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Larry.s Creative Zone

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hummingbird Swarm.......

I was out sitting on the patio keeping the dogs company.  I looked up and I saw something above the house that looked like a swarm of insects.  They weren't thick in number and yet there was a dozen or so.  I first thought they were dragonflies.  Then one of them landed on the dead branch above my silver maple.  They were hummingbirds.  I have never seen them swarm like that before.  I have seen aggressive ones chase others off the territory of the bird feeder but this was different.  I am assuming they were getting ready to head south.  I really didn't know if they migrated in groups or not. I have not seen many hummingbirds this summer but others say they were around their feeder.  So I didn't get a single shot of one of them.  I do have this great cheap plastic feeder for you to see.

Most of the rose hips on this wild rose are dried up but here are a couple of them that survived. The rose bush itself dried up leaving only about ten percent of it still looking green.  I may make this the fall to trim the whole set of branches down to the ground. 

One more shot of the white hollyhock.  This was taken right before two bumblebees landed on it. It was a good day yesterday as my wife made pie from one of our batches of peaches.  It is so good. She makes such great pie.  We had frozen all of the batches a week ago so we could use them when we had more time.  There will be pie to eat today and maybe for a couple more times after that. I took a picture of the pie and will share on another day.

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Anonymous said...

We never put out a feeder this year after the move but we have seen several hummers. One day John was wearing a red bandanna and a hummer hovered right in front of his face!
Your wife's pie sounds so good.
Wishing you both a nice day.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Peach pie aren't you lucky! I think all the Hummers have left up here, we had one that flew in almost every day checking out the flowers and I have not seen him/her in over a week:)