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Larry.s Creative Zone

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cucumber Heaven........

I bought a cheap container of  three vines in a plastic pot and this is what I get.  It cost me around a dollar which is going to make my endeavor worth while. I planted them later than I should have but having them in the fall for salads is not a bad thing.  They are selling a single cucumber for a dollar in our area supermarkets.

The cucumbers are growing at the base of the sunflowers.  I took this shot to display how tall the one sunflower has become.  I didn't think it to be a good shot but if you look at the photo for a while you can see it standing very tall. I am waiting to see if the sunflower on the left will catch up to it. The tomatoes on the left foreground are just now putting out fruit.  You can see the one tomato in the foreground that is ready to be picked.  They will go good with the late cucumbers in a salad.  A lot of the romas we will freeze and eat during the winter in sauces.

I can now see what the other color of morning glory is going to be.  I will have to get a step ladder to photograph that white bud when it opens.  You can see the rains have caused it to set on a lot of buds both white and pink.

I bought two of the small mums a week ago and I will get to see some fall color from them.  Mine that usually grow out at the corner of the lot didn't survive the past two winters.  I bought a brown mum also and we will see if they will winter through this time.

I had to tie up a lot of the zinnias last evening as they were laying on the ground from high moisture in the soil.  It was horrible out there but I did do a hurried job.  Our temperatures are in the 90's and the humidity is very high also.  Barney doesn't like to go out in that kind of weather and I have to take a leash to get him to go at all during the day. I didn't complain about the mosquitoes but they were also out and about poking holes in me everywhere.

I am leaving the blogging now to go outside into the 74 degree F.  temperatures to start mowing a very tall grassed over yard.  It really did get out of control which is so different from last summer when the yard was brown and crackly.  I don't have much else planned for the day but I am always spontaneous and think plans are stressful.  If I plan too much then I get discouraged.  Mowing will be good and I have a few weeds to trim again that came back back from the past.  I hope that people who need weather changes do get them.  My blogging friends are either begging for rain and other want the rains to stop.  Thanks for checking in on the old Iowan at work and play. 


Patsy said...

Your morning glory's have done very well, mine sure were slow vining and getting big leaves on them.
Your flowers are doing so good and all look so pretty.

Anonymous said...

John loves a salad made with cucumbers, onion and tomatoes.

We have had several days of very hot/humid weather. The block party was very nice but the heat was horrible.

Our sod is ok but we've had to water quite a lot.

Wishing you both a good day. Keeping you both in my prayers.