.  I am going to take a container of wood scraps to the basement so I can burn them up in the fireplace.  I have mentioned that I am overloaded with my dad's and brother's tools.  On good days I give them away to others and I had a request from a friend to get some tools together for his young son to have.  I like that idea.  I may have the dad come over and make a up a set for his son.  I know that is the easy way out but it means he can take what he wants.

No work at school again today so I am doing many projects.  I plan to give the car a Turtle Wax job today.  I also have plants to water inside and outside.  There are two frame jobs glaring at me and I will get on those today also.  I am also taking care of a wife today who has the bad cold that is going around all over the world.  I plan on fixing her some homemade chicken soup that I can buy at the grocery store found in a can.  I do plan on doing all of these things on B personality speed rather thant on type A personality speed.  I have had to learn to do that but my health is better when I slow down.

The juicing of the peaches that the older gentlemen gave me literally failed.  They are rotting and not  ripening.  The have to be ripe to juice and that didn't work for me.  I get credit for trying but I am willing to bail from that jelly project.  I do have buckets of apples sitting around that I need to deal with eventually.  I picked them from the tree before they had fallen so there are not any bruised ones.  They can sit and ripen more before I deal with them.  I have more to pick out there but I will wait until later on that too.

Thanks for checking in on me today.


David - Pinewood Cottage said...

can't you put the peaches in a bag with an apple to speed up the ripening? I think we did that once. it would be worth a try.

Blackberry Lane said...

Sorry to hear your wife is sick. Hope she feels better soon.
Good for you cleaning out the shed. We've been doing the same in our garage, now that we don't have a basement. That's too bad about the peaches.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I remember canning peaches! Loved that sweet sticky syrup mom used to put over the top of them. It was kind of a pain to can all of them, only to have my brother eat them all by himself!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Too bad on the peaches.
You have some interesting "junk" in there.

L. D. said...

David, that is a good clue to know about but these guys, peaches, just needed to be better developed. The drought just stopped growth and they fell from the trees.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Too bad about the peaches. Take good care of Della, if she has the same thing as me ..I am on my 6 th day today and still feel partly rotten...I am sure that "homemade" soup will help her get all better..maybe some fluids too:)